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  1. Hi I had a crushing of the right ankle by 570 some pounds of 3/8 steel plate back in 07 and was put back together with metal plate and pins and screws and cadabber bones but then contacted staff and after that was dug out and cleared up i had a choice of the ankle being fused with proably pain along with it and not a whole lot of movement cause of limping or right below the knee amputation i chose to be a amputee i made the right choice i had it done march 10,2009 and as of this past week july 6th im back to work and going back with the fire dept . and if i wear pants and not shorts no one can tell i have a prosthetic leg i walk pretty good .
  2. JLWebb

    Preparing for amputation

    Hi Dude ; For me now getting the below the knee amputation on my right leg on march 10th 2009 was the best thing i did since my injury in dec of 2007 i am up and walking and getting on with my life finally , for me with the phantom pains i don't seem to have them after i got my temporary leg and been walking now with the itching and phamtom feelings they come and go i guess its just something i gotta put up with its not a problem , the weight of the prosthetic leg yes it felt heavy at first but im believeing its because i needed to build my thigh and other muscles up that got weaker as i was not using them when i was not up and around walking for almost a year with my injury , because after working out a lil on my own and with rehab i really don't notice it being as heavy .
  3. JLWebb

    back at work

    Hi Derrick ; yeah i better take it easy for awhile when i get to go back , i was supposed to go back july 1st but now i have to see my doctor plus prosthetic guy on the 1st instead for one last check up with a estimated return july 6th now with retrictions both for my work and the fire dept . my amputation was march 10 th 2009 and i'm walking great but i do wear down when i'm on it for a long period of time my lower back hurts a lil too when that happens . Jeff
  4. JLWebb

    back at work

    congrats Derrick on going back to work as i am ready myself to go back to work my amputation was march 10th and my doctor is seeing me july 1st and i have a estimated july 6th as a return to work with retrictions and 4 hrs a day for the first month and going back on the fire dept also so i thought i would share that with all of you great people on here who make this such a great site , also my prosthetic place called and ask if i would call and talk to a gentleman thats having trouble making up his mind with the possible left below knee amputation ( he has sugar and his lower leg has a real bad infection ) hes 63 and is thinking amputation is the end of the world and he can't think of having a loss of a limb . i called and we talked for one hour i answered questions he had and i told him with the seroius injury i had it was the best thing i did i'm up and doing things again and going back to work i told him my amputation was march 10 th and im doing great but i told him everyones differant all depends on how you heal and i just hope i helped him in some way, his girlfriend seemed to think i did i told her about this great site and gave them my cell number and e-mail and said to call if they wanted to talk again or e-mail me if they had questions .
  5. JLWebb

    Where Y'all from

    Hi I'm RBK and i live in Newton Falls , Ohio in the northeastern part of Ohio
  6. JLWebb

    A year has gone by

    Hi ! just keep going forward and be strong and i'm glad to see things are going great with your 2nd leg i'm just on 3 months since my right below the knee and just got my temp leg a month ago and i'm still trying to get past some things but you are great to be where your at just keep going forward and keep being strong for yourself
  7. JLWebb

    Holiday snaps

    WOW those pics are great thanks for posting them
  8. JLWebb


    I've seen from the trail package they give me it does a good job , i just don't want a smell or any discomfort oh well i just don't want any problems , smelling or from wetness thanks for all the replys
  9. JLWebb


    its not that i'm worried about being sweaty in my occupations , its the odor and the possible discomfort from the sweat being trapped by the socks and liner , you have said in your posting stagger lee its never affected your fit or comfort after a run , thats why i'm on here asking these questions and asking my prosthetic person cause i'm a new amputee . So my prosthetic person told me about the certain dri and some of the ladies on here told me about the secret Clinical and both thought maybe it would help cut down any problems by applying it on my thigh and stump . and make me smell fresh as AmySkyDivr said ha ha , you know i really like the way everyone jokes and gets along on this site i'm glad to be a part of it .
  10. JLWebb


    the Secret Clinical the 'light and fresh scent i wouldn't smell like a girl with that one huh
  11. JLWebb


    ha ha hey if it works i don't care if i smell like a girl , being a firefighter and working in the shop all day it might be a good thing i wouldn't smell nasty huh , i know when i go to work out now to get back into shape i'm sweating more and i just want to be clean and odor free and no slipping problems on my stump area to cause any soreness , cause of that sleeve i have to pull up is like a blanket to me thanks for the replys
  12. JLWebb


    I was reading the info on that product certain dri and you put it on your stump and areas you want to slow down on the sweating its really for the under arms but i'm told you can use it for this too , you apply it at bedtime and let it dry over night and it shrinks the pores , so i'll see how it works . i haven't seen any replys yet i thought i posted a stupid question on this .
  13. JLWebb


    my prosthetic person gave me samples of certain dri they said to put it on at night before bed and it might help keep down sweating ( im a right below the knee ) cause when i do get released to go back work and the fire dept it is pretty warm so i was wondering what others use i already ask my prosthetic place now asking all you on this great site .
  14. Hi Mary welcome to the forum , don't ever think your boring anyone thats what this forums all about to ask questions and find out things by reading all the postings this is a great web site , there are alot of good people on here they are very helpful . i'm a right below the knee amputee and i've ask alot of questions and found out things and learning by just reading other postings , just be strong and keep going forward stay positive .
  15. JLWebb


    thanks for all of your postings on this left footed accelerator and the test i gotta go through , but i guess its good in a way i'll be legal in all ways with workers comp and the state then no one can say nothing later on .