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    Hi I'm driving with my left foot. I was wondering whether u know portable accessories for driving w/ left that I can take with me to other cars (rented etc.) Thanks, Shahar
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    also NEW here

    Hi I wondered around the net and came to Heather Mills' site. I was looking for pictures of her with long and short pants. This was for a new member in a disabled forum I'm writing for, in Israel. I think she is a good example of amputee in the public eye… Anyway, I'm Shahar. 28 years old (9/4/75) from Tel-Aviv, Isarel. I don't have a right foot (above the knee. I don't know the right English term for it.) from birth. I managed to do everything without it… 2 degrees (Eng. and MBA) and I'm married. As a sport fan I play wheelchair basketball (since 98) in our first league. We had couple of trips to Germany with our team. Although it's not that easy to walk great distances, I'm managing to travel quite a lot. In the last year I have been to Australia, New-Zealand (honeymoon) and Paris. Planning to go to the US on November (I have been there twice – 93 and 98). It will be nice to know u guys (and girls) here. Shahar