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  1. peterK

    Air Legs

    I second that request. Sounds like it would eliminate a lot of bruiseing problems.
  2. peterK

    Able-bodied ignorance....

    I have a similar one to your's, Ann. At a 4th of July celebration a 10 year old that I did not know came racing up to me and skidded to a stop on his knees with an awe-struck expresion on his face looking at the C-Leg and exclaimed: "WOW, COOL! So then, your foot.........?" Cracked me up.
  3. peterK

    I am skiing again with my C-Leg!

    That is amazing. Thanks for posting your vids. Are you using vacuum or suction?
  4. That could be a topic of it's own. I fought with an ischial containment socket for years and although my residuum is only about 8" I have recently learned to use a brimless socket and love it. It's very hard at first because the muscles have to be strengthened having not been used in years. I have been at it now for about 6 weeks and am really enjoying it more and more as I get stronger. The wall exercise is great, thanks for posting it. With brimless I also have fewer tissue problems.
  5. peterK

    Hello There

    More appreciated than ever.
  6. peterK

    Elevated suction socket or back to......

    I just finished 4 years of vacuum. I have used the in-line ex Harmony, now OttoBock manuel pump with a double socket. I have also used the attached electric pump (OttoBock) and a much simpler hand pump from the automotive store. I have enjoyed many hours of problem free walking. I have also put up with endless hours of trying to locate vacuum leaks and faulty connections, lint cloging valves and endless hours in the prosthetists shop waiting for repairs or new parts for the vacuum system. This week I am starting with the Ossur ring suction system and a lightweight socket, I can't wait.
  7. Thank you for your reply. I think now that there is no easy answer to this problem. There are so many factors that need to be considered: shape of the limb, amount of hair, perspiration, different strengths and different needs. For me the perfect answer would be several different legs and several different sockets. It seems that for all our different activities and shapes and sizes there is no such thing as one size fits all. What we amputees need is lots of money and time for life to be even similar to what is was before limb loss. Since, for me at least, the money is not a reality, it's time to learn to love life as it is and doing what I can, when I can. I have at times in the past few years been content with what I have but I think it's good to push a bit and see it there is not something better out there that I have not heard about. I don't think there is so back to being Mr. Happy Guy. :-)
  8. Thanks for the answer, Jocko. This is just the kind of info I'm looking for. Does your socket have the one way valve? Do you have to use that bag thing that you pull out through the end of the socket? Donning liners, spraying alcohol, salves, lotions sleaves, socks, pumps, oh ya. I want to put all that clap trap behind me. If I go on a camping trip I need one complete back pack for all my leg stuff.
  9. I would love to see, hear, or read any experiance you want to share about success or failure with vacuum or suction. I am really leaning towards vacuum. I have it now but it can be a problem to maintain. Perhaps it will be easier now that my residuum is not changin size so quickly.
  10. I have been at this for over 4 years now and have been using the vacuum method. It requires a lot of tweaking but if setup is perfect a person can walk really well. My leg is a heavy C-Leg and may actually require vacuum but I am not sure. I tried suction once but lost the suction getting into my car outside the prosthetist's office and that was the end of that. Back to vacuum. I would like to hear from an active AK that has had satisfactory results with suction. I would also want to know, once the suction does break, can you get it back through movement within the socket or do you need to remove and re-donn the socket, you know, pants down and the whole routine. Does anyone out there know what the athletes are using? Despite all my tweaking I have not walked well in over a year and now the vacuum just does not seem worth the trouble.
  11. Hi Jane, I too am sorry to hear the of the sad times you are having. That whole situation with your Mother was extremely harsh and I wish you a speedy and complete recovery. As far as the low seating goes, unless you are an acrobat, have extremely strong quads in your good leg, or an ability to levitate, then you must avoid low seating at all times. That is unless you do not mind asking for someone to help you up, or you could roll onto the floor and get up from there :0. I have been a very active AK since 2008 and have found no way to beat low soft seating. If there are no alternatives I either stand, kneel on the prosthetic knee, or sit on the floor. I have no trouble rising from those positions. But in low, soft seats, there is something about the socket jambed up into my abdomen that makes it impossible to maneuver. In fact, I don't think that even extremely strong quads would be that helpful. The socket in the abdomen keeps you pressed back in the seat. But, keep trying and if you do succeed one day, please let me know. Also, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO US ALL!!!!! Peter
  12. Hi Ellen, I saw your post and I am an AK. I am 6 feet tall and my residual limb is about 8 inches or about 16cm, and I have no limp at all. I attribute that to having done 3 years of physical therapy once a week, also my prosthetist has worked very hard to get my socket just right, so that there is no discomfort at all. I use the vacuum type socket with a C-Leg made by Otto Bock in Austria.

  13. peterK

    A Bit of Information

    Thanks for posting, Higgy. I read anything I can find, especially from people on the ground floor of the innovations that make our lives easier.
  14. peterK

    Merry Christmas

    Peace and Love to you all.
  15. peterK

    Are you active with your kind of amputation?

    Hi, I'm an AK and pretty active for my age. Two years since my surgery and all the major wrinkles seem to be ironed out and I'm actually beginging to have a life again. Your decision is yours alone to make, but I think you will find a majority of elective amps happy with their results. I too use the Eschelon foot. In fact I use it with a C-Leg which is a big "nono" but there is a workaround. All the best....