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  1. ~ melody ~

    Scuba Diving?

    thanks for the reply dh still has 3 operations to go..so it'll be in the future but something we'll definitely have to check into and a goal to achieve
  2. ~ melody ~

    ~ hi from canada ~

    thanks so much everyone for the warm welcome we've been reading through some of the threads..and sure appreciate all your imput and information
  3. ~ melody ~

    friend uncomfortable??

    wow ~ so interesting reading this as a wife of an amputee ~ i admittedly went through *huge* uncomfortable feelings of being in public with my husband after his amputation.............sad to say! it was a huge adjustment and an acceptance for me! ACK! my dh on the other hand had no issues at all..his acceptance was pretty well immediate. it has been way more of an adjustment for me..than him. weird. what bothered me the most at first was the amount of *stares* from other people..and since time has passed...i have come to realize that the stares have been mostly out of curiousity. i have only experienced one bad situation ~ where someone (unknown to us) had literally tried to pick a fight with dh on the city street..yelling that he had no right to be in the store shopping with no arm..beleive me..it totally infuriated me..and woke me up to many things. today..i am proud to be with my dh..prosthesis on or not.
  4. ~ melody ~

    New inMotion Magazine

    where can i subscribe to this? haven't heard of it
  5. ~ melody ~

    Scuba Diving?

    so interesting reading about the diving dh ~ got his padi ticket..open water just before his accident now with the loss of his rg arm ~ i'm sure that re-certification is required anyone know?
  6. ~ melody ~

    ~ hi from canada ~

    hi everyone, my name is melody i found this site a few weeks back and have been peeking lots..and apprecitate the informative information. my husband (monte) was in a work related accident 1st mar 07 and had a traumatic amputation of his rg donminent arm ~ above the elbow. (his arm was caught in a rock crusher conveyor belt) needless to say ~ it's been quite a journey this past ..well..almost 2 years. anniversary date coming up. he's unable to type on the comp at this time ~ so, i'm doing the typing and we're both needing the support. since the amputation ~ he's had 2 revision surgeries plus 2 surgeries (due to nueromas) and now we're heading to see the doc again as a lump of fatty tissue has formed at the end of the stump and is causing more pain and making it difficult to use his prosthesis. due to over-compensation he is also having issues with his left hand/elbow now and is limited in what he can do. if the pain in his left hand continues..the docs are also considering surgery down the road. scary thought. it's been an emotional roller coaster ride..to say the least and it is difficult at times making the whole adjustment and going through the life changes..wow..there are many! i'm so happy we've found this site and am looking forward to getting to know each of you.