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    what great palls

    well im not one that usually lets what others say bother me or get me down but as of tonight there has been two times i have to say i have been completely hurt and beyond mad. after my accident i was still in high school and started playing basketball again. i was extremely proud that i could do this and that was able to resume my position as point guard and the captain, but that all ended after while at a tournament the other teams players decided they wouldnt do anything toward playing against me. long story short a few of them said they wont play against a cripple and i was only a sympathy case so i pulled off my jersey told my coach i would never play again and got in a fight with em. i know i didnt handle it well but i was young and stupid but i never played again. the other time was tonight, i was meeting up with some what i thought was good friends....hell we have been friends for years but thats no longer the case. while on the way to meet up i stoped for pizza and pop, i gave em a call saying i would be there in a few when my buddy but dialed me back. so i answer and i herd them talking about me and what i herd absolutly hurt and ticked me off worst than ive been in a long while. so i showed up threw the pizza down and hit my buddy, and while he was getting up trying to figure out what was up i told them i herd everything and while not all of them were saying crap none spoke up and that isnt a friend. well we exchanged words and i left. i hate getting in fights mainly cause with my back i end up hurting pretty good whether or not i do the lickin or not. i also hate being considered the sympathy case. i have never been one to go for the sympathy and never treated anyone different because they have something wrong with em. i joke around about getting sympathy dates or getting sympathy for different things but i havent ever used my issues for getting something. and to have people who are my supposed friend talk like that behind my back and poke fun and make me the butt of there conversation really hurts and pisses me off beyond explanation. honestly i dont know if its what they did or how i responded but im so upset, hurt....ect im also so confused at why im taking it the way i am...sorry for ranting but i just had to get this off my chest i started to rant to my brother but with him it would end up with some one in the hospital and him in trouble. im sure he will find out but it needs to be at the right time. and no i dont run to my little brother with my problems but he is not just my brother but really my best friend. he has been there thou everything, he has been they to hug me when im hurting, hes been there to pick me up when i fall, he basically is my right arm. we do almost everything together, tell each other everything and we always have had each others back come hell or high water. but stuff like this gets him going and he doesnt know how to stop. my voice mail box is full and those ass hats have been calling none stop apologizing to me but i dont know what to say or even were to start. we have been friends for years but how do you deal with something like this.........im so confused
  2. the gimp

    A curious observation.....

    i dont think so i believe its in eastern ohio but i know were athens is ive done gunshow and some friends up there i ment to say richmond indian
  3. the gimp

    A curious observation.....

    hey ally i believe they have because it was a living hell till i started the drip then after that the difference between night and day. and i can tell when its time for another drip cause it gets worst, but once i get it again...oww sweet relief. i dont know if it works for everyone but it did for me and ive talked to several others who have had the same result. the best part is getting off those meds my amputation was due to trauma so i dont know if that makes a difference but id say talk to your pain doc and talk to him about it. here in america they due that procedure but i dont know if they do it were your from but with as strict as the fda is id say they would do it to
  4. the gimp

    The People Who Stare

    the sweetest thing ive herd is "does it hurt.....ill give you my leg if it will help"....then she give me hug and said "mommy says hugs makes everything better so thats why you need one" i told her she was right. of course our conversation was longer than that and me and her mom talked a bit while the little sweetheart went on playing but thats the just of it...i tell you what i felt like crying after that now the funniest has to be when a kid walked up to me and stared for a few min then kicked my leg, he ran of crying. i stood there for a few like wtf when here he comes back dragging his mom saying "thats the mean man who kicked me" it was very weird but we all got a big laugh
  5. the gimp

    A curious observation.....

    arnt those what we want lmao i had the same issues you were having with phantom pains and i loved the response youll just have to live with it. i lived on muscle relaxers, percosets, morphine patches, pain meds i cant pronounce. they never truly helped i just stayed stoned alot, i can tell you not the best thing to be. i tried therepys and even acupuncture which let me inform you acupuncture involves being stuck with needle, which at the time i was unaware of and im not a fan of needles at all so lets just say we didnt get along well. finaly they did a ladicain drip which works i go in at 1-2 times a year to get a drip done and its not that bad. i still get my spells but no were near as bad or frequent we got hit by the same storm what part of ohio you from i live in camden which is 15-20 min from richmond
  6. the gimp

    The People Who Stare

    when i say sexy im not referring in a sexual since, im speaking in the since that that my prelude is sexy its a way ive described things i think are just strieght up sweet all my life. i know alot of guys that are that way. it might just be a guy thing. i presume when you say naked prosthetics you mean no covering,lol thats how i like them i think the mechanics and the looks of the limbs are just plain unadulterated awesome or sexy as i put it. i love the mechanic side of things any time i see a mechanical marvel or looks sweet i just go nuts. and prosthetic are awesome i enjoy the kids questions too not only are they straightforward but alot are sweet about it to. there compassion and innocents just puts a smile on my face .
  7. the gimp

    3R60 Tech question

    can you post a pic of the seal if you have access to a shop you should be able to make one
  8. the gimp

    The People Who Stare

    i wear shorts most of the time and the stares dont bother me, ive had mine sine i was 16. i know alot do stare but i really dont care occasionally if someone is staring to the point of obsessive i usually walk over by them...look at em and ask do they wana touch it lol i have found most who do stare if im close enough will go ahead and ask questions. little kids and adults between 30-40 i think are the worst ive found alot of amputees who are ashamed of there limbs i arnt one of em..........i think they freaking rock, they look cool, there sexy as hell i thing i get more grief from parking in a handicap zone then anything, people seem to think you cant have nice cars or be a young male and park in a handicap zone i cant tell you the crap i get to go thou for this but i still always wind up getting the pleasure of making them look like a ass
  9. the gimp

    Need help!

    i have no idea honestly i dont even know what wedge sandles. i shall graciously bow out of this one beside this sounds like a chick thing to me lol
  10. the gimp

    3R60 Tech question

    id say your best bet is to tear the hydraulic down and test the fluid. id say its a synthetic fluid my old 3r60 is suffering the same issue and ive considered the same thing, ive even considered reverse engineering and making my own but ive never devoted the time and or research i know about pneumatic cylinder but hydraulic cylinder not as much. i guess i could unpack my books re-install cad unpack my tools and hit the grind stone it be just like my old job but you gotta be careful when dealing with patented parts
  11. the gimp

    new ak rig :)

    yea its freaking awsome this knee is the POO, its a microprocessor that get wet and dirty and not have a care about ill have pics up later the set up is The Silhouette VS Prosthetic Foot, Centri Torsion Adapter, and of course the plie 2.0 here are the links if your interested in the components and what they can do http://www.fillauer....on-Adapter.html http://www.freedom-i...m/silhouettevs/ http://www.freedom-i...ions.com/knees/
  12. the gimp

    new ak rig :)

    thank you, i agree with you seeing how far things have come is just amazing, also see how far they have came in the last 50 years is crazy
  13. the gimp

    I am the new guy

    yea heat is my biggest issue as well, as far as the shrinkage you will continue to shrink for a while so keep plenty of sock around, and keep them and the liner clean. unfortanatly skin break down is going to be a ongoing thing you will have to be cautious of, just some advise....if you start sweating bad dont wait....wipe off your liner and stump and if all possible clean it and dont chance it if you need to take a break take it. also inspect your stump several times a day. a hand held mirror especially the ones with expendable handle that has a swivel head works great!!!! also talk to your practitioner about those belt that attach to your leg then around your waist. those are great when you are transitioning between sizes. and continually keep up with your practitioner, and be honest.
  14. the gimp

    new plie 2.0

    well i got a new....well demo plie 2.0 lol ive always stayed away from microprocessor knees because of issues concerning water, dirt, weight and activity level i want. but after much research and talking with reps, and my practitioner we decided the plie 2.0 was best, im on the 4 day of it and coming out of a 3r60 has it minor adjustments. the biggest being the locking stance flex, which makes the world of difference but its not enough to sway me. i havent tried running on it as of yet but thursday i will be once we get the knee tuned alittle more. as of now though i can tell you it walking with it is smooth as silk, and less fatiguing ill post some pics of the leg later the set up is The Silhouette VS Prosthetic Foot, Centri Torsion Adapter, and of course the plie 2.0 here are the links if your interested in the components http://www.fillauer.com/Lower-Extremity-Prosthetics/Torsion-Adapter.html http://www.freedom-innovations.com/silhouettevs/ http://www.freedom-innovations.com/knees/
  15. get in touch with the amputee coalition http://www.amputee-coalition.org/ they have mass info and can help you out
  16. the gimp

    Mechanical knee for outdoor activities

    ive found the best mechanical knee is the ottobock 3r60 it is the only 4 bar with a locking stance flex i can walk down steep inclines without a care in the world thanks to the locking stance flex.....im a very active outdoorsman so this is the knee of choice http://www.ottobock.com/cps/rde/xchg/ob_com_en/hs.xsl/1921.html as far as getting it wet i havent had a issue and its still kicking lol. if i know the possibility is there of me getting it real wet, i use a trash bag around the leg and taped to the socket.
  17. the gimp

    Question about driving as an RBK amputee

    hey im a rbk i just use my left foot only with a auto, on a stick i havent really messed with since i lost my leg in 01. i can tell you i have no problem with transitioning between the gas and break with my left foot. and i do wheeling and auto-xing, i would not recomend trying and using both feet for everyday driving, there are times were using both feet is helpful but not daily driving. yes alot of people do it but it is a bad habit and in a emergency situation it could cause problems. as far as the brake peddle being a problem, just buy a small replacement one, there cheap and easy to install if your having problems with using the one foot for both gas and brake...PRACTICE get in your car, dont start it or put it out of gear. and just practice moving your foot back and forth, that way you can adjust your seat and the way you prosthesis is setting. after you get the hang of that have some one get in the passenger seat and randomly say brake and gas....it shouldnt take much time to get it down and it should become a natural reaction not a thought.. it does sound stupid and childish but if it saves you from a accident its worth it
  18. the gimp

    painkiller side effects

    also talk to your doc about a ladicain drip, that is the only thing that helps with mine. i have to get it done every year and it helps out alot
  19. the gimp


    this is a topic ive been trying to work on ever since i lost my leg. im a rak and ive had problems finding underwear that works ive finally found a pair that seems to work there called hanes mens classic sport briefs thats the best pic of them i can find but the sides on the outer hip or shorter i believe its 2-3 in actually these are what im talking about http://www.hanes.com/Hanes/Products/Men-Hanes/Men_ShopByCategory-Hanes/Men_Underwear-Hanes/Men_Underwear_Briefs-Hanes/1A0956.aspx
  20. the gimp

    Shave Hairy Stump?

    i was told to use a anti perspent with no fragrance to help with sweating but ive never tried because im worried about a reaction on my skin grafts, but that might help with the sweating
  21. the gimp

    i need some advise

    i know there are fellow amputees who have children and some that dont. here is my problem im 25 and i have a rough time with getting in serious relationships especially when children come into the picture. its not that i dont want kids its just i want to do everything my dad did with me and i want to be there and be just as active as i was but i know honestly i cant and i dont want my kids to think im not a good dad. expecially when there younger my fear is there taking off and i cant get to them fast enough and they run infront of a car. i couldnt live with that. i feel like im being jealous when i think of having kids this is the one thing that gets me depressed and worries me. am i wrong, am i paranoid or what? my ex girlfriend wouldnt marry me because i told here i refused to have kids and when i told her why she said i was pathetic and was just making a excuse. i told her it was no excuse but it just made things worst my mom says i have nothing to fear but i tell her how would she know....i know this must sound juvenile but i need some advise
  22. the gimp

    Water/beach activity leg

    ive been considering getting a water leg, i ruined more legs than i can count. i believe im the reason warenties have been shortened hahahahaha
  23. the gimp

    i need some advise

    thanks everyone i really appreciate more than you can realize. i have never thought the way you all described it has helped out alot. i not saying i ready to go out procreate lol but i have a new look on having kids when the time comes. again thank you so much this has been almost a plague to me, and up till now its seemed almost a impossibility.
  24. the gimp

    hello all

    hi everyone my name is james, but everyone calls me gimp. im a right above knee amputee and have a partial left foot amputation. everything happened on sept 21, 01. i was pushing my car of the side of the road when a girl strung out on ecstasy hit me, pinned me then drug me about 300 feet. my leg and foot was ripped off at the scene, they tried to save the foot but wasnt able to save it. i also broke my back and and the bumper took hole the size of a football out of my back, almost looked like someone took a ice cream scope to it. i also have memory and concentration issues now. this is what my foot looked like before another reconstructive surgery in june this is a pic of yours truly lol that what happened to me now about me: im 25, have a little bro and still live at home and not ashamed of it. lol why be ashamed i love moms cooking and with the economy the way it is, its much cheaper i have what some have said a evil and demented personality hahahaha.....i just tell em i love freaking others out with pranks, and brother have i done alot lol. and what better way that taking advantage of having fake limbs. i love cars and racing. hanging out with friends, playing mw2 on 360. i have a blue tick beagle named dutches she is spoiled rotten but she is my baby
  25. the gimp

    Is this a weird question?

    i think pics would be better lol im a right aka my stump is weird looking and the tipp looks like a butt crack hahahahaha...........but its a sexy butt crack if i do say so, and i do most of it is skin graft, most of the muscle is missing and what is my skin is somewhat flabby, but its gotten better. ive been exercising those muscles and have toned them up alot compared what they used to be, but still they look like a fat grannies flabby arm. lmao ok maybe i exaggerated alittle