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    Train accident
  1. Hi, I used to get blistering and rashes all the time on my graft areas on my stump. I just did what my grandmother told me and soaked it in a strong batch of tea for an hour a night. It toughend my scare tissue right up after just a few weeks.
  2. Hoppalong


    Hi, I use resistance band quiet friquently. You can pick them up at almost any store in the fitness section and they range from 9 to 20 dollars depending on the wieght range you are looking for. Just basically giant rubber bands. Its great for cosentrated exercise on my limb. You can wrap them around your legs to do leg lifts at any level you are comfterble with. hope this helps.
  3. Hoppalong

    Keeping from sweating

    Hi, I have had this problem as well with excessive sweating. My prosthedisit and other doctors perscribed me drysol with a roll on applicator. It worked great! Put it this way one day I was running down a sidewalk with my friends and the next thing I knew i was on the ground cause my limb slipped off from sweat. Now with the drysol it doesnt matter how hard i push my self it doesnt happen.
  4. Hoppalong

    Hello from Michigan

    Hi, this is my first attempt to reach out to ppl like me. Im a little scared to tell you the truth. I am 24 and was amputated below the knee on my right leg due to a train accident when i was 15 years old. I wish I would of reached out earlier but better late than never. I have battled myself over my amputation for a long time. I hope alot of you can relate with me on what I had to go through to get to this point. When I was amputated I stuffed my feelings about it so I could seem strong for my family. In doing so I took away the most benificial part of my recovery. To feel what realy happend to me. Instead I continued to stuff more and more of my sadness, fear, anger, and confusion. I went back to school just one month after my operation. The other students were less than kind or understanding. Over time I became emotionally numb. I stayed in school for three years without one passing grade to show for it. I dropped out and moved away from my home town in the hopes to escape my reality. We all know how that works. It goes with you. Honestly I felt like I wanted to die and in all reality I had already died inside. The only thing left was for my body to catch on. In an attempt to make it all go away I began my drinking career. I stayed there for a year or so then moved out into the country in yet another attemp to change what could not be changed. I lived in your typical party house. Wich was fine for me at that point. Cause everyone that was there was too messed up all the time to realy pay to much attention to me. That was just the way I liked it. It was there that I discoverd drugs and the effect that they had on my ability to feel. I spiraled down for about two years and was finally evicted from the house. After that I went into further seclusion and alienation of myself. I lived in my own apartment in which I still live today. But when I moved here I also moved my interest of friends to that of a darker sort. I began to use introveinous drugs on a daily basis. I lost all sence of what to be human realy ment. I used people, places and things to drive me further in my addiction. People to me where just paper waste at that point. I had no respect for myself or my fellow man. The only problem was whenever I got clean or had short bursts of reality I was still looking back at myself. I was hopeless, useless, and lost. It was two years ago that I hit my bottom. I have been going to meetings for two years now and now have 11months clean. I have found new hope and a new image of my self over the course of these last two years. I am learning to share my feelings and thoughts with others instead of interalizing them. I finished high school and am now going to school to be a prosthedisit. My new drive in life is to help others like myself. I have a long way to go still with my recovery from my amputation and the years of abuse that I inflicted on myself. I thought that this site would be a great way to finally voice the things that I feel that others have a hard time relating to. I look forward to talking to more people like me and over time I hope to have made a few new friends. Pushing forward, Victor
  5. Hoppalong

    Need a friend!

    Hi all this is the first post i have made on a site like this. I am a BKA and know no one else that is an amputee. I would realy like to find a few new friends that can relate with what i am going through. I am 24 and was amputated at the age of 15 due to a train accident. Alot of the time I feel alone because of the fact that i have no one to relate with. I just need to find a community of ppl like me and I think I may of found my new internet home. Please feel free to msg me anytime.