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    april 07
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    motorbike accident
  1. benc

    DLA reform consultation paper available

    There is also an easy guide to it here http://www.dwp.gov.uk/consultations/2010/dla-reform.shtml
  2. benc

    UK Travel isurance

    I got mine last year with Tescos which was about £80 for me to cover a month in most of europe. Most places wouldn't insure me because of a heart op i had so they might be worth a try.
  3. Ive just seen this new foot and thought it looks quite promising. The main questions are when will someone make it available to buy and what is the price going to be.
  4. I've now been living in a tent for the last 2 weeks with another 2 to go, I flew in to the south coast of portugal and the airport staff were really helpful asking if I needed any assistance and got to board first wich made things easy. As I've been staying in camp sites I've been using crutchs or a waterproof leg cover and a fold up chair to shower as the showers are small and basic. Also a chair to sit on in the mornings to put my leg on, I've found that it covers most situations except that my knee has broke and is leaking oil so if you have a spare it might be worthwhile taking it or you could end up spending weeks with a leg that just swings with no control.
  5. benc

    Conscious about body "image"

    Personally im not too worried what people think. the way i see it is its there problem not mine. i wear shorts out as much as i can weather thats on Bournemouth beach or through tescos, my friends often tell me ppl are giving me funny looks sometimes but it doesn't bother me, i don't notice, i live in my own little world. But saying that down my local pub there is me a lak, an old bloke who is also lak a mate of mine who is lak but who uses crutches and a woman who is an arm amputee all turn up in one pub so people there don't think anything of it! apart from that i never see an amputee except for the limb center.
  6. congratulations that is good, i wish i could manage that, im working on it but its taking a while. thats the kinda thing you conveniently cant do, you should be able to carry bags, bricks and all sorts up stairs but tea and breakfast is too much. p.s ive now learnt to do foot over foot so might be able to keep up with you next time.
  7. benc

    Bacterial Infections

    Well i think mrsa has a bit to do with my amputation which was 2 years ago today i think (too drugged up to remember). I had crushed all the blood vessels in my leg and with the mrsa they wouldn't heal. so they amputated and a while later i was clear of mrsa. 2 years later ive had puss coming out of my "good" leg for the last 6 months on and off, luckily its not mrsa but still its not fun. My bone has now healed so they can take the metal work out and hopefully ill be infection free in the next few months after the surgery. Then i can finally get my knee and drop foot fixed, why do these things take so long? my physio and people think im mad learning to run now but why let these little things slow you down?
  8. benc

    AK Karting

    Well ive been and didnt come last! second to last is good enough for me. Im surprised it was easier than i thought it would be, i positioned my leg on the peddle on pushed down with my leg and when i needed a bit more power i used one hand to push down on my leg and it all worked fine. There was a few hairy moments though when i went to brake and found my foot had bounced off the peddle! I had a great time there and recommend you try it if you get the chance.
  9. benc

    AK Karting

    Thanks for the tips, now i know its been done i have to try it so ill be there on sunday I think ill just hit the person in front of me and let them brake for me, if they happen to crash so be it im sure my mates wont be playing fair anyway lol.
  10. benc

    AK Karting

    Have any AK's been Karting in a Normal kart? Im supposed to be going on the weekend but havent worked out if it is possible to do yet. As im a left ak i will be using my prosthetic to work the brake, i know its going to be hard but not impossible. i would be grateful for any suggestions, the best my friends came up with was just not to brake!
  11. benc

    I almost forgot the day...

    Im another one my accident was in march and my amputation was sometime in April. it does seem quite strange really.
  12. benc

    suction fit

    ive never heard of a spray or silicone loctione before, what does it do?
  13. benc

    how do people beat the snow?

    Something like these i guess http://www.iwantoneofthose.com/grippers/index.html i saw them while looking for pointless things to buy.
  14. benc

    I went flying

    A couple of months ago caveman very kindly took me up flying from shoreham, ive only just had chance to post about it because of my broken laptop. I had a great time there its something i would recomend people try if they can. We flew from shoreham over portsmouth, round the spinnica tower, over cowes and back to shoreham with caveman pointing out the sights like portsmouth navel base and queen victorias house. i was shown how to fly the plane and most importantly how to use the rudder peddles as an amputee, i think the hardest part about it all was going down the stairs from the terminal to get to the plane, it shows you can do all sorts if you try it. Thanks again Caveman for a great time i hope other people get a chance to go sometime.
  15. benc


    Hi Bex, i cant tell you anything about the knee really, all i know is from what ive read is that it wouldnt suit me. I know a prosthetist that has one im not sure if its off the NHS or if he has found another way to get one but i cant imagine someone spending a years wages on a leg so it may be possible. ive also seen people walking with better gait with simpler legs so i guess it depends on the person and situation if it will benefit them. Just out of interest what leg/foot do you have as im in a similar situation, ive just got my first free knee a couple of weeks ago and am learning to walk on it,pm me if u dont want your thread to go off topic Ben