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  1. just.his.wife

    I-Limb hand, We love it

    <_< To MY understandmet, the nickname, is what it is, just a nick name, and doesnt apply to my personal life with my husband and in anyway you put it a wife that has been with her husband thru thin and thik specially in a situation so delicate like losing a limb where you really now who is who, i wife that stays thru all the process is fan, bestfriend and supporter no matter how is she and much less for a nick name. <_<
  2. just.his.wife

    I-Limb hand, We love it

    I got lost in this part >>what kinda name is "just.his.wife" ??!! Probably a gross understatement, in my experience!, so would you please explain.
  3. just.his.wife

    Who have the fake hand?

    uupppps!! i think i forgot to upload a pic!! here it is!!
  4. just.his.wife

    Who have the fake hand?

    Two guys! Wish one have the fake hand! and explain why you think your answer is correct! lol!!
  5. just.his.wife

    I-Limb hand, We love it

    Thank you Cat!!! is in fact amazing, specially for an arm amputee, see and feel like he can do everything again almost without a problem and more naturally is a blessing!! Also i know that most of you still seeing the prostetist, my husband will be in one of the stories of one of those magazines, i dont know the name or when but very soon, He`ll be giving information about the i-limb hand , some thing like that, so if you see the picture below( if it dont come out i`ll put in my avatar, ywo guys shaking hands) in one of those magazines, well the one with the hat.. thats him!! hehehe Thank you and God bless! http://i240.photobucket.com/albums/ff297/nahir_73/fakehands.jpg[img/]
  6. just.his.wife

    I-Limb hand, We love it

    Thank you Cheryl!! Yes, thats what i asked to his prostetist, he said that mostly the patients that lose a leg is because of diabetes, and then another percent accidents and another percent because of an infection, and so on so forth. I really hope i find someone, this is one of the most active forums for amputees that i have find and i hope that my hard search give me some results! Thank you again Cheryl and God bless!!
  7. just.his.wife

    This will drive you crazy

    Im good at it!, i figure the sametihng than beth last month, i was crazy about this game,!!!!
  8. just.his.wife

    I-Limb hand, We love it

    Hello, everyone!! Im 20 years old and im from philadelphia. My husband lost his hand in a terrible accident last year. He have lots of questions for any below the elbow amputee. Every where we go like the prosthetic, they are below the knee amputees. We understand that for both is a lost but he really would like to talk to some just like him. Also, he have the new I-limb hand, i must say is miracle, is the first generation of "bionic" hands and is in a good path. Well if anyone out there, below the elbow amputee or similar to him please, please, answer this post. Any curiosity about the i-limb hand!! questions are welcome!! God bless everyone reading this!!