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  1. sroman89

    Alright, some odd form of advice needed...

    I just called a local prosthetist, Palmetto Prosthetics in Florence SC (the closest is about 45 minutes away). He said he would be happy to take me in for a few weeks to see what I can offer. He also said that if he doesn't have any openings for me at the end of my intro period he would try to find me a position in another location. w00t I didn't know it would be so easy! lol I hope it works out as it's such a promising career.
  2. sroman89

    Question for my lady...

    That's the word I was looking for, the Spectra sock. Im pretty sure it's that. If you look down into the foot you can see that it's torn and it's rubbing on the foot shell. Also, she just asked me to ask, is there a way to get a new foot shell? It has stains and whatnot on it. She'll be asking her own questions once she gets approval. =P
  3. I've been with my girlfriend for a little over 2 years and she brought up a really good idea the other day. Since we moved down south to SC she's been having trouble with insurance. When I was up in NY I was a System Administrator, but I didn't really enjoy it (help companies with their computer setups, but no personal interaction). Im quick to learn things and whatnot, but unfortunately I was one of those ummm.... slackers in school. I've done a lot of growing up in the 2 years that i've been on my own, but those HS years still haunt me. Anyway, she said that I should become a prosthetic technician. I think it would be a great career path as I though it was sooooo freakin cool to see how her last leg was made and I have always enjoyed helping people. But back to the slacker thing, I did get a 1410 on my SAT, but had a 1.3 GPA. I really want to do this. Can someone please help.
  4. sroman89

    Question for my lady...

    Where can we get one? And how do you get the shell off? I didn't want to force it for fear of breaking a several thousand dollar foot with insurance atm.
  5. sroman89


    Ok well a symes amputation is typically at the ankle... They cut out the foot and sow the heal up where the foot was... But in the case of my girlfriend, she was born with one leg shorter than the other. Her parents to have a symes amputation done instead of her having surgery every year. I'll talk to her about maybe getting a picture put up. I know I can post a pic of the prosthesis, but not sure if she wants me putting her leg up here.. That's for her to decide. Edit: I just took this one off my myspace, don't mind the smooch. =P And this one is from her facebook... I hope that helps a bit. Usually a symes amputee has a very long residual limb. My girlfriend kinda lucked out in the fact that she doesn't need a cutout in her prosthesis as her leg isn't bulbous on the end.
  6. sroman89


    Hello everyone, I finally got around to making a profile for my girlfriend. She wanted it to be bkchick... It's gonna show two different ip addresses, mine and hers. She's just waiting for permission to post an intro...
  7. sroman89

    Question for my lady...

    Nothing? =( It doesnt always squeak, but it had been getting progressively worse. I tried to take the shell off but it feels like it's glued there so I just left it.
  8. Alright, well after a long move from ny to sc... My girlfriend (pffd/symes) is having some squeaking in her prosthesis. She has a runway foot and mostly keeps it in the normal position. We've noticed that it squeaks at times. It looks like it's that sock thing on the inside. It's torn and rubs on the foot shell. Can anyone post some help? We'd bring it to a prosthetist, but since the move she's having a hard time with insurance.
  9. sroman89

    Runway foot

    Im building her a computer right now. Nothing speedy, just something to get around the net with. I'll be sure to show her the forums! Thanks for the info!
  10. sroman89

    Runway foot

    Hey guys and gals, quick question. What's everyone opinion on the "Runway" foot. My girl is getting a new leg made (FINALLY) and she is looking for one she can adjust for high heels. And whats the most realistic foot shell she can get. Thanks. EDIT I just found out that she's getting this: http://www.college-park.com/accent.html But she wants a more realistic shell... go figure, she want the most realistic looking foot, but she doesnt want a cosmetic skin on the leg, she wants the pylon to show. =P
  11. sroman89


    Well this coming up june will be 2 years for us. I didn't know about her leg going into it so I figured, I liked her before why stop now? lol Also, after re-reading what everyone posted, let me explain a couple things. Her mother has never been fond of her disability. Nicole has grown up in pants. Her mom complains if she wears anything above the knee.... She kinda dissappears when we go to any beach too... Her father suffered a stroke and is very child like now. Any time she wants to go to the prosthetist or says something hurts, he just kinda yells at her. I mean its not too much his fault, but it always hurts her when her parents are like that. She's called me crying plenty of times. I've even had to bring her to the doctor because her mom didnt see any problems... The outcome of that trip? She wasn't fitted right and needs a new leg. Go figure.
  12. sroman89

    Attitudes about "Handicapped Parking"

    Hehe, When I first started dating my girlfriend, I asked her if she wanted to park close to the movies... She was like ummm, NO! She made me park on the far side of the parking lot because, "I want to fit into that bikini this summer." Lol, so much for the close parking perk! =P
  13. sroman89


    I just spent the weekend with her. We had her prom on friday. What a blast, never knew she could dance like that. ^_^ But yea, she basically told me that she doesn't care what her parents think about it. She just wants me to be cool with it. I really dont mind. She's too beautiful to let something like a missing limb get in the way. And about the person with the question about the pylon. I guess she was born with "PFFD"? I think its something with one leg being alot shorter than the other. Her the knee on her "bad" leg is much smaller than the normal one. So she has about 4-6 inches that will be pylon. Thank you guys for the support and I will be sure to pass it along to her. Here's a pic of us for prom...
  14. sroman89


    Hello everyone, I dont know where to start... Hmm, I'm 19 and I am not an amputee. But there lies the problem. My girlfriend, who i've been with for a year and 8 months is. She is a rbk amputee. The problem is that I dont know how I can help her. Let me explain her first. She's 17 and was born with one leg shorter than the other... She had a "symes" amputation done when she was like 2. It's comming to that time when she is able to get a new leg. Her current one is what her parents wanted her to have about a year and a half ago. It has like a rubbery skin over it and all the toes are together. She wants one like that girl at the USOpen wore. The socket to be black carbon fiber and the "pylon" showing. I totally think it's a cool idea as she can do alot more with it. The problem is that it seems like her parents are ashamed of her leg because they always tell her that people are gonna see her new leg and stare. My girlfriend says, "So? It's who I am...." and her parents right after that said they didnt want to be around her then. I felt so bad. She looked at me and almost cried. Im comming to everyone here for some help for her. Any ideas? Thank you, Scott