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  1. just-the-one


    I ran London Marathon this year but only managed 3.23 so I ran the Belfast Marathon 3 weeks later and ran 3.10. Belfast was much hillier so I think with more training I could get the 3.05 on a flatter course. There are a few photos of the race here: http://www.marathon-photos.com/marathon.ht...ports/CPUK/2008 Sports/Belfast Marathon;match=1806 I know that the jump from 3.05 to sub 3 is a big one but I think I could do it. I'm 40 next January so time isn't exactly on my side but I have the dedication and a good coach, hopefully that will get me there. Fortunately I am still improving even though I took up running relatively late aged 32. I'm running on a Cheetah now, but started running on a modular 3 (Ossur foot similar to a vari flex). The Mod 3 was a good all round foot and I did a 3.29 marathon on that one but I find that the Cheetah gives much more shock absorption allowing me to run longer distances with less discomfort. Thanks for the links by the way. I have seen those before, but it's difficult to find websites with amputees road race times.
  2. just-the-one


    Hi Cat. Where do you find information on CJ Howard? I once read that he had run a 10k in 38 minutes but can't seem to find the web page now. I ran the Belfast Marathon this year in 3hrs 10mins (76th out of 1547) and last Sunday dipped below 39mins for 10k for the first time. http://www.sportsystems.net/Results/Result...stMara08All.pdf My goals for this year are to get down to 3.05 for marathon in preperation for the big sub 3 next year and would like to knock another 40secs off my 10k time too.