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  1. fr68


    I walked very actively with the 3R80 for more than 15 years, from the older version to the newest one which is now waterproof. I've also tried many other knees, electronic ones like the Plié and the C-leg, and hydraulic ones without electronic assistance like the 3R60 or KX06 from endolite. The major difference between electronic and non electronic knees is the stumble recovery. The 3R80's stumble recovery works well during walking as long as you have a complete "walking cycle": The hydraulic assistance is activated when putting weight on the heel. Some unusual steps like stumbling upon a stone or small obstacle, small steps during shopping for example or very slow walking can lead to falling because the heel has not been activated enough. This won't happen with a Plié or C-leg who assist you whatever the situation is. Among hydraulic knees I also felt a huge difference between monocentric (3R80) and polycentric knees (3R60). The first one has only one axis, the second one has 2-3 axis which gives a very comfortable sensation of smoothness and safety, it doesn't stumble as easily as the monocentric ones. So what's the best? well that's the 1000 dollars question. I would say: -if stumble recovery is a priority then go on for an electronic knee -if you don't like electronic knees (battery issues can be a real hassle) then the 3R80 is definitely a good choice as well as the 3R60. I must admit that after many tests I was really seduced by the 3R60 which seems incredibly resistant, smooth and safe, I almost never stumble with it. BUT I totally agree with DEETS, if the knees are not properly aligned you will experience hell. Especially the 3R80 who needs a real well done alignment to control the stumble recovery assistance.
  2. fr68

    Water/beach activity leg

    Hi all, I received some mails to give some news from this Aqualeg project. So voilà: We recently made an "Hybrid" below knee prosthetic leg for a patient coming from Texas . This concept of prosthetic legs made with functional components selected for their water resistance as plus point will probably become a standard, especially for BK amps (for Ak amps the waterproof knees are still limited). We are actually discussing a wide distribution with major companies, this patient's dream (mine first but shared with many others now) will become a reality very soon as a very normal offer. It is already possible in Europe. We, patients, have an active role to play. I had to battle to make leg guys understand that playing with my kids at the sea, going for a week-end with my wife in a hotel with swimming pool, or dipping into a pool with my friends at a barbecue party is not a minor thing. It's as important as having a good foot, adjustment etc... They all agreed, surprinsingly fro me! At the international trade fair in Leipzig we will show a little surprise: an impressive design leg made for a patient. Just for fun. We will show the pictures end of May. FRED
  3. fr68

    Water/beach activity leg

    Hi Tonya, Aqualeg's concept is made on the basis of elements selected and adapted for the use in saltwater or swimmingpools, only those Aqualeg compatible elements are used. Those elements are guaranteed for this purpose by Aqualeg and the manufacturers. You're right Tonya, of course all patients can not have an Aqualeg. It's the case for patients with very short limbs or hips disarticulation, actually we have no solutions for them. The patient is obtaining an Aqualeg through HIS prosthetist. His prosthetist will be the one and only one to make the socket, the adaptation of the elements (feet, knee, length etc...), HE will decide if his patient is able to have an Aqualeg. He will have the technical datas to decide. Frederic
  4. fr68

    Water/beach activity leg

    Hi mmarie, Thanks very much for your post. Aqualeg is located in France and will begin the production in a few weeks. In the coming weeks the website will communicate about the opening of our new office. We are actually making the final tests in partnership with hospitals. The patients will be able to ask this leg to their usual prosthetist. This service will be available for all european prosthetists. We intend to make this available in the US the year after. The below the knee Aqualeg will allow patients to walk normally all day round and will also be able to be used the same way for shower, beach, and swimming pool. It's not anymore necessary to change the leg when you want to get to the water. The cost of the Aqualeg waterproofing itself could be included in the price of a new leg (with components compatible with Aqualeg) and could be entirely obtained through your national or private insurance, depending of course of your insurance. We will communicate about the prosthetists and insurances in partnership with Aqualeg. As soon as we will communicate about the opening, ask your prosthetist to contact us. Check the Aqualeg website in the coming weeks. If you want more precise informations, feel free to contact me by personnal message or through the Aqualeg website. Frederic
  5. fr68

    Amputee Athlete and Actor

    great video!
  6. Hi, I didn't try one of these 3 feet, mine is a 1C40 which is quite nice for my high activity level. I wanted to add another criteria in this topic: when you choose a foot, do not forget that lot of manufacturers also have very efficient shock absorbers and rotation elements that improve a lot the walking comfort. Since I choosed one of those elements(both shock absorber and allowing a rotating movement) it really changed everything. The rotation movement allows to play golf very easily for example. It's also very useful everytime you hit something with your foot, like stepping out of your car. This element absorbs those shocks, you don't lose anymore the suction in your prosthesis. It's interesting to consider this when choosing a foot. It softens also the rollover sensation if your foot is a little too stiff. Does anyone have another experience about this? (I hope my english is understandable !) Fred (mine is this one http://www.ottobockus.com/cps/rde/xchg/ob_us_en/hs.xsl/15865.html?openteaser=1 )
  7. Grum, what happened to you is unbelievable. I cannot imagine any law could support such a behaviour. Once in India a custom policeman wanted me to remove my prosthesis in front of everyone but the way I looked at him made him change his mind immediatly. Every amputee feels like being a dangerous terrorist when crossing the security checks. Once in Paris the custom policeman made me wait 40 minutes with my young son and had a rude behaviour. The next day I wrote to the airport director and to the european commission, I got apologizes by letter. Of course everything could be hidden in a prosthesis, drugs or explosives, but such behaviours are unacceptable. You should write to european commission, with the support of a dis group or a governemental organization. Write this also to some journalists. We do no have to accept this and should let it know. fred
  8. fr68

    i need some advise

    Hi Gimp, Before having two children I had the same fear. Will my children love their dad, won't they be ashamed of etc... But as soon as I became a dad all that fear disapeared. My two boys consider me as the best dad in the world (much better than superman+batman they say), and they tell me everyday how they love me. It's the best thing that happened in my life. (it's better to be a loving dad than just a fast running dad!) Fred
  9. fr68

    hello all

    Hi James, I wear a AK prosthesis since so long that I often forget I have one, and people around me also. It's not more to me as having a twisted ankle... You seem really strong, perhaps this bad accident will reveal something great in you. Anyway it's like beginning a new journey, so welcome aboard! Fred from France
  10. fr68

    Water/beach activity leg

    Hi all, if you're interested in seeing an Aqualeg AK prosthesis in real, check our video of this summer's test: I went on holidays with only an Aqualeg during two months. The objective was to test the concept of a walking leg that can also be used in water. It's not anymore the concept of a "swim leg". We want to show to manufacturers and prosthetists that improving in this field is not only bringing more and more electronics but also thinking at what is for valid people so simple: enjoying summer activities or just having a shower with a prosthetic leg. The point is not only to have a leg looking like a real one for those who do no like this, but only to bring to normality having a waterproof leg, whatever we want it to look like. If one manufacturer will do it, the others will follow. http://www.swim-prosthesis.com/savoirfaire-en.html (bottom of the page) It's me on the video! Do no hesitate to leave your feedback Fred
  11. fr68

    Water/beach activity leg

    Hi, I am an above knee amputee and just founded a company manufacturing a waterproof AK prosthesis. I called it AQUA LEG. here is the link to my website: http://www.swim-prosthesis.com Fred