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    Hit by a drunk driver.
  1. Cistin

    Gambling problem

    Yep this is Mark, and getting together and catching up sounds good. Oh and a side note to that story above the guy I caught off guard and I became friends later on, he was just temporary speechless. Not that I came blame him on that front.
  2. Cistin

    Gambling problem

    I've been a member here for a few years now, but this is the first time posting anything at all...anyway this happened to me about a month after going back to work after I lost my right leg just above the knee. I was on break chatting with a friend, at this point I still hadn't gotten my prosthetic so I was still using crutches. My friend is a heavy set fellow with back problems so he was on crutches that day as well. Had been a few months since i talked to him since I was out of work for so long and he'd been taking a lot of time off due to his back issues as well. After awhile a guy came up to us from my left and said "Looks like you two have the same bookie." At that point I turned to him stuck my stump out and said, "Yeah, but I owed him a hell of a lot more money." The guy clearly didn't know what so say as he just turned around and walked away.
  3. Cistin

    Hello all

    Nice to meet you Winry, nice to have ya on the forums.
  4. Cistin

    Hello all

    Hi ya Tracybuz, glad to have you on the forums. And to Trekkie I live in the Tulsa area. Where abouts in Oklahoma do you live?
  5. Cistin

    Hello all

    Thank you all for the warm welcome, here just reading through others introduction page has been a big help. So for Neal i actually just went in today to get the first measurements of my leg. He seemed happy with the shape and I am scheduled to go back wednesday for the next round, so it's looking like three possibly four weeks until I get my first new leg. Which I'll try to put a pic on here if I'm able to and definitely on myspace. He was suggesting the c-leg, and then gave me the price for it which was a little bit of a shock to say the least lol, but my insurance is better than expected with prosthetics so should be covered 80% so I'm thinking about trying it out since i should get a fairly decent settlement from the lawsuit. What ever I end up doing with the leg I can't wait to start learning to walk again. Which based on the timeline I was given today i should have it at least two weeks before my B-day, was wanting a little more time to learn to walk before hand but that doesn't really bother me after being hit by a car I'm happy enough I will be seeing my 31st b-day. After reading some of the post in the "Prosthetics and Related" thread I think I'll be pretty happy with it if i decide to try it. I'm going to post in that thread to see what others with it think before I do make a final decision though. Thanks again all and I look forward to getting to know you on the forums.
  6. Cistin

    Hello all

    Hey everybody, my name is Mark I'm from Oklahoma and recently had my right leg amputated just above the knee. I was hit by a drunk driver just outside the bar I go sing karaoke, if you can call it singing anyway. Been a little over a month and a half since the accident and just now getting on here to say hi to every one.