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  1. yovas22

    Online Chat?

    I agree....I think it's a great idea!
  2. I'm hoping I can get your experiences with this. I'm starting a new prosthesis and I'm at the beginning phase where we're just starting the socket. Today I saw the test socket and the back of the prosthesis (the area behind the knee) does not go straight across. It looks like it's kind of at an angle....higher on the left, lower on the right if you're looking at it from the back (i hope this makes sense). Anyway, my prosthetist said this is how a leg should look in the back and it is done to accommodate a large muscle behind the knee. It makes it easier to bend the knee. In all my experiences of starting new legs, I've never had an angled back. It was always straight across. Is this really the way it's done? Should the back of the socket be angled? This is the first I've seen of this and wanted to know if anyone else's prosthesis had been made like this. I would love to hear any input from anyone ....thanks!!
  3. yovas22

    Prosthetist in OR

    Does anyone know of a REALLY good prosthetist in Oregon....preferably in the Portland area? I'm getting frustrated trying to find someone top notch. Any help would be appreciated!!