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    I love music. I'm a former drummer/ percussionist. I'm also into all types of auto racing. I've also been entertaining some ideas of ways to help amputees locally. There isn't much, if any support, locally, for us so I'd like to put something together.

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    Accidental gunshot wound
  1. BryanBe1069

    Skin fit (parachute) suction socket

    Hey OBL! Is that bandage similar to an Ace Bandage? If it's easier or better than the parachute that I'm using, I'd like to give it a shot. Dale, I think it took 3 test sockets to get the fit right. After we got the final, though, we did have to make a couple of minor adjustments. Nothing major, though. Bryan
  2. BryanBe1069

    Suction Socket

    Glad I could help, Cari! I'm still far, far away from being an expert!! The suspension system you have described sounds like the KISS System. There are probably other lanyard suspension systems out there, but the only one I know is the KISS. If there's anything else I can help you with, just let me know! Bryan
  3. BryanBe1069

    Suction Socket

    Hello, Cari! I'm sure that I don't qualify as an expert, but I'll give you my opinion anyway. After being in a socket with a gel liner and KISS Suspension system for a few months, my leg man put me in a suction socket and I couldn't be happier. I have no liner, so the fit is very intimate. Because of the fit, I can "feel" much more and I feel like I have more control over the prosthesis. I don't have any issues with losing suction. If I sit just right, I will lose some suction, but when I stand back up, I just push the button on the valve and I'm back in with no problem. For this type of socket, the fit has to be almost perfect. There's not a whole lot of room for error. I think that it took 4 test sockets before we got it right. Even with the test sockets, we still had to make a few adjustments on the final socket. We did, finally, get it right and I love it. I have figured out that, because there is no liner, I have to be very aware of skin issues. So far, I haven't had anything major. I did have a small blister before we got the fit just right, but it was no big deal. In my opinion, It's definately worth a try. Bryan
  4. BryanBe1069

    Skin fit (parachute) suction socket

    Hello Dale! I'm also a left AK. My amputation was 7 months ago. Like you, I started with a liner. I also used the KISS Suspension system. I, too, am now in a total contact suction socket and I love it! Because of the intimate fit of the socket, I feel like I have better control of my leg. I can also "feel" much more than I did with the liner. I also use the parachute to don the leg. My leg man also gave me a few bottles of "Liquid Silk". It's a lotion that acts as a lubricant for donning the leg. It's quick and easy. After a while it dries into a powder. I do have 2 of the parachutes, so I keep one in my car just in case. I hope this helps! Bryan
  5. BryanBe1069

    New Socket

    My final socket fits nothing like the last test socket. It actually fit better except for the the painful groin area. I don't understand how the final socket is supposed to be an exact duplicate of the final test socket, yet it fits totally different. Maybe it's the difference in the materials used for the final as opposed to the test sockets. I do know that it's not an exact science! Ann, I guess this leg might be considered my second. I started on the Ossur Total Knee and Otto Bock C- Walk foot. About 6 weeks after I got that, I got the loaner Rheo that I'm on now and at the ACA Conference, I got the new Vari- Flex foot loaner. This is my second socket. As far as shopping, I just figured that that was the best way to test drive it. Looking back, I think you're right about breaking it in slowly, though. Live and learn!! Bryan
  6. BryanBe1069

    New Socket

    Well.... I spent about an hour with my leg man this morning and I think we finally got it right. When I left his office, I went to Academy Sports just down the street from his office. I walked quite a bit and the socket never felt uncomfortable or painful. I can't say enough about My leg man and the whole staff at ABC O&P. They do go the extra mile for their patients. We have a Hanger and a couple of other O&P places here in Mobile, but there's nothing that can get me away from ABC. I hope I'm not sounding like a commercial. I'm just a very satisfied patient and customer. Cari, you're right!! Ossur has the best sales reps of any company that I've dealt with since my accident. As I said, I've had this loaner Rheo since May. The Otto Bock rep came to ABC, and the best he could do was to let me wear the C- Leg around the office for a couple of hours. I understand that it's not his fault. I'm sure it's a corporate thing, but you can't really tell how good the knee is just by walking around on a perfectly flat tile floor for a couple of hours. I'm sure most knees and feet, microprocessor or not, would do great in that environment. In my opinion, you have to take these components into your world and do the things that you do every day in them to truly have an educated opinion, and I'm grateful to Ossur and Ryan (sales rep) for allowing me to do that with the Rheo. In fact, Ryan called me this morning just to see how everything was going and to tell me about the new Rheo that's relatively new to the market. How many corporate sales people in any field would call their customers' clients to check on them? Probably not many!! I'm not trying to knock Otto Bock or any other company. I've just been blessed enough to have gotten involved with some very good people who really care about the patient, and I know that there are a lot of poeple not that fortunate. Bryan
  7. BryanBe1069

    New Socket

    Right now, I'm on a loaner Rheo Knee. I'm still waiting on insurance to pay for one. I got my letter of medical necessity last week, so it shouldn't be much longer. The Ossur sales rep for our area gave me the knee in May and has told me that he's going to let me keep it until insurance comes through. That's awesome customer service!! He is also the reason I was able to go to the ACA Conference. He invited me to go as Ossur's guest. Thanks to him and my leg man, I've had a fairly smooth transition to the world of prosthetics. Bryan
  8. BryanBe1069

    New Socket

    Indeed , it's Murphy"s Law for us, especially for the groin area . Eldar, Of all of the places to get "bitten", it had to be there. Not good at all!!! Bryan
  9. BryanBe1069

    New Socket

    Hey Jason! The cutouts in the socket are there to allow for muscle movement. The weight reduction is just an added bonus! I really like the socket and I can definately see the potential in this type of socket, but we definately have to get this thing fixed tomorrow. I'm confident in my leg man. He busts his butt for me and all of his patients. Him being willing to come in on his day off speaks volumes. He'll get it right. Flip, it looks like we're in the same boat, in terms of sockets! I wish both of us luck this week in getting a good fit! Bryan
  10. BryanBe1069

    New Socket

    Well, I finally got a new socket yesterday. Yes.... my prosthetist came in on a Saturday to get me in it!! How great is that?!? It's a full suction socket. It's a whole different feeling than the lanyard suspension socket with a gel liner. We worked for about two hours doing all of the fine tuning that I needed. When I left the office, I thought that we had all of the kinks worked out. I went to eat and then went to the Wal-Mart to do a little shopping. After about half an hour walking around the store, I was miserable!! I didn't lose suction at all, but the socket was rubbing terribly in the groin area. It was bad enough that I just left my shopping cart and hobbled to my car and went home. Needless to say, mine will be the first smiling face my prosthetist sees Monday morning! Is this common in a suction socket, or could something have gone wrong in the making of the socket? I could really use some help with this, because I'm really discouraged. I know it's a process to get a perfect fit, but I didn't expect that much of a change that quick. On the positive side, I think it turned out pretty cool looking! Bryan
  11. BryanBe1069

    6 Months Today

    I don't know if this an accomplishment or just survival Today is the 6 month anniversary of my amputation. I feel like I've come a long way, but I still have a long way to go, too. I've been blessed with a great family that has been nothing short of incredible and ultra supportive of me. My doctor, PT, and prosthetist are all very talented. All of them actually listen to me when I have a concern and honestly try to address it. I can't say the same about most of the other medical "professionals" that I've dealt with. I've also been fortunate to meet some of the nicest people...... in person and through this forum. This is a terrible thing to happen to anyone, but everyone that I've met since this happened has made this new life more bareable than it probably should be. I sincerely appreciate anybody who has answered a question or provided moral support. Bryan
  12. BryanBe1069

    C-Walk foot by Otto Bock

    I forgot about the warranty issues with the C- Leg. I think I would try to protect that, too!! These microprocessor knees are WAY too expensive to put in any kind of jeopardy. Good luck finding a foot! Bryan
  13. BryanBe1069

    Hello all.

    I'm glad things are going well for you! I know how good it felt when i finally got my stitches out. When do you see Johnny again? He's been swamped lately. They're working short handed right now. I think I have the same Mario from Croatia on my Facebook friends list. I've only chatted with him a couple of times. He seems like a nice guy. I hope you continue to improve without anymore setbacks!! Bryan
  14. BryanBe1069

    Great Site

    www.vailveteransprogram.com I stumbled on this on the AOL Homepage. Pretty cool!! It's not limited to amps, but there are quite a few in the galleries. I'm glad to see people who have given so much for us get something back. They truly deserve it!! Bryan
  15. BryanBe1069

    C-Walk foot by Otto Bock

    Hi Eldar, If you get the chance, give the new Vari- Flex by Ossur a shot. I've been on it since the ACA Conference and I love it. It seems to have a much higher energy return than the C- Walk. Those are the only two feet I've tried, so I don't know how either compares to the Trias. Bryan