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  1. Mike T

    What do you say?

    Last time I was asked what was wrong with my leg...I told them I had a wooden leg and a real foot...gotta lotta laughs.. Mike
  2. Mike T

    exercise and gel liner/sweating

    Hi Annie, I had the very same problem and someone on this forum told me about "Drysol" .I don't know what is in it but the doctor has to prescribe it.I got the prescription from my doctor and it works "GREAT".You just rub it on your limb (3 days in a row the first time) at night before bed and it does wonders.I live in N.C and the summers are pretty hot here.After using Drsol ,I could go the whole day without having to take my liner off and draining it.It was a lifesaver for me. Here is a link for the product but,I am not sure about buying it from there...I think you need to get the one the doctors prescribe first.. _http://www.buydrysol.com Good Luck....Mike
  3. Mike T

    Limb Swelling

    Triamcinol Acetonide Cream During my recovery my wound would heal up a little and then get bigger.Come to find out that my leg was swelling up at night and re-opening my wound and it just would not allow it to heal up.Once I started using the above cream the swelling stopped and my wound healed up .Not exactly sure what is in the cream but I believe it is some kind of steroid.All I know for sure is that it worked for me. Hope this helps... Mike
  4. Mike T


    It's funny that you mentioned that .I have also recieved dozens of offers from insurance companies to come work for them.Just don't think it is something I could do. GOOD NEWS !!!! The company I had been working for is rehiring me...YEAH!!! I will start back to work on the 15th of September and I can say that is a LOAD off of my mind... Also,Someone on this forum recommended using Drysol for my leg sweating problem and I can tell you that stuff did the trick.I started using it last week and today ,I worked outside all day (only 88 degrees today )and it was real sunny.Did lots of manual yard labor and it just did make the leg somewhat moist .Normally ,I would have poured a cup of water out after about 2 hours.So yes,it does work for me! I had my doctor write me a prescription for it last week. I wanna thank everyone on this forum for all the answers,opinions and help.I am glad I found this place.It is nice to be able to communicate with people that are all so familiar with the same type of problems that I have encountered. Cheers to All!!! Mike
  5. Mike T


    Actually ,I am 53 ,I meant I had been working at this particular job for 14 years but I have been doing the same thing(machine shop supervisor) since I was 22 and I have been in machining (manufacturing) since I got out of High School. I just really want to be careful because I still have a family to support ,a wife and my son still resides here (currently in Iraq) my daughter is in her last year of high school with aspirations of continuing her education after high school.I would hate to think they were denied something because I made a stupid decision. I am steadily working on my stamina I do a lot of short walking and wear my leg for about 12 hours a day whether I am going anywhere or not.Right now my biggest problem is sweating ( I live in the Southeast US) and because of that my liner gets wet and slips,At this time I am trying out a AG Liner recommended by one of the form members.Hopefully everything will work out.I just don't want to miss any options I might have and not know about. Thanks for the opinions and information....Mike
  6. I was driving as soon as I got back out of the hospital.I had a left foot accelerator made and put it in my car .The only problem I had was when I used valet parking and could hear them hit the gas instead of the brake.I learned real quick to make sure and tell them ahead of time. Now I also drive a straight drive and manage the slow tight spots by using the hand brake.It takes some getting used to but it is doable.. just my 2 cents....Mike
  7. Mike T


    I hope this is the right place to post this but I did not see anywhere else. I was wondering if anyone has received permanent disability from having an below knee amputation? I am trying to go back to work and I am getting alot of resistance from where I worked (14years) before the amputation.I have been trying to get an answer out of them for about a month now and I keep getting put off. I am a supervisor and I will do alot of walking which kinda scares me a little but I am pretty sure that I can do what is required. If I cannot then,I don't know what I am going to do because I have been doing this job just about all my life.If I have to look and can't find another job suitable because of my amputation ,is it possible to keep recieving disability. My problem lies in the fact that if they do offer me my old position and I take it well,then my disability is going to cutoff right then and if I cannot perform my normal duties then I will be out of job also. Kind of a rock and a hard place. I am just wondering if anyone on here has been placed on permanent disabilty for a below the knee amputation and if there is an source that I could go to in efforts to find out more about the subject ? Thanks in advance....Mike p.s. A little history.. I worked at this place for 14 years,then I had the amputation .I was still going to the wound clinic after 6 months (I am diabetic and had a hard time healing) After 6 months the company terminated my employment and stated it was policy if someone could not return after 6 months to terminate them .I have been out for 10 months now ,my wound has healed and I have been using my prosthetic for about a month now.Still have not mastered it but I can get around pretty good.
  8. Mike T

    newbie questions

    Thanks Neal, I appreciate the information ,I am going back to see my prosthetic guy next week and I will bring up the issues that have been opened to me.I guess alot of newbies like myself just don't know the correct questions to as but now,I feel like I have been educated to where I feel alot more comfortable about what to ask.Thanks for the BC/BS infor ,that would mean that I should be able to get new liners within the next 2 months. I appreciate all the help by yourself and the other members.I actually feel alot more confident now.I realize now that some of the things I have been going thru are normal and now know what issues need to be addressed with the prosthetic supplier. will update next week .. Thanks to all...Mike
  9. Mike T

    newbie questions

    I actually had my amputation last november 2007 but because of infection and healing complications,I did not get my prothesis made until april of 2008 then wore it for 2 weeks and developed an infection deep in my stump so then I went until late June before I could wear it again so I am certain I had some shrinkage occur.I am going back to my proothesis guy next week and hopefully work it out with him one way or the other.Gotta do something because I am supposed to start my job back the middle of august.. I kinda feel like marie though,thats alot of money for a liner if it is not going to perform any better than that...hopefully I will get it worked out.. wish me luck!...Thanks to all
  10. Mike T

    newbie questions

    Okay Thanks cherylm, I meant to say my prothesis guy not my doctor.I was just wondering how hard to push.The liners are 3 months old but I have only worn them for about 3 weeks because I developed a infection and had to keep them off for awhile until everything healed up properly.I am trying to get back to work and in that position I will be doing a lot of walking and in this heat(I am in N.C.) I am afraid something is going to slip off when I least expect it. I think ,like you said the correct path may be to call my insurance rep and see exactly what the deal is.I am afraid I am not very patient with the way I have been advancing with my prosthesis.I went last week and had an adjustment and as of today I am wearing a 10 ply to start off with and a few hours later I will have to add another 5 ply sock to fit well enough to where it does not "hurt".I am planning to go back next week and express my concerns and see if he can do anything with my socket to insure a better fit. Thanks for the reply... Mike
  11. Mike T

    newbie questions

    Hi all,I hope I am posting in the right section so here goes.I have just recently recieved my prosthetic leg(I am a BKA) and I recieved 2 pin type liners.One of them holds really well(icecross) the other ,I am not sure of the brand but it stretches more than the icecross and does not last as long with out slipping.My question is: When this happens does the prosthesis place have to replace the liner or do I need to place an order for another.The doctor kinda blows me off when I mention that one liner is kinda useless and I was wondering what my options are to get another. Also ,does anyone know if the insurance companies have a limit on what and how many liners can be purchased in any given time limit? I am insured with B/C-B/S Anthem. Hate to ask so much in my first post but ,I do not know anyone that has had an amputation to ask. I appreciate any help...Thanks...Mike