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  1. Its been a while since Ive been here. To get to the point I slipped and fell badly on my prosthetic. The fall resulted in a crushed and sheared tibia plateau fracture. I had to have surgery which required two bone graphs, a bone cement repair on the 7cm vertical fracture and a complete repair of the meniscus. Also plates and screws were required. I wont be able to weight bare for 4 months. Have any here dealt with such as this? I am worried about how I may or not healmor walk. Thank You Derrick
  2. coues

    Prevention of Phantom Pain

    Epidural. was on so many and so much drugs during the month I was in the hospital I had to go to rehab for drugs and had a terrible time with withdrawl. My phantom pains have only subsided a small amount from where they were at the beginning. I gave up on the meds and therapies and just put up with them everyday. some days are better than others.
  3. coues


    Hi, I was told about this site 4 years ago, just a few days before the surgery to amputate my leg. The couple of days I was given, I read everything I could on this site. Trust me when I say it truly helped. It was a while though before I actually joined. The gambit of things I was dealing with from anger to pity to not wanting to go on just prevented me from doing a lot. It was my wife who brought this site back to me then. Though I never really made many posts I took away a lot each time I did visit. Cutting it short , Thank You to Mz. Mills and to all of you. Derrick coues
  4. coues


    Hi, I gave up on the site after it went down.. I was looking through my favorites making deletions and just decided to click on this one more time.. low and behold its up again.
  5. Hello, my leg no longer fits (the socket) due to shrinkage. The prostitist(sp) i see is building a whole new leg from the foot up. I am wondering if anyone has used the freedom inov. thrive foot? I get the chance to try it and another model while the new leg is being put together. I currently use a freedom inov. renegade foot. Thank you coues
  6. coues

    which hand controls?

    while I was waiting for my prosthetic my uncle built a portable left foot accelorator for me. It worked great. He built into the floor boards of my truck and the wifes car attachment points so that it stayed in place . It only took a few seconds to adjust it to the pedal of each vehicle. I used it for nearly a year while learning to walk and drive again with my right leg. I am a rbk. derrick
  7. coues

    Renegade MX Foot

    I have had the renegade mx foot since april 09. Its not that old but it was sent back for repair 10 days ago. This is the second time for repairs. The first time the rotator broke completely. Its at the 285 lb rating. I am 6ft 240. very active and working. This time around it developed a lot of looseness and started popping as I walked. I like the way the foot and roator respond and how the foot works walking. I just dont feel its able to take a very active or hard working individual.I work on a ranch 5 days a week and spend my days off out hiking hunting fishing ect ect. My prosthetics guy really likes the foot though he is a bit dissapointed about the 2nd repair. I have had the Renegade foot on my new leg (have 2 now) and its rated at the 365 lb rating. Its now my working foot. I miss the rotator being on this foot, its also a bit stiff because of being over built but for what I do at work it is great. coues ds
  8. coues

    help with new foot

    I have The Renegade MX foot. Its just at a year old. The rotator broke a couple of weeks ago.(still under warrenty) Next week the (new) loaner foot will get replaced with my repaired foot. I really like the foot with the rotator but it seems to be a weak leak for me. My prosthetics guy doesnt think it will keep up with my workload/playload. I am getting a complete new leg next week and will get to try out a perfect stride foot and a heavier rated renegade foot without the rotator.
  9. coues

    1 year later

    Hi, Thank You all. Been a painful day. Sorry for not saying much more. I will get more typed in the AM. Derrick
  10. coues

    1 year later

    Hi, Well its been just a few days past a year since my accident and amputation. ( Dec 7th and 21st 08) Are the feelings (im going through)like anger, sadness , scared,helplessness that have come back the last few day a usual(so called normal) thing when the first year passes? Its been pretty bad at night especially, its like a movie in constant re-run mode (everything that happened)in my head. I know that there are a great many good things that happened in this year, its just that the dates and the memories have got to me at bit. Its been difficult not personally knowing anyone else that is a person with an amputation. Of course not being one that talks a lot doesn't help either. Seems and feels like my phantom pains are a bit worse as well. Not sure of the whys on that one though. Thanks for letting me get some of this out. Derrick
  11. hi, I big thank you to Tigertatt for all the help, info. Also to all who had/have posted about the OWW LimbLogic vs. I received my new socket today with this system. Nothing fancy, but it works and looks good.(black carbon fiber) I dont wear shorts so I kept it simple. lol My leg is much smaller and lighter, not to mention I dont have all the socks. I have only been in it a few hrs but I do like the fit and response. Several liners and the gators have yet to come in, my pros guy wanted me to try several different makes. Thank you again, tigertatt and all of you for your help. I am still new to all this and I am still learning. Derrick
  12. HI, I had my first airport experience as an amputee this past Saturday at the phoenix airport. My daughter had a 5am flight to Miami(she is going to the Galapagos for 10 days, a girlscout trip) The lady at check in gave me a pass so I could be at the gate with Katie while waiting for her flight. I had to send my cane through the x ray machine,( very unstable I was as I broke the little toe badly on my left foot the night before ) then I told the screener about my prosthetic leg. She stated that I didn't have to take off my shoes or leg. I was pulled aside, had the wand used on me, then a pat down and then the swab of my hands and my "leg". All in all not a bad experience. The funny thing was that katie had to wear her uniform and her vest has pins and charms and such all over it, she went right on through without setting the machine off. derrick
  13. coues

    back at work

    JLWEBB, That is great that you got to help . I went too quick to work, I did way too much too fast for a few days and ended up paying for it. My amputation happened on 21dec08, I am way too new at this to have been as eager as I was. Take it slow as I should have and youll do great at work. Derrick
  14. coues

    what socket would be best for me

    This post has been very helpful to me. I am as of today getting a second socket. I am currently having to wear over twenty plies (10 socks) to keep my leg on properly. My pros suggested a vacume system but then backed off. Working at a ranch and other jobs where I am around equipment, machinery, barbed wire and such he figured it would be better for me to stay with my current pin lock system. He is worried about punctures and such. I like the outdoors and am working to get back to hiking , walks and such. Just how fragile is a vacume system? Is it possible to be an outdoor type anduse a vacume system? Thank You derrick
  15. coues

    back at work

    Just don't forget one day and leap out of the cab... it'll hurt! LOL I just had to laugh.... I nearly did just that the other day... Kinda dumb but I just let it slip my mind that I couldnt just jump lol. I caught my self in time lol I do have to admit though to getting out of bed in the middle of the night totally forgetting That I didnt have my leg...Yup fell flat on my face.. couldnt help but just laugh...LOL I have done a bit too much too fast the past few days. Paying for it with pain and soreness. I will not do this again(hopefully). Doctor isnt too happy so I am going to slow a bit more. Thanks Derrick