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  1. Anthonys mom

    Feeling Stuck in Limbo

    Well I can totally understand living everyday in constant pain...and limiting the things you do because the pain just beats you down..I am an above knee but this all started for me 7 years ago when I was diagnosed with cancer...initially they did a limb salvage which is where the constant pain started--I had 7 surgeries within the 6 years after the initial limb salvage sugery all to help solve the pain issues--it never happened...I didn't really have a choice with the amputation because it happened because of a recurrence...but I can do more things now and the pain--although I still have pain it is NOTHING like it used to be so that is a relief! I think it is really hard for our family members to understand that amputation can be a good thing. They just see the "shock" of that decision. Maybe have your mom and boyfriend go to an appointment with your doc and have explain the "bonus" of amputation. Bottom line though is it is your decision and your family memebers will get used to it! In my case amputation is NOT easy but I am still living each day and probably get more done than I used to. My surgeon explained the amputation to me as this...he described my leg that had huge limitations and constant pain as an anchor and the rest of me as the boat...he said let the anchor go and you can sail away...Like I said I didn't have a choice in the matter but my anchor has been left behind :) Good luck to you and to your decision!
  2. Anthonys mom

    Strange feelings about my leg

    Hey Chrissy, I am an AK so not the same as you but I have felt the similiar frustrations that you are having. My story starts out 7 years ago I was diagnosed with sarcoma..which at that point they did limb salvage surgery to "save" my leg..my leg was still there BUT it didn't work. My knee hurt constantly and every little toe wiggle sent horrible pain. I constantly lived in pain every single minute of every single day. I had MANY surgeries fixing various things with my knee and leg but it NEVER helped the pain....and because of all of that I could not bend my leg so I walked by swinging my hip out and leaving my knee straight. SO now a year ago the cancer came back and I had the above knee amputation which my docs actually said how much better off I would be without the trouble and pain of my "real leg". I knew it would be hard work--but I never imagined it would be like it is. Because I walked WRONG for so long I am having a HORRIBLE time trying to actually learn how to walk by bending my knee and not using my hip. of course as soon as I get tired which is pretty quickly I go back to swinging my hip..Anyway my point to this long story is I have had MANY moments when I prefer to be on my crutches because I am quicker and can just get things done...and not worry about where my leg is in relation to the rest of my body. I am so nervous when I walk using my leg and I concentrate on every littel movement which is overwhelming...I am told that I won't always do that and when I get more comfortable it will become more natural. I understand the feeling of having a socket the is sooo big that it just feels as though it is going to flop off and of course when I am at that stage I walk way worse than I normally do...BUT when I have a socket that fits VERY WELL I notice I tend to do better with it and I definately have more patience for it. You don't have to feel quilty about maybe not wanting to wear it when you get it back. You may decide it is worth another shot once it actually fits right .....you have to do what is best for you and lets you enjoy the life that you want to live...if that includes your prosthesis then great...if not then great! its all about what makes you feel good! Sorry for rambeling :)
  3. Anthonys mom

    Need Help!

    Not sure if I understand the question about it looking like a balloon...Early on your socket will be bigger and look bigger through clothes because it is bigger that your other thigh. I couldn't even wear my normal pants because the socket was just so much bigger and it made my pants fit very crooked. Each time I have gotten a new socket my clothes fit so much better because the socket gets thinner. As for the limping-my experience with that is yes you could do some hip strengthing exercises to help strength your hip..lay on your right side make sure your "limb" is pressed back and then raise up into the air. It is very easy to do these the wrong way and that won't help. When I first started doing them I automatically had my limb slightly forward because it was more comfortable and that was easy to do...but when you straighten it out which means pushed backwards a little then it is a lot harder--but this is what strengthens your hip. that might help with the limping and plus just getting more comfortable with your leg overtime will probably help with the limping. I know that half way through the day I limp more because I get tired or I guess I should say my hip gets tired. But from what I understand it should get better overtime...although everyone AK that I have seen has had some sort of limp or getttyup in their step :)
  4. Anthonys mom

    I'm about to become disabled.

    Good Luck!!! I am sure it will be well worth it once it is all said and done!!
  5. Anthonys mom

    i need some advise

    I had an AKA 2 months after my son was born. First thing I need to say is THANK GOODNESS for a great spouse!! :) He helped so much especially in the beginning. Because I was learning to be a mom and an amp all at the same time it was tough having to ask others for help and I hated it soooo I decided to do for myself and for my boy. I learned VERY quickly how to hold him and manuever the wheelchair because obviously you can't be on crutches and carry your kid. When I felt unsteady or for fear of becoming unsteady and falling with the baby I used a ottoman as his changing table so I didn't have to stand and try to change him. Like Ann said its amazing how you adapt things to work for you and its amazing how you just automatically do it!! My son is a 1 1/2 years old now and now that he is walking and running around it makes it a little harder. I am still able to use the stroller with him which works PERFECTLY! When we are out where cars are involved I ALWAYS use a stroller or MAKE him hold my hand--there is NO choice because like you I am very scared of him getting to far away from me and me not being able to get to him in time. We play a lot in our back yard for outside time--because it is fenced in and no fear of cars.. and when we do play in the front we wait for Daddy to get home so he can be the wrangler :). Many parks are inclosed so we find those instead of ones that are right next to a street and in CA we have tons of indoor bounce and play programs that we go to. I get down when I think about things that I may not do with my son like running into waves at the beach (well not now anyway because I don't have a water leg) but I can still GO TO the beach with my boy so its not like he is missing out. I think it is amazing how we learn how to adapt things that we need to. I stay home all day with my son and do everything that needs done for him including when he was 2 months old and I had just had my amp..so it can be done...and I am so thankful that I have him so even though things can be difficult and there may be times when I have to explain that I can't do something but we will get through it just like we always have. I think Ann said as well--your kid will love you UNCONDITIONALLY because you are his dad--kids are just great that way! :)
  6. Anthonys mom

    New LAK

    If the knee is buckeling right away then it sounds like it needs to be adjusted. Maybe its time to get a little rough with the prosthetist and tell him you are not comfortable and he needs to do something to fix it!!! HAve him adjust it just to see if it makes an immediate difference if not then you know it is not the knee. I have a hard time putting all my weight on my prosthesis and I have a Rheo knee. For me it is a mental thing and more of a socket issue--the knee is pretty stable when I do it right hahah. Anyway my first 9 months or so after surgery I worked with a prosthetist--and after MANY frustrating meetings with him I decided to ask question from a different company--I ended up changing prosthetist and AM SO GLAD THAT I DID. But now I look back and feel as though those 9 months were such a waste! If you don't feel as though you are getting the attention that you deserve then maybe it is time to look for another!! I wish I would have known better at the beginning! UGH...Anyway good luck to you
  7. Anthonys mom

    New LAK

    HI, I am a RAK after a recurrence of cancer left me no choice but to amputate. I agree with everyone!! 3 weeks with prosthetic and doing well so it sounds...I can't believe you said your socket fits well. My amp was 1 1/2 years ago and I still dont feel right in my socket--UGH!!! I am hoping some day soon I will because like you said it is very frustrating to want to get back to what you need to do--but seem to not be able to because of pain and discomfort....I also don't understand why you were given that knee...Do they plan to "upgrade" (for lack of better word) to a micro processor. I am sorry that you have had falls that probably doesn't help with the mental stability of knowing that you will be ok when you take a step. I have the rheo knee and still don't trust it as much as I should..which is bad because with this knee I am usually at fault for a trip because of the lack of trust. :) oh well still learning! hahaha Anyway welcome to the club...By the way I have a 1 1/2 year old so I KNOW about needing to do the mom thing as well!! :)
  8. Anthonys mom

    Feeling Sad.

    Hugs to you Mary, I hope your appointment is positive and definately gets you some answers and a plan to help with all the pain you are in! Sorry it is looking like another surgery-that is not fun no matter what way you look at it. It's hard to feel positive and motivated when you are in pain so I totally understand your thinking and feelings right now.
  9. Anthonys mom

    Greetings from Santa Cruz.

    Hey Steve, I am from Sacramento and love going to Santa cruz we try and go at least once a year!! Glad you are doing so well. I am also a Sarcoma survivor Osteosarcoma to be exact. Having a positive attitude is probably half the battle! Hopefully the weather gets better soon so you can skate!:)
  10. Anthonys mom

    Rheo knee

    From my expierence with Rheo it is all about the settings. I am starting off on stairs as well and my leg guy has that setting WAY up..the first few stairs seem fine but when I get a rhythm and feel comfortable it is too slow I actually have to wait for the knee to bend so I can continue the step. After a month of practice the setting has been turned down a bit so I don't feel as though I am waiting for it but feel as though I have enough resistance so I still feel safe. Have your leg guy crank up the number I was over 70 (I think to start) just so you get the feel for it. Ramps and stairs are on the same setting so ramps you should walk down just like you would on flat ground. The knee will notice that you are at an incline and will adjust to the "stair" setting to help guide you down the ramp. You shouldn't have to do anything different except just walk. Sitting can be tricky because that is a different setting as well and YES you can ride it down. but if you don't have your weight distributed evenly over your prosthesis then it won't know you are trying to sit and you won't feel any of the resistance or you won't feel the ride. I tend to cheat a lot when sitting because I don't like waiting for it so i shift more weight on my good side and then I will get NO resistance from the knee and i can just sit. Also when you sit you have to make sure you stick your butt out as you are bending to sit if your butt is not out then your weight is distributed differently and your knee doesn't know you are sitting and once again you may not feel the ride. the good think about Rheo is that each thing has its own setting-walking, sitting, stairs and ramps but you do have to play A LOT with it to make you feel comfortable and as you get better and feel more comfortable you can decrease the setting to make it a bit loser....Good luck to you let us know how it goes.
  11. Wow never heard of ice in the mens room. I would imagine the restroom would stay cleaner--the ice would give men something to aim at to prevent the occasional miss and hit the floor technique hahahah :)
  12. OH BOY YES the direction of flow Quite a PROBLEM hahaha! what a topic this is--glad to hear that others have trouble on a regular toilet as well--thought it was just me :)!
  13. I have wondered that myself hahaha!! I still can barely sit on the toilet comfortably there would be NO WAY of squatting behind a tree. Interesting concept!
  14. Anthonys mom

    Wheelchair Use

    I agree with everyone-use what you need to use-if it gets you where you need to be and what you want to do then it is the right thing to do. I am not quite a year RAK but just now getting a socket that is working for me so I have NOT gotten to the point of wearing it all day yet--although I do hope to one of these days. I have a one year old as well so when I am running around the house trying to care for him get bottles change diapers whatever I usually use the wheelchair so I can carry what I need to and don't risk falling while holding my boy. I also use crutches like in the middle of the night for bathroom trips but I leave the wheelchair next to the bed in case I need to get baby in the middle of the night. SO just about everything I use hahah. If a wheelchair is what is comfortable for you and like I said before gets you what you need then go for it. Have fun on your trip that sounds exciting.
  15. Anthonys mom

    Lubricating a suction liner

    50/50 alchol and water--I actually tend to put more alcohol in the spray bottle though because it dries-if there is too much water it won't dry completely and you get a puddle at the bottom of the socket :)