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    I enjoy cooking, watching movies, shopping, dining out...you know, all the girly stuff! I have a strong interest in business and I love working from home.

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    Car Accident
  1. NicoleMarie

    Introduction from NL

    Hi Lies, I understand how difficult it is for you to contemplate having your foot amputated. I also understand that you're tired of being in pain and want to get on with your life. I don't blame you. However, if there is any slight chance that you will regain the feeling and function back in your foot, I would not go with the decision to amputate. Go to different doctors, seek further advice. It's like cancer, as an example. You can either live with the fact that you're going to die and do nothing, or you can seek out other alternatives and perhaps prolong your life, if not rid your body of the cancer altogether. Don't give up. I know it has been years for you, and you're tired. You want a solution. On the other hand, being an amputee is not so bad. My right leg above the knee was amputated when I was 19. I am now 27, and I can't even imagine having two legs again. I'm happy with the way that I am. Being an amputee will only hold you back if you allow it. In whatever decision you make, we here at the forum, will support you and help you in anyway possible. Good luck to you! Nicole
  2. NicoleMarie

    Live Life then give Life

    You both have my vote. Good Luck!
  3. NicoleMarie

    My name is Nicole...

    I haven't been here much the last week or so because I had my baby on September 11th. Her name is Taylor Madison Verma. She weighed 7lbs, 7oz. I have attached her picture. It's nice meeting all of you, and again, I'm happy to be a member!
  4. NicoleMarie

    I'm Devastated

    Hi Lisa, I can relate to how you feel or felt, considering your post is 2 years old. Perhaps you no longer feel the way you do. I was hit by an Oldsmobile outside of my car. The man did not have insurance or a license. He spent 8 months in jail and then was released. That was his punishment. I would think to myself, "He gets a slap on the hand and I get a lifetime of pain." How is this fair? Well first of all, this way of thinking contributed to years of my depression. Hating him and hating what happened to me, which led to me hating myself, took control of my life. Second of all, he caused my amputation, and after years of sadness, I sure as heck wasn't going to let him take my life too. All the frustration, anger, pain, depression, was all boiling up inside of me, ruining me. I wasted years of my life, and all I can say is that I regret it with all my heart. Instead of hating the man, I thank him. He changed my life, not in a bad way, but in a good way. Nicole
  5. NicoleMarie

    My name is Nicole...

    Hi Eldar, I guess we become better people due to the fact that we have gone through a life changing event which makes us more understanding and more sensitive to others. In all honesty, we need each other, and some people don't like to admit that. Every now and then we need help, whether it' from a family member, neighbor, or stranger. Oh.. the leg, the leg, the leg. First of all, it's terrible that amputees can't get a decent prosthesis unless they have a lot of money. Sure, you can get a loan and walk with the best prosthesis on the market, but what about those who have bad credit or simply can't afford it? Insurance covers only the "basics" which isn't good enough for me. I can't walk and be happy with a basic. I deserve to dance just like Healther Mills did on Dancing with the Stars and so does everyone else. It's a shame all the nicer technology is out of reach for us amputees. I know it's been only 8 months since your accident. When I was at that point, I was still in denial and waking up in the middle of the night thinking I could walk right to the bathroom. I know you will do fine too if you keep yourself surrounded by a strong support group. Nicole
  6. NicoleMarie

    My name is Nicole...

    I have been an amputee for almost 8 years. I was hit by a car (outside of my car) on an icy December night back in 2000. It was one of those freak accidents you never thought would happen to you. These situations are only suppose to happen to someone else, right? Wrong! The truth is, at any second, minute, or hour of the day, your life can completely do a 360. Your prespective of the world changes, and you end up becoming this different person. At least, that's what happened to me. Since my accident, I have never been the same. I'm not the Nicole everyone knew when I was 19. I'm actually a much better person, but I did go through stages before becoming this better person. I went through a severe phase of depression that kept me locked away in my room, curtains closed, and all I would do is eat and sleep. I was angry, hurt, sad and I hated myself. I ended up gaining 80lbs. I was a mess, and it took over 5 years for me to wake up and realize that I'm throwing away my life, and that the world isn't going to stop moving because part of my leg is gone, so then why should I stop moving? Why should I stop living? I went to LA Weight Loss (now bankrupt) and I lost the 80lbs I had gained. I went to my prosthetist and told him I was ready to get my life back. I want to walk again, and I deserve the best. This is a whole other story in itself. I can't see my life as not being an amputee. People will ask me, "Why on earth would you not want your leg back if you could have it back???" Well, that's simple. Life isn't about having two legs. Life is a complicated yet beautiful path that we all walk, and along the way, we will hurt ourselves, hurt others, and have changes that will affect who we are. These obstacles are what makes us human. I love my life regardless of the pain and tears. This is who I am, and I'm not sorry for it. I'm happy to be a member of this forum, and I look forward to getting to know a lot of you. Nicole