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    Both feet.
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    birth defect
  1. Ne0nLightZ

    Fender bender

    LMFAO! I do this to my friends all the time, like when they have their friend over that I dont know, ill be sitting there and i secretly loosen my leg and then get up and trip purposely and have my leg be all out of my pantleg and theyre like OMG!!!@
  2. Ne0nLightZ

    Hello :D

    Thanks all :D
  3. Ne0nLightZ

    Hello :D

    Hello, my name is Alex. I'm pretty young, 14, and I've had both of my feet amputated since I was 2, due to birth defects =[ Also, can someone tell me if there is anyway to have my legs not smell as bad/ not sweat as much when they're inside my prosthesis? ^_^