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  1. 1 year today!

    Thanks everyone!
  2. Need help!

    Velcro didn't work. What I did do was buy beige nylon knee highs and cut the toe part off. I let the toe part of my foot shell show the wedge sandals are open toe...the rest of my foot shell was covered with the nylon. Worked as I was wearing white dress pants.
  3. Need help!

    I bought some wedge sandals, and I really wanted to wear them for my nieces graduation tomorrow, but when I walk in them they make noise because of the foot shell. If I wear nylons that noise isn't there, but it's going to be too hot to wear that. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks! Mary
  4. 1 year today!

    It was one year ago to that my life changed....it was all for the best! This journey lead me to you all. Can't believe it's one year already. I am so grateful...that I have my life back. Mary
  5. Possible Revision Surgery

    Hi Shelby, I can relate to you because I was a symes for 20 years. Being a symes I had always lived a normal life. Five years ago I started having pain. My prosthetist made different prosthesis, and I did an MRI, and cat scan. I had surgery thinking it was a nerve causing the pain. I did treatments. Nothing was working. I was told very early on that amputating higher was what I needed to do. I kept on trying things...till I finally realized that nothing was working and my quality of life was very poor. I was in and out of depression, had lots of anxiety and one day I was online and I found this Forum and started talking to people, and I read about the Ertl procedure, I became very interested. I did lots of research about it. After 4 years of trying this and that and finding the Ertl procedure...I had a bk amputation. I traveled to the US to see Dr Ertl. I will be 1 year out at the end of June. I can tell you that I am very happy to have gone through with it. Having a bk amp is better then a symes. For 20 years I had the same type of prosthetic. I was so limited. Now I have choices. I know I am happy making the choice I did! I wish you all the best on your decision! Mary
  6. 10 months post op!

    I have noticed that the shrinking has slowed down a lot. I am very happy and grateful! I am anxious to get my permanent leg...I know it's coming.
  7. 10 months post op!

    It's been so long since I have been on here. Here's an up date. I am now 10 months post op. Time is flying! I am doing very well! I am still not in a permanent leg yet due to my limb still shrinking. I have noticed that it has slowed down. I will be starting to work in June. I am happy that I made the decision to go to a bk. I am so grateful to be active once again. I want to give thanks to this forum, and to all the people that I have talked to on here, you helped me so much. Thanks! Mary
  8. Hello all New Rbk Here

    I had the Ertl procedure as well. I hope I can last up to 13-14 hours in my prosthetic eventually. I tried ice skating. I need to keep practicing.
  9. Hello all New Rbk Here

    Welcome Chris! I am going to be 6 months post op this month. I am a rbk amp. I am doing very well. I have already tried skating. I am able to wear my prosthetic full days now too. I am excited for my new life! You will do great! Mary
  10. Question about driving as an RBK amputee

    My license has been invalid for about 2 months. I am finally going for an assessment this week. Although I have to go private or else I will be waiting for 8 months just for my first assessment. It costs enough too! The first evaluation is clinical with an Occupational Therapist and my 2nd evaluation will be driving with an OT and driver. I am sure I won't need to put anything for condition on my driver's license. I am able to drive with my prosthetic. I tried it on some quiet streets. It will be great to drive myself where I want to go again! Mary
  11. Ice Skating

    Thanks everyone for your encouraging words!
  12. Ice Skating

    Thanks Cat! I did leave my bad foot planted and was pushing some with my good foot. I will have to keep trying...and go with my kids! LOL...
  13. Ice Skating

    I am 5 months post op and after 20 years I tried skating again. I didn't exactly get on the ice and take off skating. LOL! I did get on the ice and was able to stay up. I had one hand holding the side board and the other hand holding a child up. My mind was telling my legs/feet to move side to side but my legs/feet wouldn't do that. LOL..so I just glided along. I am proud that I tried it...definitely going to take some practice. Mary
  14. Happy Birthday Mary

  15. Four months post op.

    Cheryl...yes the hard socket material. lol...can't think of the name.