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  1. Wondercat

    suction fit

    Hi Darren, I've been an amputee (LBK) for about a year, my 'anniversary' is February 8, and I have just got a suction limb. The liner is Ossur but the spray my prosthetist gave me is MediPro care spray. It seems to work pretty well. Only problem I've had so far (I got the leg last Friday) is that I am already finding it a little loose after an extended wear (in general I wear it continuously from 6am - 9pm) and so it can sometimes feel a little 'unstable' at times. Basically the longer I wear the liner the smaller my leg becomes and so if I wear it from 6am, walk around go up and down the stairs etc, then by 11am or so I find that the suction isn't so great and I have to take it off and put it on again. I am having it lined to make the fit tighter next week I hope. How do you find your suction leg? Before this I had the pin type liner and this felt more secure but was heavier. Not sure which was better really! Anyway, hope the spray I use works for you. Best wishes.
  2. Wondercat

    Wobbly thigh

    Thanks for the tips - by electronic muscle stimulation, do you mean something like Slendatone? Or something else? If so can you advise, as I have been thinking about using something like it but didn't want to waste time and money on something useless. Cheers for your help!
  3. Wondercat

    Holiday Report

    Hi Roger, Glad you had such a positive experience with Easyjet - I travelled with them prior to my amputation (e.g. with my virtually unusable foot) and since, and I have to say they have always exceeded my expectations. Other travels (I do like a holiday when I can get one!) with other airlines including our country's namesake BA, have proved less successful and I found myself surprised that the so-called budget option was actually more clued up, sensitive and proactive than the classier providers. All my experiences of airport security, in various locations including the UK, Portugal and the Netherlands have been pretty good too and no one freaked when they did the frisk. Which was good. However, I have had some less pleasant experiences with transfers and help inside the airport, in general worse when I have been travelling with someone else. I think because I am young (well, 31, is that young???) and my walking disability is not immediately apparently I have had some quite indifferent treatment and have watched people with far less (visible) mobility issues being whisked off on a airport buggy whilst my partner and I are left with wheelchair, suitcases, crutches and other paraphenalia. But fellow passengers are usually very helpful and eager to offer assistance. I am looking forward to a trip to Paris soon by Eurostar, this time far more mobile as I've had my leg for over six months, and I am interested to see what kind of service we'll get. I am not a great one for drawing attention to myself or the mobility issues I have so rely and on perceptive staff... Will report on my experiences when I get back! Best wishes.
  4. Wondercat

    Hello from Australia

    Welcome Raelene. I'm glad to hear that the forum has given you some hope in what must be a very hard time. I joined a few months ago (I became LBK in February this year) and have found that people are friendly and knowledgeable, and are happy to share their experiences very generously. In the UK we do not seem to have developed support groups and networks etc - not sure how it is in Australia - so this acts as a virtual equivalent! It seems like you have been proactive in your decision and that you can see the benefits. I also had to be part of the decision to amputate my leg and I found that once I had really embraced the benefits (I hadn't walked properly for two years and was in constant pain), I realised that it could be a new beginning. Of course, there will be many trials on the way. But that's life... Good luck and best wishes, Wondercat
  5. Wondercat

    My name is Nicole...

    Hi Nicole, welcome to the forum. I'm pretty new myself and had my op in February 2008 after an accident in 2006. I've thought in the past about feeling bitter and depressed about what has happened to me and sometimes, when people who I think I know and trust make light of what I have been through I want to scream. But I do know that I have seen a side of myself that I didn't know existed until this happened. I am far stronger, more resilient and more determined than I ever knew. Once I get over the "fledgling" stages I feel I can achieve anything - perhaps even things I didn't know I wanted to! I think your story is great and that you should be congratulated for having the will to get yourself on track. Sometimes I think as humans we need to be tested, and sometimes one feels like some of us are more tested than others, but it's what you learn from the test (and not what you score!) that shows you who you are. Good on you! Best wishes x
  6. Wondercat

    Wobbly thigh

    Hi Bex, thanks for the tips. I have a gym ball that's gradually deflating and gathering dust. Note to self: get the gym ball off the top of the wardrobe!! I've also got a yoga dvd which, if I looked at it, probably would help - grrr, hearing back from you all makes me realise I have loads of possible ways to start toning! I imagine it's all a lot harder if you are newly AK? Hope your phantom pain (seen in another section) is improving? I have been lucky so far with phantom pain, just a little to start with and now the occasional feeling that there's a vice on my big toe. I found that Gabapentin made me feel weird and stopped my ability to know when I full up after eating, so ditched it early on. I could defo do without putting on the pounds as it makes you feel bad anyway. In fact, one upside of my amp is that I've lost some weight! Not an ideal reason for shedding the pounds but, hey it's made me feel better! Take care x
  7. Wondercat

    Blisters from silicone liner

    Thanks for that Lizzie - you're right, a skin reaction would show all over my leg. I'll find out about Alps - do you know where I can buy it if it turns out to be suitable?
  8. Wondercat

    Blisters from silicone liner

    Thanks both of you. Thinking about it, I didn't rinse this one out as many times because my leg fitting was so rushed and then I went away for the weekend. It's all looking a bit better today, so hopefully it's starting to go away. Cheers for your advice!
  9. Guess what? It's me AGAIN! I feel like I'm always asking questions but your advice on this one would be really appreciated. I wear a silicone liner with a pin that clicks in my socket. I have just got a new limb and with it a new liner. Problem is that the new liner is very snug and it grips my thigh quite firmly. At the weekend (a couple of days after getting the new liner) I wore it all day and evening, from around 8am until 1am, and the following morning I found I had raised, what can only be described as welts around my thigh where the top of the liner was. These had blistered and are now all weepy-looking (lovely image I know...). I also noticed that I have a blister on my lower leg along the shin bone area. Problem is that I wear my liner and leg all day, both at work, and also at home as I am alone and can't handle getting around the house on crutches. I have used liners before, so it seems weird to have developed an allergy and I thought that these liners were formulated to prevent allergic reactions anyway. I wanted to find out if anyone else had had similar and what you've done to combat the problem. Are there alternatives available? Is it something common that the skin gets used to? It's making me feel worried and down in the dumps, particularly as it's a new problem I hadn't anticipated... Thanks everyone for any advice.
  10. Wondercat

    Andes to Amazon

    Good on you Fiona - a great cause and cool article too! Make sure you report on your experiences when you get back! Sx
  11. Wondercat

    Hi to all, from Blackburn, UK

    Hey Richard, welcome to the forum. I am quite new but so far I have found it a great source of information and there are plenty of friendly people here too. All the best, Wondercat
  12. Wondercat

    Going downstairs

    Actually I've managed escalators quite well but must admit I wouldn't fancy trying them in the rush on the tube. People get manic and I think I'd be trampled!
  13. Wondercat

    Going downstairs

    Thanks folks, seems like it's one of those things that's generally challenging. I will keep trying... Cheers, Wondercat
  14. Wondercat

    Wobbly thigh

    Thanks Rikk. My stump (goodness, I hate that word...) is actually quite long but still perhaps not enough to, as you say, generate force. I'm kind of resigned to the fact it won't be equal in size but just to get it more firm would be enough. It seems like cycling is a good option but I can't bring my knee up enough because the back of my prosthetic cuts in and hurts like heck. Will opt for stairs although I live in a Victorian house with little narrow steps that make this a bit of a pain. I'm sure I'll come up with a compromise. BTW, we're almost neighbours! I actually live in Romford which is up the road from you. Hope you're enjoying the fabulous summer!! It's just shocking is't it??? Cheers, Wondercat
  15. Wondercat

    Wobbly thigh

    Thanks for that Sparky. I plan to start doing these straight away. Prepared for much cursing and definitely some falling down!