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    Well, What Happened in 2013?

    Neal, how big is this pump that it fits under the foot shell? I have had the electric pumps in the past, but they tend to go "off" when I am in meetings. I now use the elevated vacuum system. I know when I used the electric, because my limbs are long and where they placed the electric pump, I barely had room for them between my socket and my foot. I guess I am wondering just how small the new pump is?
  2. Cherylm, Hang in there...nothing beats the vacuum system. I have the same setup with an elevated vacuum pump. The electric one went off ALOT in meetings and I am happy with the system. My legs are so healthy, and if I remember you have had some problems, so this is what you will need. Take care, Flip
  3. I've tried both...I was started off by my first prosthetist in a pin system and was in almost constant pain...turns out my vascular problem was made even worse by the pin system that he tried to make work for 2 years. Switched to vacuum system and it is perfect...what a difference. Ann is right, a bad fitting socket will never work with any system.
  4. flip


    Hey my friend - I haven't been checking this as often as I should...I am so sorry you are going through "stuff" right now. It is so frustrating for you I know...Heck, we don't have a great leg to stand on, so you have to rest up and save your strength to fight to get them to help you. I so wish you could come over here and use my prosthetist. You have to take care of yourself so you can be strong when they finally get you fixed :) I just want you to know that I'm thinking of you, hang in there. I just want them to get your fit right!! :) :) :)
  5. flip

    I Am Still Alive!!

    You go Cheryl! I hate the thought of you back in rehab, but so glad that everything seems to be going well. I do remember that rehab wasn't ready for me either, I was speeding around all over the place in a wheelchair before I was fitted for prosthetics. I will never forget my time there, they were wonderful. Please know that we are all thinking of you :)
  6. flip


    I am so sorry and so sad that I missed your birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day !!
  7. flip

    Contact dermatitis

    I have always used Ivory Soap with no problems...
  8. flip

    Happy Birthday Neal!

    Happy Birthday Neal!! Hope you are having a great day!
  9. flip

    Thankful for Prosthetist

    Mine has come in on weekends, stayed until past midnight, he just traveled to London to the Paralympics to support one of his patients, travels to Ironman competitions no matter where to be there for his patients also. If there is something not right, he will think about it until he gets it right. He is compassionate, brilliant and caring. I don't know what I did to find him, but it was my lucky day when I did. As he says...."you (meaning the patients) will give up before he does". He is just the best. God bless our prosthetists
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    Sorry I missed your birthday! Happy Birthday Higgy!
  11. flip

    HO - Heterotopic Ossification

    Good luck Doug! We will all be thinking positive thoughts for you.
  12. flip

    Elevated suction socket or back to......

    I use the elevated vacuum system. I had the electric pumps, but being bilateral, I had more problems. I would be in meetings and the pumps would go on and off, too much vacuum for my legs, etc. The elevated vacuum system can be tricky for a bilateral, but have had no skin issues. I did have water blisters once with the electric system, and you are right...you have to not wear the legs and just let it heal. Things are good for me right now. I wish you would run down to Georgia and see Stephen or Rusty at ProCare. They are so good...
  13. flip


    One of my friends who I met at my prosthetists will be competing in the paralympics in London. I happened to be there a year ago when he took his first step in his prosthetic and now...he's running in the Olympics. Everyone watch out for Jarryd Wallace who will be running in the paralympics with the help of the best prosthetists in the USA, ProCare, Beauford, GA. :) You have to love the Olympics.
  14. flip


    Love them too Ann! I love it all...am also happy that track and field has started! Womens gymnastics and swimming events have been pretty awesome too. London has done a good job!
  15. flip

    Happy Birthday Kep

    Happy Birthday Kep!
  16. flip

    The People Who Stare

    I do think people look at men with artificial limbs and women with artificial limbs differently. Seems like men are "cool", women sometimes are felt sorry for which is ridiculous. I want to be cool too :)
  17. Hey Kirk - that is awesome! I don't know what I would have done if I had not actively looked for and found a leg man who understands my legs and what I need. I'm so happy for you! Lynne
  18. Funny how many surgeries there are in March and April...my 5th anniversary will be Monday, 4/9...much better off today than 5 years ago :)
  19. Congratulations JonnyV!! I'm sorry i haven't been on here and I just saw this. Thank you for everything that you do for everyone!!
  20. flip

    Happy Belated Birthday Cat

    Awww Cat, sorry I'm late in wishing you a happy birthday!!! Hope you had a wonderful day and a wonderful year ahead!!
  21. flip

    Our friend Tammie

    Tammie, just saw this! Hope you are doing fine and that Jon is helping out Feel better soon, Happy Holidays!
  22. flip

    Isn't It Lovely......?

    Love it Cheryl, it is beautiful! I also have the Echelon, and really loved it at first but being bilateral, that is alot of movement to keep a handle on. The Echelons are in the closet right now, but I may use them again some day. I had trouble with uneven terrain with them, it makes a huge difference when you have both feet that are involved. I love your socket, I am so glad you are happy :)
  23. flip

    Left and Right Below Knee Amputations

    I also drive a car without any adaptions...when you think about it, you can drive with your legs and not your feet. It wasn't hard at all to get the touch down. You may want to go ahead and get hand controls if you will feel safer. If I didn't feel safe driving without them, I certainly wouldn't. I just took a test drive around my subdivision before actually driving in traffic, then driving in snow and ice can be touchy too. I work full time. I'm a Business Analyst, so it's not like I'm doing alot of manual labor, but it's alot of walking and my Company has been awesome. Ann is right, I think recovery times vary depending on how sick you are before the surgery. One thing is that once the surgery was over, I never needed a pain killer or anythiing like that. I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't found Ann, Eag, Cherylm, Higgy and others on here. I know more about amputees, prosthetics, prosthesis and everything else than I ever wanted to know and to think 4 years ago I didn't know one thing :) Nothing beats talking to another bilateral. I'm glad you know someone else even though his having one above knee along with his below knee makes it even more difficult for him than you. Ann is a good one on here to ask and I will be here also if you need me.
  24. flip

    Left and Right Below Knee Amputations

    Hello Sarah Kim - I am a below knee bilateral amputee due to blood clots 4 years ago. Yes, there is a big difference between a single amputee and a bilateral..no doubt. You don't have a good leg to lean on or use when you need it, like Ann said, you spend twice the time at your prosthetists getting fitted correctly, and chances are something will possibly go wrong with one of them at any time :) But please realize....nothing, nothing will ever be like your real feet, especially when you are talking losing both feet. I look at people and wonder if they realize what a wonderful thing their natural feet really are.. I was really sick before my surgery and it took me a long time to build myself back up and get strong enough to walk again. But the key was finding the right prosthetist for me. I end up flying to my prosthetist who is in another state and could not possibly take better care of me or his other patients. Your prosthetist and the proper prosthesis for your legs are the most important thing. Please feel free to private message me if you have any questions or gripes or whatever. I'll be happy to help you... Flip...
  25. flip

    Hi I am new here

    Welcome Lauren! I am from the U.S., as everyone has said...we are from all over! I agree with Neal - I think the first year is the hardest. Just dealing with the loss of the leg and any other issues that go along with it is enough, then you have to get yourself used to it..it takes a while. I have been an amputee for a little over 4 years now. You're going to have some bad days, but you are going to have more and more good days. I remember thinking was I ever going to get the hang of this and feeling sorry for myself. Everyone here helped me through that and we will be here for you too. You will be fine... Let us know what you need..