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  1. EdSumner

    What do you say?

    I have been asked so many times about what happened to my leg. My story to all is I was camping and night fishing up at Lake Martin. outside of Alexander City, AL. I tell them that from out of no where came a charging sasquatch and how he attacked me, mangling my leg some thing horrible. So they had to remove it. You would not believe the people who actually are dumb enough these days to believe it.
  2. EdSumner

    Just can't get motivated.

    I finally got my leg about a month ago now. But I just can't get motivated to get up and walk using it. It just seems like so much trouble having to put a sock on my leg, then roll the leg cup with the pin on it onto my leg. I think what really got me, was seeing myself in the mirror they have at the prosthetics office. Just got me down seeing myself with the leg. I do get up every few days and put it on and walk around. But I just can't get motivated to do it daily. Something has to give, because we have a vacation planned in 7 weeks in the Smokies, and I would love to be motivated enough to be able to do my fly fishing again that I love so much.
  3. EdSumner

    Hello all.

    Well it's been a while since I have been on. Still haven't got a leg yet. After the 2nd surgery to sew my leg back up where it popped the stitches, they popped again. So doctor referred me to wound care to let it heal by itself. I have been doing hypraberic chamber oxygen treatments 2 hours each day, for the last 6 weeks, so leg is almost finally healed. Wound care doc asked me to do another 10 days of the chamber today to get it healed on up. Just have one small spot left to heal, then I can see about being fitted with my new leg. Almost there, never thought it would take this long.
  4. EdSumner

    Hello all.

    I saw my doctor today. Except for the little bit of work they did in surgery last Thursday my leg is almost healed. I would say I am 3/4 healed now. Skin has closed up real well. I no longer have the cast, After my surgery last Thursday they made a splint out of plaster to go from the back of my mid thigh, around the stump, then up on top to just below my knee. They wrapped my leg in the cotton bandage first then put the splint on, then wrapped my leg with the sticky ace bandages. It has sure been much better. When the wrapped my leg back up today, they went back with the same method thanks to me telling them I wanted it, and because of how I told them it was much better. Doctor also removed all the stitches today except for where they operated last week. I have 2 sections about a inch and a half long left to heal. Leg is really looking good now. I have been messaging through Myspace with a fellow by the name of Mario from Croatia the past few weeks. I told him of the forums here and of all the great support you people give to one another. He is scheduled to have a below the knee amputation finally on Friday. I ask that all of you keep him in your prayers.
  5. EdSumner

    Hello all.

    Ouch. They just went ahead and did my surgery as an out patient. Surgery took about 40 minutes wife said then they kept me in recovery for a couple of hours. Got me dressed and sent me home. No more cast the doctor said. He said he is just going to keep me in a good splint under the bottom of my leg, then he wrapped it in the cotton bandage stuff, and then wrapped it real tight in the sticky Ace bandages. Doctor said it all looked really good, he just cleaned it up a little, the stitched it back up, plus went ahead and put some staples in it as well. I know it was sure hurting when I started coming around in recovery. Looks like I'm finally awake for a little bit. I have been sleeping just about the whole day since I got home. Throat was sure sore from where they stick whatever it is in your mouth after they knock you out to control your breathing. My wonderful wife stopped and bought me a big milk shake on the way home, and lord what a relief it was for my throat. Hopefully now, we are done and my leg will just go ahead and heal on up now.
  6. EdSumner

    Hello all.

    Well thanks to wear my cast fell off last week, and another cast that became very loose, it allowed about a 3 inch section of my leg pop the stitches and open up on the front of my leg. Went back in to see my doctor yesterday and he has scheduled me for surgery at 8:30 tomorrow morning to clean out the area real good and then stitch it back closed. Other than that my leg is healing really great. I should have known something would go wrong, everything was going to good. Seems it never fails for me.
  7. EdSumner

    Hello all.

    Saw my doctor yesterday for the 3rd time since surgery, everything still healing great ans he removed a few of my stitches. Doctor had cast guy put on another cast yesterday. I guess I must have had some swelling in my leg yesterday when they put the new cast on. Got out of my chair this evening with my walker waiting for wife to roll my wheelchair up behind me and my darn cast slid almost all the way off my leg. Called the doctolrs office to let them know about it, so I have to go back to the office in the morning for a new cast to be put on. Weird having your cast just slide off like mine did. Prosthetics guy happened to be at my doctors office yesterday, and he said that the doctor had done a great job on my leg, and that he was going to be able to fit me really good with my legs when I was ready here in a few more weeks.
  8. All day Saturday it felt like my foot that was amptated was asleep. You know the feeling you get when your foot goes to sleep really bad. Well that finally eased up late Saturday night. Since then it feels like I have a charlie horse cramp in what's left of my calf muscle from the back of my leg all the way around to where the doctor has it stitched to the front of my leg. It really doesn't hurt that bad today, but it's just a nagging little pain that doesn't want to seem to ease up. Was actually very painful most of the day yesterday. Any tips on how to get it to ease up? Would try and rub it a little, but can't do that with this fiberglass cast on it.
  9. EdSumner

    Hello all.

    Saw my doctor again this morning. He said my leg was looking great, and that he may start pulling a few stitches out next week. I really think I made the right choice in having this done.
  10. EdSumner

    Hello all.

    Finally downloaded pics. These were taken 10 days after surgery. It sure looked better than I thought it would. Next appointment if tomorrow morning. Hopefully we are still healing well.
  11. EdSumner

    Hello all.

    Well just got home from the docotrs office. Yipee I'm rid of that heavy darn plaster cast and have a much lighter fiber glass one now. All morning I was worried that my stump was going to me some freakish hunk of meat just sewn back onto my leg. Boy was I surprised when they took all the wrapping off. The stump looked awesome. My doctor did an awesome job on my leg. Surprisingly also I have had hardly no bleeding from it. Wife took pictures of it. Guess she thought I was a nut for wanting them. Maybe I can download them later and post them. I was so relieved to see how great my leg looked. Maybe it'll heal on up now and I won't be down that long. Would sure love to be up and moving so I can get my fall garden planted. Again thank all of you for your support. I don't think I could have made it this far without you fine folks here.
  12. EdSumner

    Hello all.

    Well it's been a week now since the surgery. I cannot believe how little pain I have had, until the rain started coming in today. For some reason it seems all I have been wanting to do is sleep. And when I say sleep I mean like 18 hours a day. Docotor prescribed me the Lortab 7.5's, Valium 10.5 MG, and the Lyrica 75 MG. I haven't taken anything but maybe 3 to 4 of the Lortabs each day and maybe one of the Valiums for the little bit of phantom pain when it occurs, and at most 3 of the Lyrica this past week for nerve ending pain. But all I have done is sleep. Today seems to have been a little better, maybe only slept 10 hours. Anyone else have this sleeping problem after their surgery? I know that sitting in this Lazy Boy since I got home last Thursday is sure getting old. See the doctor tomorrow for my first post op visit. Lord how I pray he takes this big heavy plaster cast off my leg and gives me something much lighter. Feels like I have been dragging around a 50 pound sack of seed taters on my leg all week. I know that when they pull this cast off tomorrow, I'm going to spend an hour just scratching my leg from all the itching. LOL
  13. EdSumner

    HOLA! I'm back from Cozumel!

    Looks like you had a ball. I think that's one thing that is keeping my attitude up in going through all this. Being able to get back to my camping and fishing some day soon. Seeing your pictures, I'm going to have to plan a camping trip know to the Florida keys and do some snorkeling with my daughters.
  14. EdSumner

    Feeling a change in the weather!

    Seeing as to how I just had my BKA last Monday I really haven't had very much pain at all until last night when we had a front come in and it has started raining. Pain has really been bad today.
  15. EdSumner

    New Nerve medication -- Lyrica

    Lyrica is one of the drugs my doctor prescribed for me when tney discharged me from the hospital last week. He prescribed the 75 MG caps for me. I found that my insurance will not cover the cost of them for some reason, and for the 60 caps he prescribed the cost is $160. I went ahead and had it filled, but found I really haven't needed them that often. I may have taken one cap every other day for nerve ending pains. Does seem to work really well for me so far when I get to hurting bad. If what little pain I have been having from my nerve endings, then they should last me a good while.