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    foot ulcer
  1. andyliverpool

    hey all

    awww cheers for the advice, will try the mirror thing. I also use a stick when walking far. Anyway ,,, im sure i will speak to you soon. Andy x
  2. andyliverpool

    hey all

    Im getting on fine, done all my physio. Had some pain ,but they put me on medication. Think i need a higher dose though, because it feels like my toes are still there and all curled up. Apart from that everything is good. How about you ?
  3. andyliverpool

    hey all

    Ok, I'll bite.....how did you decorate??? And welcome, btw! You've come to a great place. Susan I support liverpool football club, so i bought some liverpool stickers and put them on. Looks good. Will give me more confidence when wearing my shorts
  4. andyliverpool


    i sure will , cheers
  5. andyliverpool


    None of my business, but why do you need hand controls as a BK? Hiya, my left foot is weak and would cause problems with breaking etc. So hand controls is the best option for me.
  6. andyliverpool

    funny story

    Was sat in my doctors last week ready to be called in, just to get some tablets. Then an old man sat next to me, i had my crutches with me. He turned to me and said ... whats up ? your not here to get your leg off are you ? I looked at him, and rolled up my pants ... you should of seen his face !! He couldnt stop saying im so sorry ... i was laughing and found this so funny. He couldnt belive i had a false leg, because i hide it so well when i have a pair of pants on. The floor could of swallowed him up ... i found this so funny
  7. andyliverpool

    hey all

    Hello, im Andy from Liverpool u.k. Rbk had it done in feb 08. This looks like a great site and will enjoy reading all the topics. speak to you soon Just decorated my leg, ready for the holidays.
  8. andyliverpool


    Im a rbk and pick up my new car in a couple of months. I havnt drove for ages and cant wait !! Im getting a c max , its an automatic with hand controls. Going to take a bit of getting used to using the hand controls, but should be fine. I find the mobility scheme great as it gives me my independence.
  9. andyliverpool

    going to the beach

    Hey, i had my op in feb and im going on holiday for the 1st time since the op next week.We are going to Spain and a bit worried about wearing my shorts and getting into the water etc etc. Also people staring , but hey ... you just got to get on with it. Im sure i will have a good time. Ive even decorated my leg by putting Liverpool stickers on it, so im sure it will get a few good comments.