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  1. Hi yes new to this site cant ring you as i dont have your number.


  2. Hi yes new to this site cant ring you as i dont have your number.


  3. Hi my name is kevin im a bi-lateral below knee

    amputee r u new to the site give me a call

  4. wide eyed and legless


    Hi is their anyone out there know of anyone that needs some false legs i have three LBK two every day ones and one shower leg.They are NHS ones as i now have my funding movet to a private clinic i am in the UK. john
  5. wide eyed and legless

    To amputate or not!

    I took the decision to go for my blk amputation in march this year the consultant wanted to carry on with more operations but after 9 i had had enough. I had a motor bike accident on the 9/12/2004 and smashed the leg up but they did manage to repair it but i ended up with chronic osteomyelitis(bone infection). Now 5 monthes later i can say it was the best thing i have done and i am 55 yrs old and since the amputation i have learned to swim and have also joined an athletic club. It is a ball ache at times but i have a urine bottle at the side of the bed so one less thing to worry about i got my new leg in june and now im doing 45 mins on the treadmill and cycle between 15 and 20 miles a day. john :D