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  1. That's a good question Cheryl! For me, the choice came down to a couple of factors: 1. Being 200lbs, could I carry a 50lb bag of fertilizer up and down hills when needed? (safety). and 2. What other mode can I use to setup a different activity. After comparing all the information out there, the C-leg was the choice. For anyone else, I think that they need to set their own criteria and do a lot of research to make the informed decision to the best fit. Since every knee is good for it's own reasons, just look at all the posts.
  2. Welcome EB! Like you, I'm a right knee disart. I have the C-leg and love it. Now it's the only knee that I have tried, but we set it up that way due to my activity level. (I am 40 though, so not as fast and quick as I used to be but understand what you're after). I use the second mode for my golf swing which makes the game real competitive (handicap has come down to 11). I ride the motorcycle with it and don't think twice about the setup. Choosing the right knee is personal, but you seem to be well informed. Now for giggles, I have an XT-9 for my rock climbing and board sports. Of course you can't walk with this knee, but it sure is fun. When it comes to knee center and the difference, I don't even pay attention anymore. If people wonder about your knee sticking out make sure you point out that it's a prosthetic! Good luck and keep us posted.
  3. Trailmaster Toby

    So Silent!!

    while at the curling center trying to figure out what is the big deal about sliding rocks down the ice.
  4. Trailmaster Toby

    So Silent!!

    So with a full tank of gas, half pack of cigarettes, it's night out, and Shane is wearing sunglasses because he's on a journey from Ampu-god.
  5. Trailmaster Toby

    Have you ever been......

    That's sweet!
  6. Trailmaster Toby

    So Silent!!

    Yes, it was the press tent at the Paralympic Games in Vancouver, "How'd we get here?!"
  7. Trailmaster Toby

    So Silent!!

    with the last bit of syrup gone and not a morsel to be found, "where do we go from here?" Erik asked.
  8. Trailmaster Toby

    Lubricating a suction liner

    Nice one Shane!
  9. Trailmaster Toby

    So Silent!!

    Scattered, smothered, chunked, and country was the cry heard from the back....
  10. Trailmaster Toby

    So Silent!!

    Meet us at the Waffle House instead...
  11. Trailmaster Toby

    So Silent!!

    So they all grab up their manufactured arms and legs...
  12. Trailmaster Toby

    Hitting the wall, finally!

    Hey there Mick! The XT-9 is made to push you back up. The spring loads as you put weight on it and then releases the energy to help you pop up. I think it would be perfect for kitesurfing. I want to do a snowboard trip with it but the snow is going fast and I can't seem to get a big enough break from work. I guess it's better to have lots of work than not really in this economy. You should check out the website for a little inspiration. www.xt-9.com Take care!
  13. Trailmaster Toby

    Hitting the wall, finally!

    Hey there everyone! Just wanted to share my recent day last week. After being an amp for 1.8 years, I have finally hit the climbing gym again. Boy, was it alot of fun! Of course I didn't like that my grip was a little weak, but working on that and will be climbing a whole bunch more now. The XT-9 was great to setup in, but a little hard in finding the right hold to place on since the knee stays extended until loaded. I encourage anyone to try climbing, it's a great workout and very rewarding physically and emotionally.
  14. Trailmaster Toby

    energy efficent foot

    Looks really interesting. Wonder what that baby will run?! cost that is...
  15. Trailmaster Toby

    Looking for tips from AKA athletes

    Hi Jenn! Sounds like you are setting quite a goal. I walk all day taking care of dogs and the biggest thing for me was the treadmill. Repetitive motion helped me get my gait to where I used the least amount of energy and am very fluid in my stride. There are two factors that I think of that will make this successful for you: 1.) Proper socket fit, with walking that much you don't want anything that's close enough to proper, it'll need to be right on so not to cause any skin breakdowns. 2.) What type of knee are you using? I would think that my c-leg would overheat with that much walking and not having a cool down period. I'm sure a mechanical knee would go like a champ and not even think twice. Good luck and keep us all posted!