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  1. Thinking of going to Turkey in September for the first time as an amputee,however having difficulty getting a reasonable insurance quote as i had my BKA only last September.

    A couple of quotes have been over £900,for me and hubby,much to expensive on top of the holiday.

    I'm wondering how other amputee's fared with their insurance. Would be gratefull for any suggestions.

    Before my op our insurance was around £150 for 2 weeks with Pre-existing insurance ie.tablets for hypotension and Cholestoral.


    Hi Joan,

    I am LAK and I found the travel insurance at www.essentialtravel.co.uk very resonable though you will need to go through an on line screning process for which you have to pay for up front....

    Steve :-)

  2. Hi Guys,

    We I have a new leg it has a mecury Endolite Hi Activity knee (hydraulic) and a Ossur Iceross liner all very new -- some advice needed....

    1. The liners sometimes catches er .. sensitive hairs - I have seen the "pants thread" and think I now understand but any further thoughts.

    2. I am missing the stability of my prebious knee (Endolite ESK+) has anyone else transitioned?

    It is great to be without the dreded belt and furry socks :-)

    You may recall that I named my previous leg Larry well the new one is called Lucy. Why a lady, well she is more complex and has taken a long time to get ready :-)



  3. Hi Guys,

    I am LAK and am coming up to my 1 year anniversary (since a RTA) so thought I would share thngs I have learned with you all: not saying they are pertinant to anyone else but me!

    In no particular order...

    1. Do not rush into adaptations for your house - ultimately I did not need any.

    2. Accept help if offered from strangers or at least be polite and friendly - you may not need it but they may not offer it again to someone who does if you are offhand.

    3. Be firm with friends and loved ones in accerting your independance - but take time to explain.

    4. Wheelchair stability if less without your leg - watch me somersault backwards!!!!!

    5. Showers/ baths : If you are sittting on the ground you can't fall over! (I sometimes use a shower seat or stand on my one leg though.. )

    6. Travelling:Just travelled for work to India (about 9 hours) airport security was fine (UK and India) they have seem an amputee before :smile: , help is availble if needed but I didn't need any. Since I was travelling business class leg room was not a problem.....

    7. Leg: Good socket fit is essential- make sure your socket is comfortable you should be able to wear it for 12+ hours.

    8. Work: I retuned to work about 6 Months after my accident- Be open and honest with your colleagues, they will be unsure what to say to you so help them out!!!!! (one senior manager saw me walking and asked if I had an ingrowing toenail :smile: ...... I paused laughed and explained (he hadn't heard about my accident) ....he was a little embarassed!

    Just some thoughts.....

    Steve :biggrin:

  4. Sounds like you have come a long way. How long have you been an amputee? I am not too far behind you - I hope. I'm just waiting on my right leg to completely heal- hopefully two more weeks and then I will get my prosthetic leg. I know what you mean about the wheelchair being unfriendly.


    My amputation was in August 08 (RTA) : got my leg in March 09 , delay due issuesith my wound healing...

    steve :biggrin:

  5. Hi All,

    Just wanted to share with you my small steps forward made during my weekend away in the Peak District. Well I :-

    1. Managed to walk across country (up hill and down dale) from Thorpe into Dovedale and back (at least 2 Miles :-))

    2. Managed to cover 26 miles in a day in my Trike along the Tissington trail - I made quite an impression with my one leg pedalling and my artificial leg "Larry" being held out of the way in my homemade support....will try to attach a photo.

    3. Also managed a visit to the Tram museum at Crich - lots of walking....but an interesting place

    Since I got my leg my mobility has increased - the world is not wheelchair friendly :-(

    Additionally I have been working away from home, staying in hotels and also visiting aircraft hangers. Hotels are interesting, thought I would ask for an adapted room but in reality I can manage with a standard bath or shower. I do have a bath stool but have yet to use it.

    All in all things are going ok, except that my stump is shrinking and so socks have had to be added and also my socket has been re-lined.

    Steve (LAKA) :biggrin:

  6. After enduring 10 years of pain and corrective surgeries to my right knee, my leg was finally amputated in 2004. I was 16 at the time and so scared at first, but my friends and family never let me get down on myself. I am more active now than ever before. I always say, " I will never give up, neither should you!" Take care!

    Greetings from Hitchin UK! This forum is a very useful resource !

    Steve :biggrin:

  7. Steve

    Hi Steve,

    Now you have gone and done it , if my better half reads this I will be expected to help with the weekly shopping, didn’t anyone tell you this is something that us men shouldn’t do under any circumstances ??. Your poor arty leg will never forgive you!

    & I thought that you were getting on ok with your leg?

    Fancy subjecting it to that. It’s not designed for shopping. (Weren’t you warned?)

    Well done, you have every right to be impressed with yourself, it the little things that show we are getting back to normality (whatever that is). :biggrin:

    I suppose my better half will drag me along now (sigh) as I will have no excuses, thanks mate.

    ……………………….take care Mick

    Hi Mick,

    ..actually my line is that its not designed for gardening - my consultant promised me a letter on that subject :biggrin:



  8. Hi Guys,

    Three weeks after receiving my leg I managed to do the weekly supermarket shop with my other half without any sticks or crutches.... I was pretty impressed with myself :biggrin: Just needed to share this small step forward with people who understand the issues ..........



  9. What do you call your artificial leg ?

    Depending on whether they're doing their job or not, I either call them something very rude :blush: or just 'legs'/'prostheses'. :smile:

    There's nothing wrong with calling your leg a name ... I think it's a way of identifying with it? :smile:

    Yes, I wasn't sure whether having a name for it was a good idea.......

    Steve :smile:

  10. Hi Guys,

    What do you call your artificial leg ? I have just got mine and and I call mine "Larry" as in "Larry the leg". Me and Larry are getting on fine and even often go for a walk together - Am I mad do I need help? I must admit that Larry is also getting the blame for "stuff" - he is very untidy and often loses my keys :smile:

    Steve :biggrin:

  11. Congratulations! :biggrin: Doesn't it feel strange when you first get up on two feet? :smile:

    I don't think it matters whether you have a cosmesis or not? My AK needs a cosmesis to slow the knee swing through. I prefer to have a cosmesis as I prefer people not to know ... not because I'm ashamed (I'm actually very proud :cool: ), but because I prefer to talk about other things.

    It will take a while to get used to an AK socket. As for sitting, you just adjust to it. It is a pain when some socket types wear through clothing very quickly, but there are usually ways around it.

    Beth Marie has given you some great advice on trousers/pants. :smile: But, come on Steve, tell us why you've got a 'pants problem'. :wink:

    Lizzie :smile:

    Ok Guys,

    My pants are fine ! - My trouser problem is that the socket is huge - because my stump is large.... so my jeans kinda fit in a very lumpy way.....just tried my work trousers and they are ok....

    Also my knees do not seem to be aligned and it appears that the lengtth from my hip to artificial knee is about 2" longer when sitting (due partially to me sliding out of the socket) ... this is just something I have noted ....

    Still learning I guess!

    Steve :biggrin:

  12. Hi Guys,

    Had an exciting day yesterday: got my first leg. It is (I think) a endolite ESK with a manual lock. I arrived at the limb fitting centre, they sat me in the gym and then brought the limb in - a bit surreal seeing my "other shoe" - first impressions was it seemed huge. I sank into the socket and it felt ok (I was expecting worse). Over the next hour I wallked up and down the bars first with my knee locked then with my knee unlocked and the limb was taken away adjustments were made........ they said I did well :-)

    My questions for you:-

    1. The socket is (to me) partly because my stump is still swollen (although it is shrinking): Is is really ever comfotable to sit for extended periods (e.g. meetings, theatre or long flights) ?

    2. Trousers are going to be an issue in the short term, jeans are out any thoughts? especially for smart stuff for work (I would normally wear a suit).......

    All in all a good day and I start my physio on Monday.......


    Steve :biggrin:

    PS They were very keen to fit a covering and not leave the limb uncovered.

  13. After my leg was amputated the wound healing was a long process but I was looked after by an excellent specialist (plastics) nurse.... when the wound was nearly healed she was pleased for me and said "I think we are on the last leg..." then she realised what she said, silence, Then I laughed and she laughed :-)

    I have a rule with my friends, however, I do the legless jokes !!!



  14. Hi Joy,

    I am a relatively new amputee but my opinion is that since your friend is your friend then why not try to protect their feelings? The only reason he is upset is the stares you are getting - he is obviously feeling empathy for you :-) He should not mind but does, but hey no one is perfect and friends are precious. The fact we are amputees does not mean that we are or should be always in the receiving end of sympathy.

    The above said I don't care about people staring but the random abuse from a passing car did make me think.........



  15. Hi Johnny,

    I am new to the forum but an old Londoner - I now live about 40 miles north of London but I still love london, anyway here are my thoughts on some attractions:-

    1. London Eye (Best views in london)

    2. Tower Of London (not cheap but a real wonder - including the crown jewels)

    3. Take a trip to the Tower Bridge museum - there is a walkway above the roadway and also the old steam engines etc

    4. Take a trip on the Thames, either on a guided tourist boat or more economically on a scheduled trip e.g. from embankment to Greenwich.

    5. Covent Garden full of high quality buskers - free apart from donations!

    6. The museums are free (but please make a contribution) :-

    - National History Museum (place to see Dinosaur skeletons etc great fo children....)

    - Science Museum

    - British Museum (treasures from arould the world - lots of Egyption Mummys), Great Hall is a good place to have a coffee

    7. Go to the South Bank there is always something going on .... i.e. Free entertainment

    8. If you want to se more of London and are up for a walk take a guided walk just turn up and pay (www.walk.com)

    Just some quick thoughts if you are interested in anything specific I probably can give some more info :-)

    Re transport tube and buses are the way to go ... but try a London Cab not cheap but an experience and safe and reliable.


    Steve :smile:

  16. Hello Steve! Welcome.

    Good luck with the cast and walking. It will be a quantum change for you.

    This year's cycle challnge for me is the Thames from source to the barrier

    Microlight is a very small aircraft. They can be flexwing ( a bit like a modern parachute) or 3 -axis which I suspect was Steve's. The adaption wil be to facilitate the use of rudder , elevator throttle and aileron. the adaptions will be contingent on need. I shall now take off my anorak!

    The microlight was a CFM Shadow Aircraft with rudder pedals replaced by a combined throttle/ rudder control ........

    btw just checked and it is my left leg that is amputated above the knee - yikes I should get that right !

    I had just obtained my NPPL (M) license prior to my accident ... want to get back to flying

    Steve :-)

  17. Hi All,

    I have been lurking sometime so its time to introduce myself :smile:

    My name is steve and I am 47 years old and live in Hitchin, Herts UK. Last August I was involved in a car accident that led to ampuation of my right leg above the knee and also other surgery...

    Achievements so far:-

    1. Being able to breath, eat and pee without any help

    2. Flying an adapted microlight at Old Sarum

    3. Riding my recumbent Trike

    4. Returning to driving

    5. Starting to work from home

    My next challenge is learning to walk again I am off to the Limb Fitting clinic on Monday to have a cast made........

    Steve :-)