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    Above Knee Amputation (left leg)
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    16 January 1989
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  1. Jenni

    hey everyone

    Hello and Welcome.
  2. Thanks I'll take a look.
  3. I'm a AKA and because of the creasing on the knee joint I'm limited to what type of covering I can have, does any AKAmputees know of any natural looking covers? I tend to wear trousers because I find it hard to match my real leg with my artificial one.
  4. Jenni

    High Heels!!!

    I have a AKA and have a foot that accomadates high heels but it is not very successful does anyone have any ideas which foot is best for AKA please? I desperate to start wearing heels again although I have lots of flat sparkly shoes sometimes they are just not appropriate when I'm going to more dressy functions.
  5. Jenni

    Hello to All

    Hi my name is Jenni and I have a AKA of my left leg due to having a Liposarcoma in my calf. I had my ampution 19 years ago when I was 36, I had 6 months chemotherapy following the amputation and have no problems since. I've been very active on my limb and have probably done more since my amputation than I did before. I carried on working as a theatre nurse for 5 years following my operation as well as having a very hectic social life. I'm not so active now because I've recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I also have a good sense of humour.