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  1. I'm trying to find a few sites to buy some Alpha Max liners but everyone I find you need a own a company to buy from. I'm trying to find th ebest deal but I cant seem to get anywhere on the net. Does anyone know of any sites( in the USA) that i can buy from? Thanks
  2. Hey, Life has been busy since I started school as a O and P tech and just had a chance to see a new Practitioner here in Spokane Washington. It took a few months for my insurance to kick in..anyhow my new Practitioner recomanded Mineral Oil. Ive only had a few days to test it out but it has helped alot and seems to last all day. The funny thing its a laxitive...would never of thought of using such of a thing but hell it works:) Even though it seems like im talking to my self..answering my own question, I figure I would let other know. The good thing its cheap and its the same material as the liners are made out of so it wont hurt them. I also tried that adaptskin which is nice but I just didnt like it in the end.
  3. Like I said I've had poor fitting prosthetics for over 6 years which means its like having new amputation all over again. By this I mean I have pressure points I'm not use to. To compound the problem I have really bad stumps that are due to scare tissue and really boney ends with nerve problems. Oh and lets not forget the bone spur:) Because all of this I can not have a hard bottom and need a end pad. I used to use a material called " A-2370" but just changed to new product called A-341 which is a soft gel almost like what the gel liner are made out of. Pain in the butt to use but was fun to mess around with it.. really messy..well back to my question :) Any tips on reconditioning my stumps so I can be able to stand 5-6 hours? I was walking 1-2 miles a day but that just cause way to many blister( which I hope the new end pads will help here). What materal do you use with your gel liner? ATM im using A&D cream so I dont have the pain of the gel liner right against the bottom of my stump. Sorry for the run on:) Long day and its only 1pm
  4. Hi My story: I’m a 33 year old bi-lateral amputee. At the age of 2 and due to the severity of the burns I had to have both legs amputated below the knee at the age of 17. I’ve had poor fitting prosthetics for over 6 years and just got a good fitting set just a few months ago. I’ve also moved to Spokane, WA. to get ABC certified as a Orthotics and prosthetics tech. I’ve been looking for a forum like this for awhile and its great to be able to talk to others that have an idea what I’m been though and going though. Garrett