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  1. JenB

    Hello There

    Hi All.. I was very glad to get the email that this site was back up and running!! Thank you..
  2. JenB


    Hi Rachel..Welcome back..I had a revision 1 year ago now and am finally getting my permanent socket..I am pretty much back to pre revision activity...hang in there
  3. Hi Cheryl..Congratulations..I think it is a great accomplishment!! Way to go!!
  4. JenB

    Runway foot

    Hi I just got the Runway Foot 2 weeks ago now..I love it!!! I have the sandal foot, it has a lighter shade cover but this colour matches better than the orange shade of my last foot.. This foot to me looks much more realistic than my last one..I have adjusted it to wear sandals and also a slip on summer shoe with a higher heel and it worked great!! I don't have the cosmetic skin..I found that it really affects the action of the knee..I think the college park foot is similar to the Runway..not sure of the look of the cover tho..good luck to your girl!!
  5. JenB

    Runway foot

    Thank you everyone for your advice..I really appreciate it so much..I did get the Runway foot last thursday and I love it..so thanks again you guys helped me make the right decision!!
  6. JenB

    Runway foot

    YAY!!!! It's awesome to have different shoes! I reckon that ALL female amputees (and men, ok ok ok) should be given this foot by default! Let us know how it goes.......shoe shopping here we come :tongue [/quote) TY Ally..I totally agree with you..I will let you know and shoe shopping sounds like the right thing to do..LOL..
  7. JenB

    a simple question ?

    Hi Mick..What a great question!! Walking to me also means independance and enjoying life again. After the revision when I couldn't wear my leg for over 2 months, it seemed forever, I realized all over again that it was a real gift to be able to do all the things I missed before the amp. When my TKR failed and the RSD resurfaced I was either in bed or a w/c for 2 years. Since the amp 7 years ago I have been able to do so much that I had not been able to, I even have been horseback riding again.
  8. JenB

    Howdy from Texas

    Hi Dale..welcome to the site..there is lots of really good info here and the people are great..
  9. JenB

    Runway foot

    Thank you Beth Marie..My pros has ordered the foot, the one with the button..I am very excited to see how well it works..to be able to change shoes myself is going to be great
  10. JenB

    MAS socket info

    Ally..Thank you for the info..This socket looks and sounds amazing!! No wonder you love yours so much..
  11. JenB

    Runway foot

    Hi Ally..Thank you..I have a vari flex foot right now and having good energy return is good and the adjustable height is a real bonus..I don't wear the cosmetic cover, I found it bulky and difficult to bend the knee..I am comfortable with that so I think I would like you get used to it Glad to hear you like it!!
  12. JenB

    Runway foot

    I have used the Runway foot for the last three years and really like it. I have the older version where you can only adjust the heel height with a button that is located on the inside of the foot. The button has been very convenient for me (as long as it doesn't stick, which happens more the older the foot is!) and I think it is easier to use than having to adjust with an allen wrench. It is my understanding that when you use an allen wrench to adjust the heel height, you must do so at the back of the foot, which would be more difficult to do if you already have the prosthesis on. Thank you brookey..it is so helpful to hear from someone who has an adjustable foot..
  13. JenB

    Runway foot

    Hi Higgy..Thank you..oh to walk without shoes would be wonderful!! I checked the website for the runway and the allen wrench adjustable one has it at the back of the foot..the push button one does sound easier tho. Thanks again
  14. JenB

    Runway foot

    I have just been approved by my insurance to get a new foot. I have been looking at the Runway foot by Freedom Innovations. I was wondering if anyone has this foot and any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Apparently they have 2 ways of adjusting the foot now, one is the button and the other is with an allen wrench. The second way is supposed to able you to make more minor adjustments. I am an AK and don't know which one would be best.
  15. JenB

    Uncofortable socket

    Hi Ally..Thanks..I am very well and walking just need to get a better fit..hope all is well with you