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  1. Hi, Sorry I did not reply sooner but have been away and not really checking emails. Happy to take a photo of socket that fits around your amputated buttock and either uses a velcro belt or ratchet system that goes aroung the other hip. Not very good at describing!It feels quite firm. I am still practising.....Getting comfort level right is a little difficult.Nice to hear from someone Linda

  2. Hi, was reading your post regarding hip disartics, I like the spound of your new socket but cant understand how it works without going round both hips, any chance you could describe it a little more, or take a pic of it, thanks

  3. Luckylegs

    Anyone who don't wear prothesis?

    Hi Kimberley, I am a hip-disartic-have no left leg. I have a great prosthetist who has made a leg for me. I am working up to wearing it for 4-5 hours a day mainly for me to take the stress off my shoulders and give my good leg a break! Go and talk with a prosthetist, there is much information online so that you feel informed before you go. We (as in the prosthetist and myself did find information about new advances from the military (Walter Reed). The number of amputees that have come out of Iraq and Afghaniston has certainly moved all aspects of prosthetics forward. Good Luck. Linda
  4. Luckylegs

    Hip Disarticulation Prosthetics

    Hi there, I am myself a hip disartic and live in Australia. I have done quite a lot of searching for information in relation to legs. I have a young prosthetist who is willing to try different things. I have had one leg which did not work so well for me as it did not have padding in places where I needed it. I visited a prothetist in the US who works with Iraqi vet who have lost limbs and he uses body armor pants with gel bonded inside to give greater comfort. I know a couple of other disartic men who don't have those kinds of issues but they have been amp for many many years! I need comfort. I will get the leg on 5th Nov and am happy to send photos. My prothetist will be happy to share what he is doing. It has been a learning eperience for him! We use a socket that hugs your buttock and hooks over your hip bone. It does not go over to the other side as the old ones used to. He either used a velcor belt system or a ratchet (like the kind you get on a skate boot). I like the ratchet as once tight it does not move. Ask me questions and I will see if I can help. Good luck Linda .
  5. Luckylegs

    Online Chat?

    Hi Mary, I think that would be a wonderful idea. A great opportunity for amputees to talk about not only their amputation but their lives if they choose. How would you organise this????
  6. Luckylegs

    Helix Hip

    Hi Chrissy, I don't have the helix hip but know it has to be used in conjunction with the c leg which I know you are going to use. I have heard that they work well together. Weight may be an issue? ask you guy what he thinks. I am quite short and petite so trying to keep the weight of the leg to a minimum. Am really interested to know how you go. I am sorry I have not forwarded on the photos but will get to it. The leg in the photo is with a c leg and I assume a helix hip. I was more interested in the socket and the gel pants that he was using. I am seeking comfort! Which prosthetist did you decide to go with? Good luck, Linda
  7. Luckylegs

    hip disartic

    Hi Chrissy, The name of the prothetist that I saw who works with the veterans is called Mike Corcoran and he is from Medical Centre Orthotics and Prosthetics, 2421 Linden Lane, Silver Spring, Maryland20910. The Phone number is 301.585.5347. He may be another source of info for you. Take care, Linda
  8. Luckylegs

    hip disartic

    Ally, Thanks for being so persistent in finding out that information. I live here in OZ but will certainly google him and tell my young prothetist his name. As Chrissy says it certainly is a step forward!! And I feel as if I have taken several steps back!! Cheers, Linda
  9. Luckylegs

    hip disartic

  10. Luckylegs

    hip disartic

  11. Luckylegs

    hip disartic

    Hi Chrissy, I hope your recovery is going along. I do remember my incision did have a few hiccups along the way. As to the prosthetic leg..... it has been very slow. Getting the socket fit is all. My original prosthetist left and a new one took over who had not made a leg like this before but very keen to take on the project and learn. I am not an insurance job so my leg is being made on what is called here - Artificial Limb Scheme - this effectively means that it is made by National health and there is little or no access to things like c-legs, anything that costs lots of money! However in my case I believe that if the socket fit is right then the componentry will work. I had contact with a prosthetist in Maryland who works out of the military hospital that rehabilitates amputees from Iraq and Afghanistan. We still have a little contact with him. I am going to be recast once we have sorted out the gel lining and how that works. He is casting another woman whom I know this week so it will be interesting to see how that goes. I live in South Australia, which is a small state and many prosthetists would never have seen let alone made a leg for an HD. I am not sure what kind of leg you are being offered? I can send you some pics of the leg I have at the moment. I can walk on it with one crutch at home but outside would use two. I guess I am not too confident of not being knocked over. However I go out without a leg and just the crutches easily. I swim about 4 times a week to build up some stamina as it does take energy and strength to walk with the leg for any length of time. I will keep you posted and happy to answer any questions. Take care, Linda
  12. Luckylegs

    hip disartic

  13. Luckylegs

    newby here

    Hi Jess, I too have come to this discussion late. You have many amazing stories that others have shared with you. The grieving and loss that you are feeling is part of a process that you and your body are moving through. You are not only dealing with the loss of a limb but also the cancer and the thoughts that you will have had to deal with associated with that. Iwas diagnosed with a soft tissue sarcoma and had my left leg amputated a couple of years ago. I was lucky enough to make contact with someone who had had an amputation for the same reason so meeting with her helped me in my own process by being aware of what was happening and the dark days that were there often. I think with any kind of loss those days of despair can come at anytime and we often don't really know why. Now I acknowledge them and let myself feel that sadness. They don't come very often now. I am embracing the joy of life. I travel, swim. In fact I do everything I did before but in a different way and sometimes even now that is very frustrating! But I am doing it! Being out of hospital must be wonderful and the news of your scans- well I know that feeling. Take care of yourself, The leg will work for you. As someone else said you will begin to trust it. You have had much to deal with. The body image we have of ourselves takes time to change. I still am dealing with that. Surround yourself with love. It helps and above all love yourself. I hope 2009 is wonderful for you Cheers, Linda
  14. Luckylegs

    hip disartic

    Hi Everyone, I am feeling a little discouraged at my progress with my socket. Being such a high amputation we have been modifying a canadian hip arrangement. I am wondering if anyone else is out there who has a comfortable socket and how that is achieved. At the moment we are trying a bike pant with an insert of a gel pad to provide some cushioning on all those sensitive bits! I have to say I am faster on crutches but have some determination to get this leg working and something I can use some of the time to free up a hand! Then at least I can carry my wine! or my cuppa! Any thoughts would be helpful. Cheers and a happy new year to all Linda
  15. Luckylegs


    Hi there, I have been going swimming for the last 2 years at least twice a week and find it a very freeing experience. It is also great for developing your core stability muscles. As to access. I use my crutches. Am just conscious of the times that I go to the pool i.e. not when there are lots of children likely to be running about and making the pool deck wet an slippy. I have also used my wheelchair which does work. I was lucky enough to begin swimming with a group of amputees in a rehab pool. I have now ventured into the big wide world of public pools and am even thinking of taking part in a short ocean swim. So go girl is my advice. ps I don't have a swimming leg either as I am a hip disartic but I do swim with a flipper which adds buoyancy and speed. Good luck, Linda