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  1. I know a great prosthetist in Atlanta, but they only work on kids! Don't guess that would help you out much Good luck on getting up and running. Kelley
  2. myalibi2

    A Philosophical Question...

    Cheryl, First, big disclaimer, I'm not an amputee myself, I am here as the mother of a beautiful AMAZING 5 1/2 year old daughter, RAK My father was also in a wheelchair full-time for the last 10 years of his life, and his house was nothing but an obstacle for him. From reading this, it sounds like this is where you want to retire, where you would like to be long term. Although we have always made an effort to not treat our daughter differently, etc etc, when we built our current home three years ago, we did try to go ahead and make a few simple adjustments (wider doorways, one accessible bathroom, her bedroom on the main floor, etc.) so that if there are any times that she does need to use a chair, she is comfortable in her own home. At the same time, watching what my father went through, we want our own home to be accessible to US no matter what is in store down the road.... I guess all that to say, wouldn't it be easier up front to make sure you are comfortable in your own home for as wide a range of possibilities so that you can remain independent? Just my 2 cents. YMMV Kelley
  3. myalibi2

    Is this a weird question?

    forgive me as I'm not going to get the terms correct. My young daughter is a RAK. In June I attended a session at the ACA conference and one of the speakers was speaking and mentioned something that really struck me but I did not understand all of it but it was along these lines: It had to do with the fact that since you do not tend to really use the muscles within the socket, most individuals will have a good bit of muscle atrophy, and therefore will also have a lot less bone mass/density over time. In my daughters case, this should be even moreso, as hers is due to a congenital anomoly, she has fused bones in her leg, therefore muscles that move even less; so I really wonder what will happen decades down the road. Therefore, he advocated for finding ways to work these muscles daily, ??? isometric excercises ????, maybe a TENS (??) unit to train you to contract your muscles (again this is where I am foggy on the terms), as increased muscle mass, increased bone density is favorable for socket fitting, less chance of fractures, etc. Of course, I'm left wondering how to get my young daughter how to do this. Any thoughts, ideas? Hope you see how this ties into this thread.
  4. glad my daughter missed this, she would have definately tried to join you! She was the one that slipped into the elevator (by accident) by herself.... many of you may have heard her screaming as the elevator went down floors. She stuck close to be after that around the elevators :) We had a great time and she cried when we left Sunday, but I think I finally convinced her that everyone else was leaving too.
  5. We should be there. I'll be the one chasing after the adorable little girl with the beautiful butterfly leg :) who is busy collecting as many little ducks as possible. As she is definately NOT a morning person, promising her a new duck from the exhibit hall was how I finally got her out of bed each morning last year.
  6. myalibi2

    Water/beach activity leg

    Be really interested to see if it works over a prosthesis in the water, so remember to let us know. Unfortunately, they do NOT make these in a size for children :( I have two sitting in my closet now, totally useless. Maybe they will fit her in about 15 years.
  7. myalibi2


    Welcome to the forum. I have been lurking on here for a few months now. I haven't seen many other parents. I have a 5 y.o. daughter that is RAK. We attended the ACA conference last summer and my daughter loved seeing so many others with 'new legs' as she calls them.
  8. myalibi2


    Higgy, Unfortunately, we have had several insurance claims due to a house fire a few years ago, and in the last year a tornado and then a car break in. What was very interesting with the car break in was that items in the car that were 'hard-wired' in the car such as the entertainment system were covered under the auto insurance policy, however anything 'loose' in the car such as a camera, iPod, CDs, money, and I would certainly think a prosthetic leg would be covered under our homeowners policy and therefore subjected to that separate deductible. Keep that in mind if you have very different deductibles like us ($100 vs. $2500), or that your auto policy may not be covering what you think it is. Just an FYI.
  9. myalibi2

    leg art

    Hopefully I've attached the picture. My 4 y.o. got a new leg last month. I always search for a good month or so looking for the PERFECT fabric to laminate on her socket. Since she is getting older, I'm trying to let her have a little more control so I found several and then let her chose her favorite. Here is the finished product.
  10. myalibi2

    ACA Conference 2008 Review

    Nope, no stroller for my daughter (only for looooooong distances like Disney). Nothing slows her down. She couldn't grasp why some of the adults did not have on a prosthesis as for her it is just not an option. Luckily, the adults seemed to understand when she interrogated them as to why they were using crutches or a chair instead of a 'new leg'. She was the beautiful one Seriously though, will be a little difficult to describe as there were actually three adorable 4 y.o. all adopted from China, AK. We've met previously online on adoption support groups. My daughter had the 'butterfly leg', and at one point she had Paddy coloring outside of the mobility clinic on Saturday. We were there all day on Friday and Saturday and stayed at the hotel as we do not live in Atlanta. Oh, and if you noticed the big poster behind the Childrens Healthcare booth, that was my daughter playing with the ball in the pink outfit and on their flyers.
  11. myalibi2

    ACA Conference 2008 Review

    Hi All, This is my first post so forgive me if formatting is wrong, etc..... My 4 y.o. daughter and I attended the ACA conference in Atlanta last month. I just want to send a huge thanks to everyone that helped make it such a wonderful weekend for both of us. As I'm sure you know, she rarely see's anyone else with a 'new leg' as she calls them, except for a rare time in a magazine or on TV and she just felt so at home at the conference and we felt so embraced by everyone there, when I think in some other settings, the adults would have felt the kids were invading. I so enjoyed speaking to the few folks I had time to (she keeps me busy ) but I know all of the families certainly benefitted from the weekend and we hope most of the adults felt the kids were a positive experience. K