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About Me

Hi there, thanks for checking.

I am Mark Impey, a LBK as a result of a motorcycle accident in Jan '92, on my farm in Zimbabwe.

I was booted off my land by Mugabe and his thugs in 2003 and came to Cape Town, South Africa.

As soon as I moved here I bought a large cruiser as my primary transport. I ride every day, rain or shine.

I am a project manager for a multinational company that has a new venture in Lagos, Nigeria - start there in March 2010, on a "month-on, month-off" basis. The work is interesting and the money good.

I am 51, married (to Sue) and between us we have five children, the youngets is 20.

My wife owns a small landscaping business, and breeds (Airedales & Min Poodles)and judges dogs. She is also an accomplished artist, specialising in pets, wildlife and landscapes, mainly in pastel, pen and ink and watercolour, though she does other media too.

At this time in my life, embarking on a new offshore career means that I have no time for any hobbies, but once things get into a routine, I will continue to tinker with motorbikes, and tour as much as I can. My long term goal (in about 10 years) is to have a business doing guided motorcycle tours of South Africa.

This is an enormous country with a good road network - it probably has the most diversity of types of countryside that you could find. The Cape, where I live, is particularly diverse - mountains, plains, lush farmlands, forests mountains, deserts, snow, beaches, game parks, cities, quaint historical villages, monuments - we got it all. I would love to travel more and see the rest of the world, but it will take two lifetimes to see even a fraction of my beautiful adopted homeland, so I won't be going out much :-)

Not too sure what I am meant to put on this page, so this is it, for now.