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  1. Hi I am mum to Edward, who is a quad amputee aged 9 1/4, (the quater is important at 9!). Anyway, I have to say that we have NEVER heard anything bad re: Edwards amputations, yes, sometimes people stare but that is cos they are curious. Edward has been in magazines, newspapers, up to loads of local schools and regularly features in the local paper. We decided that it was up to us to ensure that Edward lived a full life and that we have to help educate the ignorant. We always drill into him that if he EVER does get any not nice comments then it is their problem not his.
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    Hi Just a quick note to introduce me and my son Edward. Edward is a 9-year-old twin to William and contracted MD in 2007. He was very lucky to survive but paid the price by having his left leg amputated through knee, right leg amputated above knee and both arms just below elbow. He is truly amazing and such an inspriration. So far on our journey we have encountered lots of problems mainly with the timeliness of appoinments, new prosthetics etc and so we are waiting for a new appointment at Selly Oaks, Birmingham, UK, this is a centre of excellence where a lot of the Soldiers (BRAVE, SUPER MEN ) go who have lost limbs in the War, Edward is hoping to meet a few heroes! Anyway, i have no doubt that you will all be of help to us through our journey. Take care Clare and Edward