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    Reading, writing scripts and novels, medicine, horse-riding, xbox, wii and DS. I enjoy listening to music, going down the pub, eating chocolate and watching comedy on TV. I also like tormenting my orthopaedic surgeon, chatting and messing around with my friends. All in all pretending that I'm not a grown-up because I don't even know what that means!!!

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  1. bexyna

    Amputation Off Color Picture Joke

    i didn't find it rofl kinda funny. it made me kinda sigh under my breath. I ave seen many of these posters about various things. Not a single one is especially funny but they're all in the same vein. And if someone has this wierd sexual notion in his head good for them. I can't take amputee jokes seriously. Some of them are the funniest things i've heard, i think its frankie boyle or michael macintyre. Being a serious amputee doesn't work with my personality. Best thing to do, groan at the bad joke and go do something fun.
  2. bexyna

    Attitudes about "Handicapped Parking"

    At the end of the day being an amputee is hard work, tiring and often painful. distance ability is not always assured and their is the potential for something to go wrong with your prosthetic at any given moment. Having started driving lessons I now know I will never be able to get in and out of the driver's door of a car is if I can ope the door the whole way, which is only assured in a disabled parking day. If government's didn't think we needed the spaces they wouldn't give amputees disabled badges. And to all of you who have been confronted when you're mean to said person, you shouldn't feel bad. Most of the time the behaviours people confront others about is thebehaviours they dont like in themselves. i.e. parking in disabled spots when they shouldn't.
  3. bexyna

    Does it get any easier?

    I'm so tired at the moment that my get up and go isn't really happening, I have about an hour everyday when I feel with it and the rest of the day i'm just too knackered to do anything. I think I'm just a worrier at heart. I just worry about the future and things I don't need to worry about yet. Like hwen I go to Japan how I'll get through the security, do I have to take my leg off etc. I think everything will seem a lot more manageable when I've had a good night sleep. Six weeks of not sleeping well is driving me mental. bex x
  4. Hi Bex,

    Hope you are ok, you seemed pretty down in your last post.

    I didn't reply as I feel for it it has only got worse and didn't want to depress you even more. You are doing great, try and focus on what you can do not on what you can't do. You need to grieve for your lost dreams.

    Thinking of you.


  5. bexyna

    Does it get any easier?

    Does the pain of loss of fade? Every time I think I'm moving on something happens that just seems to throw me back to where I started. Like I went to a private prosthetics place the other day which was great and I got real excited and then I was at the gym and it just kinda hit me, again, that an amputation is for life. And I can't get past thinking its always going to be this way. And I was watching Mamma Mia the other day, and I got really depressed because the singing dancing, acting liffestyle just isn't open to me really anymore, at least not in the way I had planned it. I had a life plan and it seems to have gone to sh*t and I can't cope with the changes. And I'm really stressed because I totally don't know what to do with my life. And the phantom pain totally knocks me out and I just feel like im constantly in mourning, then it gets better and then i might catch my stump in a mirror and it all hits me again. Will it always hurt htis much? Okay that's a bit rambling and probably doesn't make much sense but I needed to get it off my chest because I'm totally stressed at the moment. bex x
  6. bexyna


    I believe its more a case of misunderstanding and preconceptions of 'disability' that make it difficult. If I wasn't in a relationship I think a lack of confidence would stop me being able to find someone. b xx
  7. bexyna

    Support Group North East England

    well i know there were a fair few people on here that lived round abouts, so wanted to see whether there would be enough of a call for it. have already discussed with the physios at freeman and they seem to think it would be pretty good. am going to pursue this though coz i think tis something that amputees need. because even once you've been an amputee a while and getting on with it. the support of other people really helps i think. love bex xx
  8. Hey everyone, I am wondering what people think about a support group set up in the North East England (Gateshead Area) for any amputees who could get there. I have the ability to set something up maybe once a month and was just wondering whether people would find it helpful for there to be one. I think it would be good but obviously I don't want to set something up if no one wants to come. love bex x
  9. bexyna

    NHS/Private. Any experience?

    hey allen, my experience of the nhs has been complete opposite to yours and i think its is to do with the ticky boxes you were on about. im eighteen, used to dance, horseride, spent all day on my feet, went for several mile walks etc etc. and so ticked all their high activity boxes. would say, however, that my limb centre does seem to ask you to demonstrate how much you use it and regular check ups on the hardware seems to be the biggest indication of this. keep fighting and make them understand what you need. good luck bex x
  10. bexyna


    thanks for all the info its been really helpful. i know its fit over function, and i appreciate that. i also appreciate that to some extent 'where their's a will their's a way" but im starting to do things with my leg my physios an prosthetist didnt think would be possible. but the simple fact of the matter is i cant put my weight through a bent prosthesis and expect to be able to hold it. i figured some sort of configuration like this might make it possible. bex x
  11. bexyna


    thanks guys giving me a bit of confidence. i've already been asked for baby sitting duties closer to christmas because they've still got lives to attend to lol. i think i'll stick with just sitting down with her for now. bex x
  12. bexyna


    thanks tomer that was exactly the kind of thing i was looking for. i need to try and prove to my prothetist that it would be beneficial. it would definately mean i could dance by the sound of it, just so i can put weight on while bent. bex x
  13. bexyna

    Excess Baggage

    i havent flown very often, whats checked luggage? i agree there was a principle involved but i think its fair to say amputees all have very specific requirements and it would be impossible for any company to meet them all without encountering them first. amoutees are hard because we dont fit snuggly in a 'disabled group'. Spare legs, especially if you're not taking a wheelchair are extremely important. Jet2 should have been more cooperative from the beginning, too many companys have too many workers willing to put up road blocks rather then check if there's a solution; perhaps they need a course in customer management?!?!
  14. bexyna


    just wondering whether anyone can give me help on how to look after new borns as an amputee as im due to become an aunty in the next few hours :-D and as scared of children as i am i would like to hold her and not fear dropping her. just general help for when im called to baby sit would be appreciated!!! bex x
  15. bexyna

    amputated parents

    hey all, im sure you'll be fantastic - im pretty sure when people activate their parenting genes the abitlity to just adapt just kicks in. was looking a guy called heath calhoun in answer to a question i asked elsewhere and hes a bilateral above knee and can carry both his children around and things. i guess the more confident you are the better and perfecting the art of falling and getting straightback up help in any situation. good luck and hope they don't give you the run around for too longĀ£!!! bex x