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    feb 3 1991
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    motorcyle accident
  1. maggie

    Anger anyone?

    i was let down by the nhs here, all i had was a broken leg, which, after the surgeon had finished with, ended up having to be amputated. i took them to court, took 11 years to get there, & the courts ruled in their favour, on the grounds that , they didn't know any better in 1985!! its a difficult thing to do, to sue the nhs here, they seem to be a law unto themselves. now i have accepted that i am an amputee, may as well get on with it, no good being bitter anymore cheers maggie
  2. maggie

    Hello everyone, I am new here. :-)

    hi to you, nice to see you on here,people are great on here, you will feel at home, cheers maggie
  3. maggie

    New to amputation and new to here.

    hi katiebeth, it sound like you are doing really well, keep up the good work, you will soon wearing the leg all day, then you will really start to get your life back!!i did, now 22 years later i hardly think about it, once the leg is on!! cheers maggie
  4. maggie

    Tens Machine

    hi whistonian, i did a trial of tens for phantom, for leeds uni, he told me to put the pads behind my knee, it didn't work for me, but i will try it by my spine the next time, maybe it will work, i get these a lot so its worth a try cheers maggie
  5. maggie

    Disability Living Allowance debate

    HI, I AM REALLY,sorry shoutinh g!, lucky in that i have been able to keep my allowance, i was 66 this year so i keep my entitlement, but i think it is terrible that people worse off than me, will have to manage without it, we must keep campaigning for this cheers maggie
  6. hi i have a swimming leg which is pink with white stars on it! very nice, you can see me coming! maggie
  7. maggie

    When to stop trying.

    same here, i hope you go on ok maggie
  8. maggie

    Feeling Stuck in Limbo

    i feel like i was in a similar siruation to you, and like others on here, had to ask for an amputation, & it was the best thing i ever did. since then i got my life back. i had a m/c accident in 85, classic m/c injuries of 2 broken legs, but one was low down & compound, well i got into hospital & to cut a long story short, they put in the plaster too tight, whch caused a pressure sore on my heel, after many operations on the leg, i was left, like you, with a leg that was useless, i couldn't wear shoes & it was hard in the winter to get my ffoot covered. so i asked the surgeon to amputate, after that i got the prostheses & got back on my motorcycle again! so, it worked for me, maybe it will work for you, only you can be the judge of that. hope this helps a little maggie
  9. maggie

    Water/beach activity leg

    hi, just watched you video, i can't believe how good that is, makes my swim leg look ancient!! very impressed!! maggie
  10. maggie

    Where in the UK?

    hi, maybe we will *meet* sometime at the limb centre, you never know! maggie
  11. maggie

    problem with my *stump* hate that word!!!

    well, thanks all for the replies, i think i will go back to the centre see if i can get ti looked at again, like you say ann, i will *get pushy*! thanks maggie
  12. hi all, now i'm not sure if i have mentioned this before, but i am having a longstanding prblem with the muscle at the back of my knee, i am rbk,. my prosthetist has changed legs & made adjustments for me , but the problem is still there. the problem is that when i walk any length of time i get a pain in my muscle under the knee, it stops me from walking & i have to sit down, sometimes i only need to walk across the room & it starts up. i can keep the leg on ok all day, but its stopping me from walking any distance. when i take off my leg at night its very painful, feels like i've had really bad cramp for days, or i have puled the muscle, even in the morning its still there. i wonder if anyone else has experienced anything similar, i am 20 years in, so am not new to the legs. any ideas anyone? thanks in advance maggie
  13. maggie

    It`s Been One Month And 10 Days.

    hi, i do hope all goes well, whatever you decide, of course no-one can decide for you, you have to weigh up all the pro's & con's , then you can decide what to do, thats what i did anyway!!! hope all goes well maggie
  14. maggie

    It`s Been One Month And 10 Days.

    hi mary, i hope you are feeling better now, maybe this will work for you,keep your spirits up! i wentto an osteopath for my back & he fixed it in 3 sessions!! brilliant maggie
  15. maggie


    hi higgy, what do you mean by a pegleg? does it have a foot etc? just curious maggie