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    Motorcycle accident
  1. TommyL

    let's see your bikes

    Heres My 2005 Wide Glide that got totaled with My left Leg. Hey but look I done found Me a 04 Wide Glide and fixin on riding again!
  2. TommyL


    Now that Guy is what its all about, a powerful message indeed!
  3. TommyL


    Good news, with good food included. Hope all goes well!
  4. TommyL

    I was wondering!

    Hey Ann,talked to My leg Man last Wed. at My last fitting and seems like I am gonna have to wear a Corset Prosthesis because of lack of stability without it. We talked about My knee bend problem and He says that some of it is being caused by the fact that where the corset pivot points are located are not at the center of My knee making the corset want to move in relation to the position of My knee. With this new leg They will be able to produce a leg more precise and as a result enhance My ability to bend it better so We will see. Thanx!
  5. TommyL


    Nope thats a new one!
  6. TommyL

    Just to say hello.

    Another LBKhere and just kinda starting out .Been at it almost a year. I am glad to know I aint alone. See Ya!
  7. TommyL

    I was wondering!

    Just dont hit em too hard. LOL Ps I need to correct myself on the liner manufacturer, its Otto Bock that made my custom liner, although Im sure Ossur probaly does it too. Check you local listings....... Ok got Ya and thanx!
  8. TommyL

    I was wondering!

    Well I certainly want to thank everyone for their input and it is all food for thought. I am a proud member of the BK club. Now I find the suction liner gizmo interesting and I will check it out. I dont have any radical volume changes. I wear 12 ply every day. What I did today was cut the very bottom outta My socks to allow My stump to go as far into the socket as it can. Next go around I am gonna hit My leg Man up and do alittle learning about this liner that sucks!
  9. TommyL

    I was wondering!

    Hey Guys,hows things going? Ok I kinda need to do some brain picking here so here I go. Lost My leg last November and I am a LBK. Motorcycle wreck yuck! Anyway I got this pretty short Residual with a load of skin graphs and scar tissue and it is pretty short and I gotta problem. I am fixin to get My definitive Prosthesis and went to Hanger and did a fitting. The leg I wear has a leather corsett that goes around My thigh to give Me added support because of My short little stump. I would like to eliminate that gizmo because it causes problems with bending My knee. I need a real nice fit to do what I want and I know what I am up against,but I was sitting out there on the front porch and had a brain storm and I just wanna know if any of You have ever heard of anything like this. Here it is, do they make a socket with an inflateible bladder that You would pump up by some means that would create a nice tight consistant fit and eliminate all this play and such that is causing this problem? Seems like something like that would do the trick and it is like decision making time for Me and I am trying to figger out My options so any thoughts?
  10. TommyL

    shrinkers, pros and skin grafts and more

    Hi Susan,I got Me a LBK last November. Had a Motorcycle wreck so it was a traumatic event which resulted in several scars and My share of skin graphs. Healing up reasonably well and I am on My first Leg and going Tommorrow to try on a new socket with a new Doc. Anyway I still use a shrinker because it Makes My Stump feel better being covered in a tight sock. Good luck to You and hang in there ok? See You TommyL
  11. TommyL

    How long do you wear your leg/s

    I wear Mine all the time. Kinda gettin used to it so it requires no effort. Now I will pull it off if I am gonna be parked in front of the boob tube for awhile.
  12. TommyL

    Biker Amputees

    Hey Glenn.just found You Guys and We gotta lot in common! Got Me a LBK last Nov. 11th and guess what,I dont let it get Me down and never have. What I say is that I am not defeated and I refuse to surrender! I will ride again I betcha! Oh yeah I like totalled My Harley and I sure miss Her but thats ok they makem every day! I have been strong for My family and they aint gotta worry about Me so much. Be talkin to Ya.