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  1. SteveAZ

    Steve from Arizona

    Well it's been more than ten years now and a revision that went poorly (MRSA and a Dr. that wouldn't accept that until it was horribly involved) about three years in. Quite a decade. I haven't posted here in probably 5-6years. Sort of got things worked out and just living life. I'm late 50's. I had been riding my mountain bike a bit but it just wasn't fun anymore with the leg. Fast forward to 2016 and a buddy let me ride his electric bicycle. Shortly after I purchased one and put >3000km on it in about 6mo's. Then I built one in Mar '17 from what I learned with the first one and have close to 5000km on it now.
  2. I'm BK and _can_ and often walk with almost no perceptible limp on smooth ground. It's much harder or impossible to do so on rough ground or with much slope. My leg guy knows what to look for and he can barely see it....but that's when I'm thinking about it and putting a little extra effort into it. I have to admit that sometimes I'm a little lazy and just let myself walk with more limp though...
  3. SteveAZ


    Like others have said, for me it just got much better after some time. It actually changed rather abruptly. Sweated like crazy for some months and then much less. Something the leg guys let me try recently was liner-liners. They're a thin sock that goes on between the leg and the liner. I live in AZ and it gets pretty hot in the summer and if I'm going to be out in it and active the liner-liners do help a lot. You might ask your leg man about them.
  4. SteveAZ

    Cruising on a ship

    My leg man got a very inexpensive foam/wood foot (I think it's about $150) and took some old pylon parts to put on my socket for being on beaches, lakes and rivers. As expected I don't walk as smoothly on that foot but I get around fine with it and for me it's *much* better than one of my expensive feet getting filled up with grit, water, sand or mud.
  5. SteveAZ


    I roll the top edge down from 1-5cm. The rolled edge is more comfortable than the trimmed edge and it's easy to change where it is by rolling it more or less. Your mileage may vary....
  6. SteveAZ

    My First Trip

    Chrissy, I'm glad your trip went well. I think you'll find with time that you just roll with it all. I've been traveling a fair bit since my amputation in '07 both here in the states and a little overseas. I can't imagine doing it without the leg. When I was first getting used to things I carried a cane, pre-boarded and did priority screening (as well as parking in the handicap spots! ). Now I just move on through like the regular folks. I guess in the interest of full disclosure I don't walk as fast and stand on the moving walkways. Heck, if I see one of the guys with the electric cart and I'm going to the other end of the terminal I'll hitch a ride all things very new to me since the amputation. I also loosen the leg or pop the leg off for the longer flights (keeping it in the pant leg) once the plane is in the air although since I'm BK that's pretty easy. For the screening I don't bother taking off shoes of course, and sometimes gently play with TSA. When they tell me to take the shoes off I just politely say "no." .........And then once I see them get a little agitated I'll then tell them I have a prosthetic leg which tends to disarm them at that point. They frequently verify my gender but they generally seem far more embarrassed about things than I am....although for those more intrusive pat downs I'd prefer I could select the agent I'm going to be so intimate with even if so briefly.
  7. SteveAZ

    Horrible hotal experience

    I have gotten used to just sitting in shower/baths when traveling. I'm completely uncomfortable standing on one leg while showering. That just seems like an accident on its way. At hotels I used to ask about shower chairs but one time one of those gave out on me giving me a similar experience as to the original poster's so I don't bother anymore and just accept sitting on the floor. For me it's just one of those many adjustments I've made. I learned right away after the amputation that showers would never be quick and as easy like they used to be. They're actually probably one of the biggest changes post-amputation along with donning the leg when rising from bed. I do have a shower chair and a shower head on a hose at home which makes things about as easy as I think it can be. I know when I travel that there will simply be challenges I don't face at home along with the ones I do. Oh well...
  8. SteveAZ

    Bacterial Infections

    My original limb-loss in '07 was caused by a very drug resistant pseudomonas aeruginosa. Nasty stuff; pretty much certainly hospital acquired. I was having trouble with a lump in the residual limb and I went in for a revision last year. It turns out the lump was a ball of scar tissue that formed around a stitch that was left behind from the amputation. I got MRSA from that surgery. I was expected to go back to work three days following that surgery. Even though I was in horrible pain with tons of swelling the week following the revision the surgeon was very condescending and clearly in denial about much of anything being wrong and completely in denial about infection until he opened it up two weeks following the revision and it was "totally involved". I was not on best behavior in the hospital following that news. Four surgeries, a week and a half in the hospital and I almost had to "break out" to go home. Six weeks of IV infusions three times a day. With the exception of some fitting issues with the new prosthetic I'm good now! Woohoo!!! Damn these hospitals though. From what I can see there is so much complacency regarding preventing these infections. I think very simple steps could be taken to prevent a lot of this. I'd like to find an effective avenue for advocacy to spend some time to try and change things. I haven't figured out what would get the best bang-for-buck for my time though...
  9. SteveAZ

    let's see your bikes

    Marianne, unless you have really long legs I might consider the non-adventure R1200GS over the adventure. The adventures are pretty tall! Too tall for me. The R11GS I have is more the height of the non-adventure R1200GS and that's one of the reasons I really like it. I never much cared for the R1150's - way too tall and top heavy. In the R1200GS, the made them much nicer that way! The big GS's are kinda like Gold Wings that for their size are amazingly capable in the rough. Now if I can find a foot like that!! Their is also a new 800GS that has hit the scene. I haven't had the opportunity to try one yet. I love the opposed cylinder GS's so much though....
  10. I know I'm sounding like I have some sort of foot fixation but has anyone have any experience with the Trulife Seattle Catalyst Foot? Thanks in advance...
  11. SteveAZ

    Renegade, MX or SX?

    The PS2 with a female top connected to a male to male and then to a very short female to female makes it about 3/8-1/2" too tall. Going straight to the foot makes it about an inch too short. There just doesn't seem to be an easy way to get height adjustment with it and I think that the PS2 makers ought to consider giving the top of the foot some sort of height adjustment feature. This is one area that the Ceterus is quite superior. I'm running out of patience with the PS2 and my leg guy's inability (or lack of desire?) at addressing it. Even the tall Renegades ought to have no trouble fitting me. The LP's are there if there is a problem with the tall ones though. I just wonder how they compare to the Ceterus.....
  12. SteveAZ

    Renegade, MX or SX?

    I'm on a Ceterus now and have tried the PerfectStride II X3. The Ceterus is pretty good all around and I walk very well on it. PSII seems better in the rough though so I'm wondering if there may not be a better way to go. I've never gotten the PSII setup right but it also is always too tall, so I'm getting disappointed with it. If we could ever get it to fit height-wise and also get it setup right, that sure would be nice. But I do really like the rotation on the Ceterus and if I come down on the PSII flat, it's much harsher than the Ceterus since it has vertical compliance (a little too much for me though, even with the heaviest urethane rod). I have other concerns with the overall build quality of the Ceterus and how well it will hold up with my abuse over time. So I wonder whether one of these Renegades might be a better choice? And then, which one?
  13. SteveAZ

    let's see your bikes

    I may not have the years exactly right. I've had waaaay too many to remember. These are the three in my garage right now.... ~'96 BMW R11GS My absolutely favorite moto of all time. ~97 Triumph Tiger The flattest torque curve of any moto I've ever had. Very responsive engine and very good suspension. ~98 KLR650 The mule of the group, but likely the one that has brought me to the most amazing places.
  14. I'm interested in the differences between the Freedom Innovations Renegade MX and SX. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!!