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  1. abilitytrek

    Outdoor Recreation Vacation Survey

    Thanks Cheryl, I have done alot of programs wih childern and have for a long time wanted to do the same with adults and take it beyond cycling tours. I firmly beliveve that just because you have a disability does not mean you cannot return to the things you loved before. Granted it might be done a bit different but so what? I will keep you posted as to the program. Dan
  2. I would like some feed back on a project I am putting together for the 2010, spring and summer season. We are planning a week's adult camp vacation experiance for those with limb loss and mobility issues. All activities will be adaptive and will include cycling, kayaking, ballooning,(wheel chair accessible, the only in the nation), sail plane flights, fishing, sailing, horseback riding. Evening activities will also include several classes of art and craft, painting pottery and woodworking, and cooking classes . Located in Vermont Ability Adventures is slated to be the first adult vacation program of it's kind. I am doing a little market research and would like feedback to find out if you would consider going on a adaptive vacation with others with limb loss. What activites would you want to see? Would you prefer dinner out each evening sampling area restaurants or catered meals on site? What are your recreational interests? If you could plan your vaction what would it be? Dan
  3. abilitytrek

    Destiny's Ride

    i met a amazing BE arm amputee that is developing a Horse riding clinic soly for amputee. you really need to go to her website and see what she is doing. Jodie really has not been assoicated with other amputees and been doing this alone Pretty amazing story. Jodie O'Connell Destiny's Ride www.destinysride.com
  4. abilitytrek

    Active Vacuum Leaks

    I used to be the poster Child for the Harmony system and while i liked it I would blow sleeves and pump seals so much that it was too costly. I now use ossuer seal in and get the same comfort as the harmony without the added expense of Sleeves. You can repair sleeves with a spot of super glue. I used to carry a tube and within a moment a hole was repaired and on I would cycle.
  5. abilitytrek

    Amputee fraud in the UK

    As am American I should not jump into the fray on this, but I can tell you I have visted many opcare run limb centers on my bike tours and found them all to be focused soley on NHS client care. I have met and sat with the ceo and the general managers and personally knew their first responsibilty was to creat the best care they could and to help the NHS save money and provide better service and better prosthetics. Frankly compared to sevices here in America the level of educated staff and training, I think the UK system is better. I deal every day with people that cannot afford to pay, have no insurence and must live without a leg. But I really think the NHS is doing all it can in these times to provide the best service for all. In America you will find it very difficult to get a leg covered. It is too expensive often and yet in the UK it is a standard benefit. I do even as an American understand the mindset of minding the queue, my father was from Fife.
  6. abilitytrek

    Does it get any easier?

    It does get easier or you just stop noticing. It will be seven years for me on friday and for some reason this year I plan to honor myself. I have never done that but this year I think it is high time I respected what I have done since becoming an Amputee. Yesterday a young woman at my work place rather blunty infront of others blurted out "I understand you are missing a leg I can't tell which one it is"? I smile and said well yes, it is the purple leg ( always make my legs in purple it is a fun color). and I walked on Later I went back and explain to her that I was indeed a amputee. I never traveled before my amputation much now I have flown and cycled in 12 different countries. I always were shorts and it is easy to get thru the TSA. When flying into the UK and they see me standing in line they come to me and wisk me right thru ahead of others. They do get confused however with the fact I usually have a boxed pushbike with me. It will get better. One day I promise someone will stare at you and you will check your teeth to see if something is stuck in them and forget they were looking at your leg. There is life love and happiness after limb loss, in fact it is all the sweeter. Welcome to a brighter better world. Honestly and I know some won't agree but I would not trade the experiances I have had since my amputation for anything. I am such a better person for the experiance. but it takes time. be well,Dan
  7. abilitytrek

    swelling on knee

    I had one of these the last day of a 3800 mile cycle ride across america. I thought i was going to pass out because the pain was so much. I would clean the wound and ice it down. and if you can go to a shop and get one of those corn pads Litttle donut shaped pads and put that on to cushion the wound. It is funny amputation does bot stop me but a pimple or ingrown hair in the wrong place can. Make sure you clean your liner and your sleeve very well because if you get an infection it can just sit in the liner and reinfect the wound. hope this helps Dan
  8. abilitytrek


    Thomas contact Bob Emerson 2 time paralympic gold metal winner he builds them emerson@lifestyle-po.com Dan
  9. We Need to meet.see you in Atlanta btw ther is a 100 mike ice cycle path I have heard about on Antiarctic sounds like fun
  10. I have been only to a few conferences and for me they are work related because I am usually supporting a charity and cycle to the event and usually have to be on hand as an exhibitor. So it is a little hard to really meet ang greet, but they are the best times ever. I went to my first in 2003 and it blew me away. Really if you never have been then go. It is wonderful experiance. Someone once said it is like the 60's if you remember it you wern't there. My fondest memory was in 2003 forty of us went to dinner we limped, we wheel we walked down to a seafood bar. We stopped LA traffic no easy feat. We were a sight to see. 40 slightly tipsy amutees desended on a seafood place and took it over. when they ran out of crab crackers one of us took off his leg and used to the break the shells needless to say we were a sight to behold because we were alive and living life fully again. It was at that very table I dicided to start my career as a endurance cyclist. ( took forever to get the smell of crab off my leg, he he).Most of all it was a celibration of being alive. So if you can come to Atlanta. it is a time where you can feel that you are just like everyone else and if someone stares it is because they think you are amazing. The hotel is great and the staff very friendly and helpful. In 2007 fI lew out the last day of the conference to do a guest apperance on Larry King and they held my bike, trailer and gear for me for 2 days at no charge and even gave me a free nights stay when I returned. So it is first rate Dan
  11. abilitytrek

    Finding someone as an amputee

    Darren, No don't worry about it at all. And yes we are talking about this on another thread. But to put your mind at ease I used to tell a story to men coming back from Iraq, and sorry ladies if this offends but here goes. My old girlfriend was asked if it bothered her to be with me and amputee and she looked them in the eye and in her direct manner she said, "Honey, if I am thinking about his leg then he is not getting the job done!"
  12. abilitytrek


    I am glad this is thought provoking. I spent quite a bit of time with men and woman coming back from the war at Walter Reed and this topic was always the 800 lbs gorrilla in the room. The parents, spouse or promised spouse always had questions. Those single also wanted answers as to how it affects the future of relationships. I think as a society we are taught what is beauty and when those of us here have to face a different beauty then there is an adjustment period. I myself took the mirrors down for several months after my amputation so I did not have to see myself. There was a mental diconnect to not seeing the limb still there. As many have said my spouse and I had issues before my trauma and for both of used my amputation provided the mean to end the relationship. me I wanted to see what I really could do and being who I am I became a over achiever I mean I am a amputee with 28,000 miles on a touring bike? not alot of time for a relationship. I used to not tell anyone I was dating until I met them and felt a connection because I can "pass" if you will, and no one can tell if I am an amputee. But I found it was dishonest. Now I am pretty much upfront about how I am. Dan
  13. abilitytrek


    Hey all I know I am new here but this is a topic I have searched about and not found. Think I see over the last 7 years being a gimp that you pretty much have a supporting partner or the be it marrige or relationship can have a serious toll due to your amputation. Today a fellow amputee wrote me about the end of his relationship. He is an Ak and a prostethist and was married to a Dr. He thought that his disability had much to do with the reason for the end of the relationship. I too experianced burnout of a spouse and wonder what others think? Are we as a group more likley to end up dependent on a spouse and if so how is that to be dealt with and not create burnout? Dan
  14. abilitytrek

    back again

    We have not met but welcome and know the area well I lived in Willsonville for a while and went to and art school in Portland. so Welcome dan
  15. abilitytrek

    Are you going to finish strong

    Beautiful really beautiful thank you for reminding me to Finish strong