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  1. Systematic Chaos

    which hand controls?

    I do need to add that I want to add a spinner knob and tilt steering. That and lose my gut.
  2. Systematic Chaos

    which hand controls?

    I ended up getting the MPS Monarch Mark 1A . Scary is right! It is going to take some getting used to and it feels very unnatural. I hope that at some point this fear passes.
  3. Systematic Chaos

    which hand controls?

    I am definitely trying to look at all the options. The hand controls around here are a little over 1000 so I want to make sure and look at all options.
  4. Systematic Chaos

    which hand controls?

    Unfortunately I have the Good ol nerve damage and don't have a lot of feeling in the left leg. :(
  5. Systematic Chaos

    which hand controls?

    Yes, I am BK. I'll check into that. Certainly would be cheaper. I'll have to go out there and practice. What brand of one do you use?
  6. Systematic Chaos

    which hand controls?

    I'm sure this has been asked numerous times and I've been trying to use the search function with no luck from my phone. My computer crashed. I was also trying to see if I had asked that before but this website I'm guessing is displayed differently on my phone. So I'm finally at a point where I might have enough money to get hand controls and am looking at Monarch Mark IA. Or sure grip. Any suggestions? They're going in a 72 Impala. Also what's done to the car on the install?
  7. Systematic Chaos


    I'm still trying to get out into the workforce. My issue now is my legs being unlevel between my prosthetic and real leg. Standing is just.plain uncomfortable and messes with my back. More adjusting to do.
  8. Systematic Chaos

    Hello Peeps

    I might actually be getting hand controls soon! Roughly $1,000 here. Sure wish there was a program that helped with them but it will be worth it to gain some transportation. I'm thinking of the sure grip with the new lock feature. I'm doing well aside from that. It's just nice to have the freedom to come and go.
  9. Systematic Chaos

    Frustrated with some questions.

    Thank you everyone for your responses. A lot of good points were made. I do need to watch the salty foods for sure. Swelling makes a huge difference. I'm not sure how I bent the pylon other then getting down or up from the concrete while changing my tires. They've BOTH since gone flat. lol It's on my project car. 72 impala. I try and stay active. It's frustrating being able to only be as active as my leg allows. Had a decent day today. Was actually able to go to a store and get some exercise. That's really been bugging me. Been really bummed since I last saw my prosthetist. That's not usually like me. It finally lifted this morning. I'm just so unsure of how normal a life I can now lead. I'm into Geocaching, stained glass a koi pond and various other hobbies and I have a car I'd like to work on from time to time. With my temp leg it doesn't function ( bend at the knee ) like my old one so getting in and out of the car is different. I figure that's because of the socket and that the permanent leg won't be that way. Hoping so anyway. I'm on disability now. I'm wanting to try that ticket to work but not sure how that works. Trying to learn more about that. I don't want to lose my disability until I know for sure this leg is going to be dependable. While wearing my leg the place I seem to feel pain of discomfort is along the shin bone. I'm now wearing two three ply and one six ply. One question I have is while waiting for the time to get your permanent leg how many sockets does one go through with the temp leg? I'm on my one and only so far. One thing I'm also noticing is that while I'm in my Prosthetist office after an adjustment or two, three it seems to feel ok. Once I've left it starts to feel off or painful. Usually my appointments are first thing in the morning. My next one we're going to make in the afternoon. How normal of a life do you all feel you are living? I've heard of people sky diving, geocaching...etc. I'm hoping for good things down the road. Just a little doubt right now.
  10. Systematic Chaos

    Frustrated with some questions.

    Let me first say this as I'm sure in contributes greatly to my problems. I'm a BKA on my right leg, still have my left. I weigh upwards of 315 and am working on that. I had my leg amputated in July. I've been able to walk without any assistance for awhile. I've broken my prosthetic leg twice. First time I was walking into a store and the top of the pylon came up through the bottom of the casing ( not sure what it's called ) second time I bent the pylon a little. I've been trying to live a normal life. Doing things like changing the tires on my car, which requires me to crawl around on the pavement and getting back up. I'm starting to feel as though maybe I need to baby the prosthetic leg. This is the temp one. One day I went in to have it adjusted and it made a world of difference. I was able to wear it 13 hours that day. It felt so good and things were looking up. Next time I go to wear it I was back to it making my lower back hurt and I'm also experiencing pain in my left foot on the side. Just wasn't fitting good. That may have something to do with the weight and how my shoes get worn. That adjustment made a huge difference but it was nothing I knew about needing. He made it on his own noticing while I was walking. Meaning, not knowing what to expect with a prosthetic leg you don't know what's " normal " and what can be improved upon. I understand it's all a learning process but how often do you go back for adjustments and how much time is between them? I'm just a little frustrated. Seems like my prosthetic guy is only as good as my ability to tell him what I feel needs adjusted. By that I mean if I go and I can't explain what I think needs adjusted there isn't much he can do aside from his own observations. I'm stating I feel it's my fault. I just don't know how to explain yet what needs adjusted or how to know. I do know that it can feel awesome. It has once. I just hope I can find my way back there again, Another thing I seem to notice is that from one day to the next my prosthetic leg feels a little short or a little long.
  11. Systematic Chaos

    Falling on stump.

    There doesn't seem to be much pain now. I'm calling in the morning just to be safe. I'd rather him know and check it out if he decides to then be in the middle of trying to get a leg working, have complications and mention it then. Thank you everyone for your replies. :)
  12. Systematic Chaos

    Falling on stump.

    How do you know when you've messed it up? I don't have a prosthetic leg yet and was coming up the porch stairs with crutches. Misstepped and fell. I don't think I fell directly on the end of my stump but how do you know if you've messed it up? I'm going to call my DR. who did the surgery monday and mention it to him. Just was curious how do you know what damage if any you did. It's less tender then it was last night. Thanks David
  13. Systematic Chaos

    Spasm when bending knee

    I hope this is the correct forum for this question. I had my surgery done on the first and have been in this brace to keep my leg straight. While taking off the brace and trying to bend my knee it does some sort of spasm. Is this normal and will it go away in time and with use?
  14. Systematic Chaos

    Update from Me in Kansas

    Sorry, I didn't mean to give the impression that I was alone. I only meant while the wifes at work. I'm doing so much better then I expected. I had a lot of fear going into it but feel really good about it all now. I'd have to say I'd do it again if need be.
  15. Systematic Chaos

    Update from Me in Kansas

    Well, this is my first day home from the surgery. I had a Below the knee done on July 1st. Went into rehab July 3rd and am home from rehab today. Doing awesome!!! Worried a little about being home by myself and doing things but I'm not rushing and taking my time. So far so good!