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  1. Madleggs

    Iceross Sleeve

    Anyone out there use the Iceross Sleeve on an elevated vacuum system? Love the elevated vacuum system but curious if this sleeve would/could help with some reduced back of the knee bunching up.
  2. Madleggs

    Neoprene sleeves

    So are you wearing a gel sleeve or a neoprene sleeve? Is this a new socket? I have a neoprene sleeve on my secondary/water/anything leg, because i kept blowing through the gel ones. I guess crawling around, working on the house, playing with the kiddos is a little tough on a thin gel sleeve. :)Neoprene seems to hold up better with impact damage, though it does not give me as good of suction as the gel sleeves. Works fine for a secondary leg. I am currently wearing a Con Ex gel sleeve by Streifender, its super comfy and holds vacuum great. But being that it is a vacuum system it is weak when it come to impact damage. I blow through the first 3 of these sleeves, but that was due to the trim lines of the socket not being smooth enough. I went thru an additional one in about 5 weeks, again its vacuum and the sleeve stretches real tight over the trim lines. All of that was fixed by adding what Ann was talking about, an inner liner. They are called a sleeve protector, its simply a double walled piece of nylon. It just protect the sleeve from the shear forces of the socket trim lines. The site below is where I got my sleeve protectors. Good luck. http://amputeesupplies.com/products/fc/s/sleeves.html
  3. Madleggs

    Hello to all!

    Welcome to the forum! Sorry you need to be on here. :) I'm fairly sure no one on here can or will tell which way to go, just give you our experience. I chose amputation from a condition pretty similar to yours, I had a tumor in my spine that left me with a severely limited left foot and a slightly limited right foot. I to dealt with it for many years, 8 surgeries and countless sets of braces, inserts, orthotic shoes, you name it we tried it. It became so painful that I started using a wheelchair for everyday activities. That was the breaking point for me, I made the appointment and told the doc I was done dealing with it and wanted to amputate. His response shocked me more than the thought of actually going through with it, he said I thought we should of done this years ago. He never not one time ever brought it up as an option until I asked. I had a below knee amputation about six months later and never looked back. In fact my fake leg is so much stronger and responsive than the real one I do still have,(still have to wear a fixed AFO brace on right leg). Like Neal the only pain I get is from either my own doing or a loose fitting socket, both of which are a guarantee for all new amputees. Its not always easy but it certainly is better than a life of disability. Great advice from Neal on checking your insurance coverage! This stuff aint cheap even with a good coverage plan. I would also go talk with a few different prosthetist prior to making a decision. This will need to be the best relationship next to your spouse or family. With a leg guy who listens and is willing to put up with even the dumbest of questions/ideas you can accomplish anything. One of the best things i ever found on this site was an article written by Jberna titled You've already lost it. It completely summed things up for me. I tell people who ask how could you make that decision, I was in a wheelchair/crutches with a foot that I couldn't use, if amputation didn't work i was going to be in a wheelchair/crutches with a foot I couldn't use. If it worked though I would be back to a whole bodied person. Good Luck with your decision.
  4. Madleggs

    Inappropriate noises

    I say embrace it! I'm assuming most in your office know your an amputee? It's happened a time or two to me and I always laugh and say something funny.
  5. Madleggs

    Pain Managment Dr calls me Crazy!

    I would like to respectfully disagree with you Bearlover!! My newly acquired (2yrs ago) carbon and titanium leg is 100% better than the one I was born with. The truth of the matter is firstborn has already lost her better foot, sure a fake leg comes with is own issues. However once a foot/leg becomes so painful/useless the person's mental state is such that they most likely will never fully trust in it again. A fresh start with a pros leg can absolutely be better than a busted up, painful, useless foot.
  6. Madleggs

    Collage Park TruStep click

    I think he is taking about some kind of graphite powder, you can get it at most hardware stores.
  7. hi :) I just saw marys post and I liked your quote at end of post. I hope you do not mind I copied and put on my characters profile in a game I play. Nice to meet you on here. :)

  8. Madleggs

    What to do?

    I preface this statement by the usual amp motto - "we are all different, and heal at different rates" however I had an elective amp surgery and only missed 11 weeks of work. I am in my 30's and my remaining leg is only functioning around 60% feeling and movement. I work in a factory that builds airplanes, on the floor all day. Returned to work on my very first socket, while it wasn't pretty or easy you can do it. I am a big believer in if you think it you will do it, that works both negatively and positively. Look at your amp surgery with the same eyes that you are looking at the business opportunity. I wasn't sure if my line of work was going to be do able after the amp but realized that the only thing I was doing was prolonging my suffering. In the end I decided that i found this career when I was looking for one and I could do it again if needed. Good Luck!
  9. Madleggs

    Rehab Dr!!

    In my opinion you shouldn't take his views personal! He is a doctor, it is their job to treat and save limbs no matter how much it slows up down. Most of them see amputations as failure, not success. He is right in some aspects, there is a possibility that things don't work out for the better. However doing nothing and getting no results is worse than trying something and failing. This is a big decision and he wouldn't be doing his job if he didn't tell you how things could go! Again at this point you've made the decision and are most likely ok with the choice unfortunately it may take longer for everyone else in your life to get there with you. I hope the surgery goes well and you get back up and going soon. Remember now is the time to stay positive!
  10. Madleggs

    leg adaptor

    thats the one I was thinking of.......thanks
  11. Madleggs

    leg adaptor

    Any body know what company sells or makes a quick connect/disconnect adapter for our legs? Mostly it is used to switch out specialty feet without having to put on a whole different leg. It let you remove your knee or foot in a matter of seconds and place a different one on the same socket?
  12. Madleggs

    A/K Forum n00b With Prosthetic Questions

    Where at in Illinois? I'm in the STL area and there is a few resources in this area. As far as a site for equipment nothing quite like what your looking for. As a BK myself i can really speak about knee's other than what I have read and heard from my AK friends. You should be able to ride a bike with some modifications to the bike that are fairly simple. One of my best buds is an AK and during the warm months we meet up and ride just about every week or so.
  13. Madleggs

    Need your advice on backup leg

    I have a second leg for sports/water and it was not covered by insurance. I bought the foot myself off eBay!! I have seen knee's on there as well so if your ok with used equipment you may be able to save your self a few $. I used my old socket so its not exactly perfect but it works for housework/yard-work, biking and anything water. Good Luck.
  14. Madleggs

    Are you active with your kind of amputation?

    here is what I would say........ a BK is still an issue that you will still have some limitations! With that said it is also the easiest and most common to overcome and deal with. I know a dozen or so BK amps who are as active as many able bodied people, they will all tell you there are things that they still have to deal with(pain, phantoms, limitations). I think I am active and I'm a BK, I work full time and walk between 6-8 miles each day at work. I come home and play with the kiddos in the yard and do all of the things around the house that a do it yourself home owner is supposed to do. As a relation to your story : I am an elective amp because of a painful deformed foot that i struggled with for 12 years after an ankle fusion. I am still fairly new(1.5 yrs) but will say that for me amputation was absolutely the best medical decision i have ever made! I hope this helps!
  15. I have the second generation perfect stride, not the newest BioStride version! I am also just a LBK, so I have my knee . As for size I have the tall version of the X3(8.25 build height) I am 5'11". Hope that helps.