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  1. pegleg07

    its been a long time

    yea mine is gonna be busy come jan. 6th. back to work on the towboat for 3 weeks
  2. pegleg07

    its been a long time

    well its been a long time since ive been on here. things have been going great for me. i had a great summer riding my harley meeting new friends and my new girlfriend! work still sucks.lol just kiddin im very thankfull for my job even though im gone for 3 weeks at a time. hope everyone had a great christmas and plan on having a fun safe new year. i know mine will be safe we got a hotel room so NO DRIVING!
  3. pegleg07

    two years later and it sucks again

    hmm a beach party huh? That sounds great. I will keep that option open. But hey you all will be proud of this. I drove through the accident site on my bike last week. I had to stop and regroup but it helped close a chapter in my book of life. And felt good to stop and say a prayer and thank my angel.
  4. pegleg07

    two years later and it sucks again

    thank you all for all your support i think the party is a great idea. I will start planning it now and will post the location when i get it.
  5. pegleg07

    two years later and it sucks again

    im ok its been a blessing. i have put on over 2500 miles on the bike this past 2 months. my bike is better than a doctor it get er done!!! ps. where we gonna hold/have the party?
  6. pegleg07

    An Ode On Being An Amputee

    excellent job
  7. life was good until 7/23/2007 had a good job a good wife and a nice house then BOOM some jerk hits me head on while on my harley and he had no insurance. my first thought was my wife would leave me cause who wants to be with a gimp. but she stood by my side through the whole thing. well anyway i went back to work a year later and again life was good had a good job good wife and a nice house. then on 7/23/2009 BOOM AGAIN! my wife left me for a man that has no job has no house and a old beat up mini van and lived in his sisters basement. so i ask now. what did i do wrong and she says "its not you its me" so i ask her "do you know what today is" she said "no" i proceed to tell her " two years ago today you almost lost me isn't it ironic that two years later to the day you have lost me" she started crying and i rode away! its was a very hard thing for me but i have moved on again. just wonder what July 23rd next year will bring?
  8. pegleg07

    back on the horse

    i will post pics as soon as i get off this towboat. Only four more days then im off for 21 days. I havent done any mods to the bike. Im gonna put on some forward controls though. I have noticed that im alot more aware than i was before. Not that i wasnt aware to begin with. I have been around motorcycles all my life. I remember as a kid we would push start my fathers old honda and my brother mother father and i would all go for a ride at the same time. Lol
  9. pegleg07

    How Long Off Work??

    i work on a towboat aka barges. I am a bka i was off work seven days shy of a year. I did this work prior to my amputation. my amp. Was due to a motorcycle accident. I was hit head on at 50 mph by a car. I had several injuries besides the amputation.
  10. pegleg07

    back on the horse

    by horse i meen a harley. I went out and bought myself a 2002 harley davidson sportster. Ive only had a chance to put on 500 miles in a week cause im back to work on the towboats but i will put on many more miles in a week and a half. I will be off work for 21 days. Woohoo!! I will post a pic of my my bike when i get home. it has been a real joy to be riding again! Just hope the morons stay away from me this time.
  11. pegleg07

    what socket would be best for me

    thanks tigertatt i think i will stay with my suction socket then. Im gonna try the new liner thing. Guess i just assumed that all liners were the same. Well i better get back to work. Thanks again
  12. i am bka. I currently use a suction socket with an outer sleave to hold it on. My problam is i am very active at work with a lot of heavy lifting and walking. My limb sweats a lot and the sleave tends to slide down several times in a six hour shift. So if i got a socket with the pin lock do i still need a sleave? Or what would be a good socket to get? i go in to get fitted for a new socket in 13 days. Thank you for any and all imput.
  13. pegleg07

    Amputation Off Color Picture Joke

    they are very pretty ladies but the caption is down right rude
  14. pegleg07

    What Do You Call Yours?

    ps. tell larry if he dont find your keys he's grounded
  15. pegleg07

    What Do You Call Yours?

    OK so now i gotta name mine. thanks alot people! lol I'm not gonna tell my family though that way they will think im nuts when i start blaming things on him. now the question is WHAT should i name him? any ideas?