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  1. DaveH

    Flying to China

    Just returned from a week in Taipei. No problems at all through Hong Kong or Taipei airports - wore shorts on the way back - helps as you can get on the plane first. On the Hong Kong Taipei leg I was upgraded to 1st class - I could get used to that. Unfortunately that flight was only 1:50 long Hotel in Taipei did not have any facilities for the differently abled, but sourced a shower chair for me from a sister hotel (we did arrange this before I arrived) Everywhere I went they could not have been more helpful Security in Hong Kong and Taiwan very similar to New Zealand with no problems once I explain why I set off the metal detectors. Australia (on previous trips) usually a bit more difficult to deal with - never had the 'opportunity' to experience the TSA in the US David
  2. DaveH

    Collage Park TruStep click

    The click is not the foot exactly, but the grub screws that secure the foot to the post. Even other grub screws on the pylon can do the same thing, but the foot seems particularly susceptible to this. I too have had this issue but it was fixed when I met the VP of College Park with one of his techs when they visited my Limb Centre. They knew of this issue and fixed it on the spot. The tech removed the grub screws and lightly sanded the face (the end that presses against the post) with a very fine carborundum paper and then replaced the screws. The trick is to progressively tighten all the screws in turn as you can get the left/right screws too tight before the front/back screws are tight enough. I usually carry an allen key with me so I can loosen the right and front screws (just slightly) and then re-tighten them progressively so that they are tight but without upsetting the alignment. Another point is that the college park trustep is very flexible and can mask alignment errors in the socket - one trick is to get the socket alignment right using a very basic foot, then put the trustep on. I found this vastly improved my leg. I wouldn't try lubricating the foot - graphite powder is probably the best option, but urethane bushes should be self lubricating. Any kind of liquid or grease lubrication will attract dust an other debris which will shorten the life of the components. The bushes do have a life - in the past 8 years I've had the college park foot I have had at least 3 sets of bushes and two foot shells replaced. Worn bushed usually squeak not click. David
  3. DaveH

    bumpers for trustep

    Not sure if they do get softer as they wear - they are made of polyurethane (like after market bushes for performance cars) I have worn out several sets - they tend to split which does make the foot very soft and or noisy. David
  4. DaveH

    bumpers for trustep

    Narooma99 Copy of the pdf is on it's way. One thing I did find when I got my leg is that the Tru-Step foot can mask deficiencies in other parts of the leg. I'm a BK and also have the Harmony system - because the Harmony unit is also a shock absorber and has rotation, this combined with the foots ankle movements and flexibility made the socket alignment quite difficult for the prosthetist. It's almost better to get the socket setup using a basic foot first to get the alignment correct and then fit the Tru-step foot afterwards. In the 7+ years I've had this foot I've worn out 3 sets of bumpers, two foot shells (they keep splitting) and one front section (the toes for a better term) as it started to crack. It did used to make a clicking noise occasionally but this was due to the grub screws not being tight enough. Only recent issue I've had was with the harmony unit, which stopped centring after some rotation - this gave anything up to 20° rotation of the foot from about 5° pointing in to 15° pointing out, which did make walking a little interesting at times. I'm sure that once sorted the Tru-step will work well for you. Regards David
  5. DaveH

    bumpers for trustep

    I have a trustep foot and I love it. Some people don't like it as they think it is too flexible. Why your leg-men won't tell you is beyond me There are 7 different front and rear bumpers, 2 different midstep pads and 3 different ankle bushings to be used depending on your weight range. I have a copy (PDF) of an info sheet which does include some part numbers - I have had this PDF for about 7 years so might be a bit out of date. When I'm wearing long trousers most people (even prosthetists other mine) find it very difficult to pick which of my legs is not my own If you want a copy of the PDF let me know your email via a private message, and I'll send it to you. David
  6. DaveH

    help with new foot

    Hi I have the college park trustep and I love it. My current Prosthetist doesn't like them much because of the maintenance but coupled with the harmony system it would take a very good eye to notice which leg I had amputated (unless I'm wearing shorts!) I've had this foot for 7.5 years, in that time it's needed a new foot shell (old one split) and has had the bushes replaced twice (2nd time just recently) I've also managed to break the front part of the foot - there is a split appearing between the two "toes" so I'm waiting for this new part as well. As for cost - I have no idea sorry - the accident compensation insurance pays for everything - I don't ever get to even see the bill David
  7. DaveH

    Winter Paralympics

    Great Pictures Some sad news however, the Mother in picture 12 was killed today in a car accident. She had just dropped her son off at the airport as he was flying up to Wellington to appear on a morning TV show. David
  8. DaveH

    Rental car options

    As a matter of interest, which portable device are you going for? I've been looking for a portable unit for a while - liked the look of the pfla unit at www.pfla.org but their email address doesn't seem to be working. Although I can drive most cars without the use of a left foot accelerator, sometimes using my left foot crossed over or sometimes using my prosthetic leg on the pedal, I find I get more control with the left foot pedal - as I have 6 cars to choose from (only one of which has a left foot accelerator) and the cost of fitting a left foot accelerator is over NZ$1000, the portable option looks like a winner. Regards David
  9. This appeared in the local (Wellington New Zealand) papers today. Saw the item on the news last night http://www.stuff.co.nz/4858855a11.html
  10. DaveH

    Vacuum Suspension Socket

    I've had the Harmony system for several years now. I started with the original but now have the H2 system. As Tom said, you don't notice the weight when there is vacuum. The e-Harmony system doesn't look as though it would be anywhere near as heavy. What the e-Harmony system doesn't seem to have is the shock absorption or the rotation that the other harmony systems. My only complaint with the Harmony leg in that, as you have a liner and a sleeve over the knee, and having increased vacuum, I can't bend my knee as far as I would like. It does make it a little difficult to ride a bike for example. I have a passive vacuum socket for my bike riding leg, but I really do notice the lack of shock absorption with this leg. David
  11. DaveH

    Happy Birthday DaveH and Dave 06

    Thanks Cat I've enjoyed it - Great Weather, great company and excellent food (and beverages of course!)
  12. DaveH

    The Question Game

    Book'em Danno was a line used by the main character in Hawaii 5-0 (played by Jack Lord) as he and his men were arresting the bad guys. Danno (Dan Williams played by James MacArthur) was 'always' the arresting officer - It seems that Dan allways did the "booking" - Jack Lord obviously didn't like paperwork! Sarah.b - if I could have any car in the world it would have to be the Bugatti Veyron - it is the "concord" of cars David
  13. DaveH

    Cell Phone Tracker

    Before anyone panics, this is not true by the way.... Not yet anyway - some of the newer phones do have GPS in them (not one I'd EVER buy) Most cellphones can be traced to within whatever distance is between the three nearest cell towers, but not by just anyone - there is no publicly available means to do this but the cell phone service providers can track a phone (providing it's turned on)
  14. DaveH

    Cell Phone Tracker

    Although mildly amusing it could also be a none-to-subtle way of harvesting a large number of valid cell phone numbers. That's why I didn't use my cell number but one of someone I'm not too fond of! David
  15. DaveH

    More trouble in the trouser department !

    I'm BK but have had a similar problem with suit trousers, which wear out (quite quickly) where my liner grabs at the material when I walk. What I;ve done with my new suit trousers is to get a tailor to line the whole leg - some suits have lining on the inside front to the knee. With the lining al the way the problem doesn't occur. Hope that's some help. David