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  1. tross

    Hey its Chad

    Hi Chad, It's Terri from KY, enjoyed meeting you at the ACA this year. As you know, I was doing some limb shopping in Atlanta and have settled on the Limb Logic. It's built, but due to one insurance code, I haven't been able to get it, yet. Hope to get it next week. I have to drive to MO to a facility associated with the one I normally go to that is in network. My insurance says they will cover it, but won't tell me the code. From the other messages you got it looks like you are down, did something happen? I'm not online much, but hope to talk to you more and keep up with you.
  2. tross

    Lightening strikes twice...or

    Glad to see your update Shane. I was very excited to get your email about your upcoming Xgames event and can't wait to watch. Keep hanging in there, persistence is half the battle. I plan on sharing your story with my local amputee friends so they can watch you, too. Good luck!
  3. tross


    Happy Belated Birthday! It's good to see you had a nice birthday.
  4. tross

    New Nerve medication -- Lyrica

    I haven't tried Lyrica, but do take Topamax for nerve pain. Being a traumatic amputee may make me have this problem, don't really know, but I have neuromas in the bottom of my leg. My doc says they are the nerves trying to figure out where to reconnect and they just ball up into painful knots. I first thought my limb was causing the pain, but after feeling around on my leg and many adjustments to my prosthesis, realized it was my leg that was so painfully sore. Now I am receiving trigger point injections to relieve the pain. If you can feel small painful knots around the bottom of your limb, it's possible they may be neuromas. It took me so long to figure out why I was hurting and blaming it on my prosthesis when it was really just nerves and oral medication doesn't help this problem, I thought I'd share this information with others.
  5. tross

    Got to drive a truck.

    That must have been a great feeling to drive in traffic. I can't imagine a stick during a holiday weekend, but I'd love to see you in your Monty Python shirt and shorts. That would make a great avatar. I've only tried driving a stick once since I lost my leg and it was our dune buggy just after we got it. I couldn't stand not driving it, so I drove it around the yard and field. We live on a farm and our yard has some hill to it and my husband finally stopped me as I got a little too brave and told me I was going to knock the fiberglass front end off of it if I didn't quit jumping the hill in the front yard. I then drove it down the road very slowly and met a neighbor who thought it was my husband and promptly swerved at me, scaring me half to death, as I had my daughter in the car with me. I used to drive a forklift all day in my two-legged days and have often wondered if I could still do that. When I see people like you posting things like jumping in a truck and driving through traffic on a big weekend like the Fourth of July, it keeps me wanting to try to do things again. Thanks for keeping me challenged.
  6. Ok, I finally found the picture! Kerry emailed me and told me this picture was posted and we looked like two deer in the headlights! What can I say? I think we all had a good time and I don't always wear my hair like that! For those of you who weren't there, it was a theme dance and I dressed up in '80's garb and had big hair, which fell quickly in the heat and I had taken off my acid wash jacket hours earlier. And look at Rose go in the background. She is really cutting a rug! We had so much fun as roommates. Has anyone looked at the ACA website or youtube? Rose and I made a video for the ACA to put on youtube, but I haven't looked for it. To all of you at our table Saturday night and on the benches outside where the real party started, I say, "Thank you for a good time. I appreciate everyone introducing me to their friends and making me feel even more welcome this year than last." I look forward to next year.
  7. Hello Marcia. Yes, he's the Dancing Dude. I was spacing on his name. Thanks. Cupid, eh? We'll see about that. Dive Buddy is more like it. Here's another pic from the conference! KEP and Terri tearing it up on the dance floor.
  8. tross

    Me and my Jeep

    My friends are in Hot Springs this weekend, they are from KY. Do you still attend?
  9. tross

    Me and my Jeep

  10. Hello, I am a BKA who has a total knee replacement in the leg with amputation. Have had the amputation almost six years, the knee over two years. My doctor here in KY did my replacement and I will be honest and tell you I have had trouble with my knee, but I don't think it is because of anything he did, it is because of the injuries I had being a traumatic amputation. The trauma surgeon saved my knee, but I had a non-union fracture of the femur, which took multiple surgeries to heal and ended up shorter than my other femur. He used the computer guided software to align my knee, which makes it perfect for someone with a straight leg, but my leg is probably not perfectly straight, as it was grafted back together. It is better than it was before and I wouldn't tell you not to do the surgery because my knee was so damaged in the accident, I couldn't let my prosthetist roll a liner on my leg for me it hurt so badly. We are working on correcting my walk and strengthening my hip because I have medial knee pain now and I didn't when I first got the knee, so it might just be a bad habit I fell into. I am also going to try to return to a suction leg, which I was first wearing when I got my knee, but had to return to a pin system because of a blister I couldn't get healed because my leg changed after my surgeries to get the knee. I had a plate and 12 screws along my femur and they were removed first and my leg allowed to heal. The knee surgery was done later because this was too much for one surgery and removing the plate also would cut into the blood supply to the knee and might risk me losing the knee if we did it all at once. There is a doctor in Nashville, TN who specialized in knee replacements and has done them in amputees. I had a consultation with him, but he wasn't going to remove all my hardware, but cut some of it out. I have heard only good things about him, but didn't want to have this hardware forever in my leg, if I didn't need it any longer and was having surgery anyway. I can get you his name, but don't remember it right now. Hope this helps you. If you have any questions, I will be glad to answer any of them.
  11. tross

    Vacuum Suspension Socket

    I shopped around at the ACA Conference in Atlanta for a suction socket and am sure I want to return to using one. Was using the Harmony before I had a total knee replacement and had problems with a blister and had to return to a pin system so I could return to wearing something and work. I feel better in the suction socket and with a knee replacement, I want to use the knee. Can I get some comments from people wearing suction sockets? I talked to Stan and am very interested in his leg, just don't want to go to FL for a leg and followups. Talked to Ohio Willow Wood and Otto Bock people, would like to continue to use my current people and they are willing to learn new systems from other people with no hurt feelings or ego problems. They do have some experience with suction systems.