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  1. darren

    ottobock 3r60

    has anybody used this leg is it any good
  2. darren

    Finding someone as an amputee

    I think that we all, as amputees, will have our vulnerable moments..even if we are married or not. I know, I still do...I think that is just a basic nature. well thankyou for all your replies i guess its just gunna take some getting used to
  3. darren


    Lizzie, you made me smile. Well ... there's a certain element of truth about it, isn't there? being a amputee has it affected your confidence with the opposite sex as it has me to be honest its knocked me for six
  4. does being a amputee affect u being able to find a woman
  5. darren

    suction fit

    thnx 4 that i shall try it
  6. darren

    suction fit

    what spray do u use for suction fit leg
  7. darren

    hi im new here

    hiya mick can i ask what foot you are using with the knee as im thinking of trying the echelon
  8. darren

    echelon foot

    cool thanks for that
  9. darren

    echelon foot

    thanx 4 the link allen ive already seen that ,wont the nhs let u have one as im getting it plus the endolite kx06 knee
  10. darren

    echelon foot

    Hi Darren i have been using the Echelon for some time now and find it really great, especially on slopes both up and down. It has a really smooth rollover, and feels like i have my old leg back. I know it sounds odd but the moving of the ankle feels so natural. It was a real WOW moment when i first used the Echelon. I really recommend it , if you get a chance to try it you will love it. Regards Saker thanx for ya reply i shall get one ordered and let ya know how i get on
  11. darren

    echelon foot

    hiya just a quick question has anybody got or used the echelon foot if so whats it like is it any good??????????????
  12. ive just started my claim as had accident in may what happened with you if u dont mind me asking
  13. darren


    Hi again Darren. I have the left foot accelerator and at first it was freaky to use, but I got used to it. When you have no other choice and dont have 800 bucks for hand controls, the 400 dollar option is what I chose. I felt so much better after being able to get back into the car and felt more independent. so.... go for it. looks like i be playing bumper cars for a while then hahahaha
  14. darren

    prosthetic leg

    well people i thankyou all for your great advice
  15. darren


    hi ive been readingabout fitment being very important and aboutdifferent liners and so on can anybody advise me whats usually the best to use im a above knee thanks