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    a 3 year vet gardener, a crafter, computer gamer.

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  1. dreamygirl

    New guy in town

    Hello Joe :) Sorry about what happened to you. I know when I found this forum, it was like I dont have to go through this by myself and there are others like me. Its like a new family :) Welcome to the 'hood' :)
  2. hi :) I just saw marys post and I liked your quote at end of post. I hope you do not mind I copied and put on my characters profile in a game I play. Nice to meet you on here. :)

  3. dreamygirl

    What to do?

    Well, just an opinion here, rehab is better when you do not have to worry about going through the snow. I am glad I had no choice. I was in hospital in June and out of rehab by Sept. If you are in pain... Id get it taken care of. Money is nothing if you cant live normal. Another opportunity will open up. When one door is closed a window is open. :) I am sure you know that already. Good luck. :)
  4. dreamygirl

    When to stop trying.

    Mary hello :) I just read all of the posts and I hope you are doing well and I am sure glad to have a place to come to and get some advice and input on the subjects you mention. I am sure you will make the right choices. People on here are so caring and compassionate. Hang in there and I am thinking of you :)
  5. dreamygirl


    I ordered some wonderful candles online. Colonial Home is the company. They are worth Every PENNY too ! lol Happy Holidays Everyone!!!
  6. dreamygirl

    My husband and myself are glad to meet you all

    Hello and nice to meet you two also. I know what it is like to be newly wed and have an accident. I lost my leg just below the knee five months after we were married. I wish you both well and will be looking forward to more posts to see how you both are doing. :) Oh GO BEARS!!! hehehehe
  7. dreamygirl

    New LAK

    Hi there! Welcome to the forum and I think you have a great attitude. :) Husbands are wonderful, sounds like you have a keeper just like mine. hehe Looking forward to your posts and progress.
  8. dreamygirl

    Online Chat?

    Just to put in my 2 cents. There is a cool voice chat program out there that I have used for years. I was a admin of a room for several years. (admin = ability to kick/ban idiots that don't belong there) It also has video chat feature. It is where I met my hubby at. It's called paltalk. If you all decide on that place, let me know if I can help. And several of us are on face book. I was looking for my post but couldnt find it. If anyone wants to be on friend list, you can message me your email address and I will look for you. :)
  9. dreamygirl

    New amputee / to forum

    Hello and welcome to this world. It is wonderful to know you are not alone. I am in mid west USA (Illinois) :) That was one hungry hungry hippo !! Smile and I believe you are chosen for something far more than you ever dreamed. Keep in touch and Welcome to our hood :)
  10. dreamygirl

    Sweating in liner

    Is it a a walgreens ? I asked the pharmacist at two places and they did not know the answer.
  11. dreamygirl

    Progress & Happy Earth Day

    I have to share some progress. I love gardening so sooo much. Last year I could not do much work in the flower beds. I took my leg off and put a blanket on the sidewalk and pulled weeds, but that was about it. THIS Year is so different!! I have gotten alot stronger and I am doing work in the garden WITH my leg on!!!! Try not to get discouraged when You cant do something... Take a step back and look at where you have been and where you are now! Happy Earth Day !!! hehe
  12. dreamygirl

    Sweating in liner

    Its hot again here and I can not find that post that told me what stuff to use on stump to keep from sweating and actually stepping out of a wet liner... LOL It almost happened again at the grocery store. I hate when that happens ! Can anyone remember what stuff to get at the store? Thanks guys!!
  13. dreamygirl

    Happy Birthday Marilyn

    Hoppy Birthday to you ~~~