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    Finding Mr. Right?

    I have been involved with a very nice guy for just over a year now. We get along great, don't fight, and enjoy many of the same things. We have talked a bit about getting married, but here is the great dilemma: As good as our relationship is, it just doesn't feel like he is "the one" for me. Hard to put into words but there isn't much of a "spark" if that makes sense. This never bothered me until lately when I began giving our long term plans more thought. I don't want to let our relationship go......but I just feel unsure.
  2. Although I do my best to take care of myself and look presentable, I began thinking about how the general public views the physical appearance of amputees. I ask this because of a woman I met who recently lost her arm. She isn't interested in getting fitted for a prosthesis and is not self conscious about how she looks. I notice more and more movies have small or major roles for disabled people. I also notice that several young people seem to embrace their disability as a uniqueness and show it off in costumes for parties, Halloween etc. (think Cherry Darling from "Planet Terror") I have mixed feelings on this. Until recently I saw many amputees want a prosthesis that looked as real as possible. Now it almost seems some want an artificial limb that looks futuristic or mechanical. While being fitted I saw some amazing artwork on some leg sockets. I never really asked my prosthetist. Am I mistaken in my observations? Or has anyone else noticed this too?
  3. I know people with arthritic joints can "feel" changes in the weather, but I didn't think it happened to us! I only really experienced phantom limb pain right after my amputation almost 5 years ago, but never since. Recently, after a long stretch of dry weather changes to rain, I start to get sensations in my residual limb. It isn't really what one would call pain but if feels like my non-existent knee is "cold" or "stiff". This occurs only when wearing my leg and although removing my prosthesis helps, I don't want to be limited to only using crutches. Any thoughts on this?
  4. The other thread post about "What do you say?" reminded me of an incident not too long ago. I usually wear my leg when running errands or shopping etc. and I pride myself on being able to walk with almost no limp in my stride. I do have a "handicapped" placard for my truck and I have often used the handicapped parking stalls if available. Well, not too long ago I was confronted by someone who didn't believe I had a disability. After showing them that I did indeed have a prosthetic leg, they apologized and seemed suprised in my walking ability. However, afterwards I really felt embarassed for using those parking stalls when I could walk in a relatively normal, although not always easy, way. So, here is my question. Was it wrong for me to use handicapped parking when wearing my leg? Should I only use the handicapped parking stalls for the occasions when I am using crutches instead?
  5. Tamara

    Question about Peg legs

    I fashioned my own "peg-leg" for when I go ATV riding. Still use a regular socket, but we used a rubber plug stop at the bottom of the pylon for a foot. It's a little crude, no knee joint but it is light and dust, water & mud won't hurt it. It isn't the easiest thing to walk on but we shortened it a bit to make it easier to gait without the knee joint.
  6. I am now fully healed and walking on my leg again. New re-shaped socket, new liner, same leg. Height has been checked and is okay. Here is my problem: My gait looks okay, but feels so "weird". No pain, just weird.. I'm not sure if this is normal, but I don't want to damage my back or good leg either. I spent one month on crutches while I healed, so I knew that walking would take a while to come around. I did do lots of upper body exercises recently to strengthen my arms and back. Now I am wondering if I screwed things up with my core strength. Any suggestions??
  7. Tamara

    Conscious about body "image"

    Chrissy, I can relate to your story. For me, I went through 10 years of corrective surgeries on a leg that just kept getting worse. Always in a cast, brace, splint bandage, you name it! I was growing increasingly impatient with people asking me how I got hurt and how long until I got better. When I finally had my amputation, the questions stopped. I guess my appearance missing a leg was enough to shut them up. But yes, now I get some really interesting questions about my condition and prosthesis. People seem genuinely interested in the technology. That's a good thing!
  8. Tamara

    My walking gait feels "odd"

    Karen, you nailed it! I feel like my balance is off. Walking doesn't feel as instinctive as before-I have to concentrate a lot more to walk normal. I'll try the treadmill too!
  9. This morning I was cleaning up around the house. I didn't have my leg on yet and was sitting on the floor, organizing some old books. Then, as I was reaching up to put an old hard cover version of "Websters Dictionary" in the book case, it slipped out of my hand and landed right on my stump! I was suprised because it didn't hurt at first...but then the pain hit me. I cried out as the throbbing began! I now have a HUGE black triangular bruise on my thigh. (Icing it has kept the swelling down) I tried to put on my leg this evening but it is still too painful. I feel like such a klutz! I think it's going to be a really long week.....
  10. Tamara

    Too painful to wear leg!!

    After one month of very limited leg use, many fits of frustration, and following the strict instructions of both my Doctor and leg "guru". I am happy to say I am back in the "socket" again! Fully healed, I now am sporting a slightly reshaped socket, and new polyurethane liner and it feels great. Now I can let the calluses on my hands heal!
  11. Tamara

    Hi everyone!

    After enduring 10 years of pain and corrective surgeries to my right knee, my leg was finally amputated in 2004. I was 16 at the time and so scared at first, but my friends and family never let me get down on myself. I am more active now than ever before. I always say, " I will never give up, neither should you!" Take care!
  12. Tamara


    Yes, I only drive an automatic. I actually drove a 5-speed manual pick-up around on my grandparents farm, but that was only at low speeds to do chores.
  13. Tamara


    I drive a pick-up truck (nice big pedals). I haven't modified the pedal arrangement and I just use my left foot for throttle and brake. Works for me.
  14. Tamara

    Too painful to wear leg!!

    I am now only taking Advil (no side affects), and yes I'm icing it in the evening. The swollen area is now limited to the quad-muscle area of my thigh mid way from hip to limb end. This is the area of discomfort when trying to wear my socket.
  15. Tamara

    Too painful to wear leg!!

    I'm frustrated at how long my limb is taking to heal. I still cannot wear my socket. It has been 12 days now and not much improvement. I have been wearing my shrinker sock to counter balance swelling with limited success. I am trying not to over medicate myself (call me stubborn). I was told there is nothing wrong, other than the tenderness, with my limb. Also, it should return to its original shape on its own. This is what concerns me the most because of the length of time it's taking. On the bright side, "crutching it" everywhere has not been as bad as I feared.
  16. Tamara

    Attitudes about "Handicapped Parking"

    I didn't think this thread would get so many responses. I think it's important for the "able-bodied" people out there to remember that a person can appear completely normal and yet suffer from a severe handicap. A few days ago, while waiting outside the clinic, I saw a woman who appeared to be in her mid 30's park in the handicapped stall next to my vehicle. After exiting her car, she pulled out her oxygen tank from the back seat. I watched her walk towards me to the building entrance (no more than a 20 meter distance) and by the time she reached the door, she had to pause to catch her breath!! Never in my life would I have thought that someone who appeared to be relatively young and healthy could suffer so much after a short walk. I felt awful for her. After seeing this, I was even more determined to use regular parking spaces even on my "bad" days.
  17. Tamara

    Too painful to wear leg!!

    Ouch indeed! I had my doctor look at it. She was shocked at its appearance, but said there is no real damage. Should take about 10 days to heal. Icing it at night helps. It is quite swollen with a nice "black and yellow" stamp on it. Looks like my arms with be getting a workout as I will be using my "Get-away-sticks".
  18. Tamara

    Attitudes about "Handicapped Parking"

    Thanks for your replies. After reading your responses, I agree that I will now only use the H.C. spots on my "bad" days or when I'm using my crutches. Having said that, yesterday morning I had an "incident" that did some damage to my residual limb. (I still don't like the"stump" word). I tried wearing my leg, but it looks like I will be on crutches for the next few days.
  19. Tamara

    Long John Silver Crutching

    I was really good at the one crutch hop before my amputation (my leg was often in a cast or brace). I thought it would be the same after the amputation....wrong! My balance was all messed up without the weight of my right leg and I had to learn all over. I don't really do it much because it is hard on the back and knee.
  20. Tamara

    What do you say?

    We were standing in line at the grocery store (I wasn't wearing my leg and was using crutches) the couple behind us was staring a me for some time and whispering between themselves. Finally, the lady had enough courage to ask, "Oh you poor thing, how did you lose your leg?" Before I could respond, my friend quipped "IN A POKER GAME!" That poor woman blushed so badly, I felt sorry for her. She never did get a true answer.