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    Help and advise please!

    Hi Karen I am a below knee amputee and guess from the problems you have encountered you will be an above knee amputee. I am from the UK and am an amputee as a consequence of a trauma injury, but had 7 years between the accident and amputation in a vain bid to save my lower limb. There are good and not so good Limb Fitting Centres in the UK and I have some experience which might help if I knew what part of the UK you are in. It seems that you are starting off at the right place by making yourself as well informed as possible, and I am sure you will be able to do all the things with your children following a period of rehabilitation. As with most things in life, anything is possible if your heart is set on it. If you want to email me please do and I will help in anyway I can. Robert
  2. Robert

    Body Dismorpia

    I recently watched a programme on the Discovery Channel on the subject of the condition known as Body Dysmorhia. Basically it is a condition where the the individual with the condition feels that one or more of their limbs causes them such distress pyschologically that they wish to have the limb or limbs removed. There is nothing actually wrong with the limbs they wish to remove but they feel they are more complete without them. A number of individuals have undergone surgery in the UK in a NHS Hospital to have there legs amputated. Some who have not been able to undergoe elective amputations take such drastic measures as to lay accross railway tracks or shoot there legs with shot guns after which the leg or legs need to be amputated. As a below knee amputee myself following a trauma injury I was not sure how I felt towards these individuals with such a condition. I cannot have an undestanding of how this condition affects them and I am interested to learn how other fellow amputeees feel about this.
  3. Robert

    Fed Up with the NHS?

    Hi Mandy I am a BK Amputee from the UK. I for varying reasons experienced several problems when first being fitted with my prosthesis. I took it upon myself to make enquires directly to the manufacturers of the component parts used to make the limbs. I then rang and made an arrangement to meet with one individual who worked with Otto Bock in the UK who was also an amputee. I discovered to my surprise that there are good and bad limb fitting centres in the UK. Having educated myself and on the advice of a number of individuals I elected to have my care transferred to another centre and have never looked back. The limb I now wear cost in the region of £4000, with a carbon fibre flexi foot, suspension unit, ankle rotation unit and a carbon fibre ICEX socket. Never once was cost a factor when considering which limb I should be fitted with. Whilst I do appreciate it should not be for the individual to have to make the demands on the NHS I did, good limbs are available within the NHS without the need to go to the expense of going to the Dorsret Orthopaedic. It is not only in the area of limb fitting that our Government is failng in providing adequate funding but throughout the NHS as a whole.
  4. Robert

    Feeling sub-human

    Hello again Savannah I have just read this post having just sent you a message responding to your introduction post. I was sorry and a little angry to read the rough deal you seem to be getting from varius individuals. When I lost my leg in 1997 I was not able to be fitted with a prosthetic limb until some three years later. During this period of time my marriage ended :( and I was left with the terrible thought that I would be alone and not in a relationship for the rest of my life :( . When I was younger I was very popular with the girls :D , but I could not imagine who would ever love me again with just one leg. Wow what a mistake I made. Now I am in love with a very beautiful girl who I met here in Belgrade two years ago :D . She is still 27 and could really have the pick of the guys here but chose me. It makes not a bit of difference to her or any of my freinds that I am an amputee. In answer to your question...it will get better...much better...I think that maybe some of the peope who have made fun of you are no more than foolish kids who need to grow up a little. If i was 16 again I would be honoured to be seen in your company. :P Try and hang on in there knowing the future will improve. Robert
  5. Robert

    Hello from Florida

    Hi Dwayne Welcome...I am a LBK and am 45 years old currently living in Belgrade Serbia and Montenegro..(not near Florida sadly). I am however from the UK but hated the weather so moved here :) Good to hear you are up and about and good luck when you start to look for work. Robert
  6. Robert

    New Member

    Hi Everyone I am a below knee amputee as a consequence of a truma injury in 1991. The Medical Staff in the UK in their wisdon spent the next nine years in a vain bid to save the shattered limb. In was able to be fitted with my first prosthetic limb in the summer of 2000, and after a considerable amount of hard work I know walk with a completely normal gait. I am now living in Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro. I choose not to wear a cosmetic cover and arise considerable interest here with my limb. I guess for me the statement I make when I walk about in shorts with my leg visible to all is this: "Look everyone I have lost my leg, but with the help of this wondeful technology I walk perfectly and enjoy everything life has to offer me. Please do not make any concessions for me or treat me differently from those with two limbs :P . In fact the whole expereince has made me a far better person and in a strange kind of way being a member of such an exclusive club is great. (Membership is one off and can cost an arm and a leg :D )
  7. Robert

    Air Travel

    Hi Ann I am also a below knee amputee. I have flown so many times without problems arising. I do not think we are at any greater or lessor risk than those with two legs. In fact maybe less risk as we do not have much of a limb left below the knee for a DVT to develope. :D
  8. Robert

    Iceross Liners

    I am an amputee who has two Iceross Silicone Liners that are no longer of any use to me. They are both brand new and are the Iceross Original Two Colour ,Locking, With Cover and Matrix (Sizes 25 and 25.5). They retail direct from Ossur in Iceland for £149.00 (GPB each). If anyone has an interest please email me at robertjohnmorgan@hotmail.com.