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  1. peglegry13

    Do you elect surgery?

    To me your post kind of awnsers the question. The relief of pain and gained mobility would far out weigh the potential for any post sugery problems. There is more to gain with a seemingly simple out-patient procedure. In the end it's your decision and your risk/reward evaluation. Good luck with whatever decision you make. Ryan
  2. peglegry13

    vari-flex foot

    I use the ohio willwood pathfinder foot. I got this foot just prior to going through the police academy. it provided me the ability to run jump and perform, and out perform "able body" cadets. It's been 9 years ago, and there heve been advacements in types and styles of feet, but I continue to use this same foot today!(with new sockets of course) good luck on your search, and don't let your hardware limit your abilities! Ryan
  3. peglegry13

    Thank you SusanI/ ACA posting

    First I want to thank you all for the appreciation. Change is hard, and not understanding what the change is is harder. I (along with the other former RR's) have had the chance to talk with Kendra Calhoun CEO, and discuss some of the potential changes and ideas. I am encouraged and remain optimistic that this change will be productive, and that the ACA staff WILL keep the amputee community, and our needs as the focal point moving forward. I do encourage everyone to voice your thoughts,concerns and desires moving forward to the ACA, as it is our coalition and cause. Thanks again, Ryan
  4. peglegry13

    ACA Lobby Day

    Hello all, I'm new to the forum, but old to some of the group. Thanks for the invite to the board Neil and Tammi. Also Neil we need to talk about the Secrest joke!!!! lol Funny guy..... Thanks for the tour, Stagger it was great. Ya'll take care and I look forward to chatting. Ryan not Secrest