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  1. Tracybuz

    Stump Crunch

    HI Barrie, I know its a while since you posted this but have you had any luck sorting the 'crunch'? I get this sensation a lot when putting my leg on, also above knee, and usually have to shift my weight a bit to get it to 'click' back to the right place if that makes sense? It feels like the bone is not sitting in the right position on the muscle? Unfortunately this weekend I fell over while on my crutches and really knocked my stump, so much so that I haven't been able to wear my leg for three days. I have managed to get it on today but cant put any weight on it as it feels locked in the 'crunch' position and I cant get it to unlock!! Would be really interested to find out if you have done anything about your crunch!
  2. Tracybuz

    Another of life's perk being an amputee....

    Half price pedicures!!! Ha Ha!!
  3. Wow all that sounds really extreme! I have recently come back from a holiday in Egypt and I can say exactly the opposite happened to me! When walking through the metal detector in Egypt on the way home the beeper went off as it normally does and no one batted an eyelid!!!! I was wearing trousers as well so no one could see I had a prosthetic leg!
  4. Tracybuz

    Zeasorb powder

    I have recently been advised by my leg man to try Zeasorb powder to help with sweating inside my AK liner, but that it could cause problems with rotting the liner! He said to put it on at night and then shower as normal in the morning. I wondered if anyone else had used this powder, how did you use it, and was it successful? Thanks Tracy
  5. Tracybuz

    Life of a liner?

    Thanks everyone! Have certainly picked up some useful tips. My leg guy has said he will order me a new one and I will try out some of the suggestions eg. silicone adhesive on cut edge and leaving it inside out. Fingers crossed this one lasts!! Thanks again
  6. Tracybuz

    Life of a liner?

    I am now using an iceross liner and wonder how long they should last? I have had mine since the end of January and alot of the outside mesh has peeled off.......is this normal? Thanks Tracy
  7. LOL - glad I'm not the only one who sometimes has problems with" the direction of the flow"!!!!!!! Very well put
  8. Tracybuz

    Lubricating a suction liner

    I have recently started using a liner and got given a spray bottle of the lubricant which works really well. I was told that when it runs out to fill with water and this would be just as good !! Still using the bottle as it seems to last for ages, so as yet dont know if water will do the job. Would be interested to hear what other people have to say.
  9. Tracybuz


    I am an AK and have recently succeeded in getting on a pair of knee high boots!!! Unfortunately the boots I found and liked and were the right type of heel didn't have a zip in so there was no way I could get them on, so I got a side zip but in the 'false' leg side, taking it down as low as possible, and with the help of a long handled shoe horn got it on. This might be pretty obvious but i'm gonna say it any way.................trying boots/shoes on in a shop is a non started as to have any luck getting them on you have to take your leg off !!! (This it what I have found anyway)So I always mail order shoes and boots now so I can wrestle with them in the privacy of my own home!!!!! Might get some funny looks in the shoe shop if you suddenlt whip your leg off !
  10. Tracybuz

    Itchy rash

    I have recently started wearing an Iceross liner (I am an AK) and find that I have developed an itchy rash! Not all over just in a couple of places! I have tried Sudocrem and also an antifungal cream which both seem to help a little but the rash soon comes back again. Its not too bad when I am wearing the liner but at night when I have taken it off the itching drives me crazy. Any further ideas please ? Thanks
  11. Hi Lisa There is a lady at my prosthetics centre who is an AK and runs. She has set up her own web site which tells how she got back into running (with a leg from the NHS) and also gives a lot of useful information and tips. The web site is www.amputee-running.com Hope this helps Take care Tracy
  12. Tracybuz

    I am skiing again with my C-Leg!

    That looks great CaptainKB. You can't really telll which is the prosthetic leg!! I have just come back from my second go at three-track skiing (skiing on one leg) at Breckenridge, Colorado. Had a really great time and found it a bit easier this time as well which was good!! I didn't know that you could ski on a C leg, I have heard of the XT -9 but I don't think the good old NHS will stretch to this for me so I'd better persevere on the one leg I have !!!
  13. Tracybuz

    What do you say?

    Its happened to me two days running now ! Yesterday a customer came into work and said he hoped my leg got 'better' before my skiing holiday !! He knew I was going skiing but didn't know I was am amputee! And then today I was at the hospital for a scan and the nurse who came to collect me and walk me through to the scanning room said 'Well I can see what we're scanning with you' not realising that the leg she was looking at was my amputated one........................and I was there to actually have the other one scanned !!!
  14. Tracybuz


    Hi Ann I'm a RAK and have also tried boots without success.......can never get the foot in the boot. Someone did suggest to me once about trying to find boots with the zip at the back, or even taking them to someone (shoe repair place???) who could put an extra zip in ?? Have not tried this yet but its an idea. Good luck, would be interest to hear how you get on Tracy
  15. Tracybuz

    Question for AK

    Hi Cari I have just read your post and what you describe is exactly how I felt with my first leg. Pain in the crotch, awkward to sit down. Does your leg have a belt or are you in a suction? My first couple of legs were with the tess belt which I hated as it dug into my waist and was really hot and bulky. I remember at the time thinking how horrendous it all was, but you will be surprised how quickly time goes by and as you get different sockets etc how much easier it gets. I am only about 18 months in from my amp and now have a suction socket which is so much better. I wont kid you and tell you that its all plain sailing and that it fits like a glove.......not that would be wrong its meant to fit my leg !!!!.........I still get the same uncomfortable feelings some days but it is getting better. Is it easy for you to get an appointment with your leg guy? Mine is a 4 hour round trip so although I know I shouldnt sometimes I just put up with things. Anyway, rest assured things will get better. Take care Tracy